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Khajjiar Lake

Just like a dreamland, Khajjiar Lake is in the midst of a huge lush landscape and evergreen cedar trees adjoining it from all directions. In the silhouette of snow-capped mountains, Khajjiar Lake becomes the best place to see with your family and friends. The eye-catching views, the resemblance with heavenly beauty, and unforgettable time make the lake most spectacular. The best way to reach Khajjiar Lake is by road as you can enjoy the mesmerizing views. Come to Pathankot by train or by bus and heir a cab, take a bus or your private vehicle and start your journey towards Khajjiar. The closest airport is Gaggal which is connected with the major cities of the nation.

Khajjiar Lake: Mini Switzerland


Khajjiar Lake is situated between Dalhousie and Chamba Town. Khajjiar Lake is one of the 160 landmarks in the world which are entitled ‘Mini Switzerland’. It is one of the oldest and largest natural lakes in the district. It was found during the great era of Mahabharata. Local people have a strong belief that the lake is a residue of Naag Devta (God of Snakes).

Why is Khajjiar Lake famous in India?

Why is Khajjiar Lake famous in IndiaFor those who see this lake for the very first time, it will be a paradise for them, and the involvement of legends makes it a more popular place amongst the tourists. On clear sunny days, you can see Mount Kailash from the lake. Additionally, the floating island in the lake makes it the most desired place for outsiders. However, the island is just a huddle of grass and weed, naturally on the surface of the lake.

Best Places to see near Khajjiar Lake

Best Places to see near Khajjiar LakeKhajji Nag Temple is also the most visited place. It has a golden dome-shaped covering. You will witness a mixture of Hindu and Mughal architectural styles. It can be easily noticed in the carving of the wall and ceiling. The temple is devoted to snakes along with the idol of Goddess Hadimba and Lord Shiva. Along with it, come and see the magical apex of The Dainkund Peak. It is believed that it was the house of witches. Enjoy the 360 views from the top of the mountain. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to hear the melodious songs of hills, produced by the passing of air from the nearby jungle.

Best Hotel near Khajjiar Lake

Best Hotel near Khajjiar LakeAfter visiting the magnetizing views of forest, mountains, lakes, and heritage buildings you will be greatly treated by the hotels here. Hotels in Khajjiar are known for their hospitality and service. Hotels like Hotel Mini Swiss, Hotel Parul, and Hotel Fortune Park, etc… are one of the best hotels in the district. You can book on the spot. And feel free to do advance booking as you will get what you are being shown and informed.

Activities to do at Khajjiar Lake

Activities to do at Khajjiar LakeFor adventure lovers, there are various options to enjoy your trip. You can make fun of Paragliding, Zorbing, camping, and horse riding. However, paragliding is always a center of attraction. Whatever you do you every penny is worth.

Best Side Scene at Khajjiar Lake

Best Side Scene at Khajjiar LakeWhen you are tired of the noisy hustle and bustle of cities, come and enjoy the calmness and peace in Kailash Village. You might have seen this beauty in the postcard-only. You will forget yourself once you will see the mesmerizing views of the mountain. It is also believed that Lord Shiva resides on Mount Kailash. Nature will surprise you at each and every step once you are in Khajjiar. Panch Pandav Tree is also an astonishing beauty of nature. The tree has six shoots which represent five Pandavs and their wife Draupadi. The tree has great religious significance amongst the local community and is greatly worshiped.

Best Resort near Khajjiar Lake

Best Resort near Khajjiar LakeGet delighted by the exceptional service and homely stay in the resorts of Khajjiar. Shining Star Resort, Ghar Resort, Country Resort, and many more will give you memories for a lifetime. The stunning views, heartily welcome, and lovingness in every serving will make you fall in love with the place. Give your family the best you can.


FoodKhajjiar is known for several dishes for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian groups. For meat lovers Fishes, Varieties of Chicken, Kull Trout are the best to taste. Others can go for Guchhi Matta, Sepu Vadi, and many more dishes to test the real apices of the region.


The best time to visit Khajjiar Lake is between May and October. The weather remains very present and calm. Do come with the preparation as nights are very cold in Khajjiar. It is advised to take a tour guide to avoid any mishaps. All and all you will take pleasure in adventure, beauty, and great moments at once. Take hundreds of photos at the mind-blowing views of Khajjiar Lake.

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