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Kinnaur Kailash

Come and explore the remotest and untouched landscape of the district. The place is known as the house of Gods. Devote your prayers here, and be blessed. Kinnaur Kailash is situated around 17200ft above sea level. It is located in Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh. One of the closest tourist places to the Indo-Tibetan border. The nearest airport is in Shimla (the state capital), around 257km away. A train is also a good option, come to Shimla by train, and then you can take a bus, hire a cab or use your private vehicle to head towards your destination.

Kinnaur Kailash


According to the Hindu folklore, the Himalayan range is the house of Lord Shiva and his wife, Parvati. And Kinnaur Kailash is the exact place where they reside. Mythology asserts that a meeting of divinity had been conducted by Lord Shiva here in every winter season. This accounts for the Yatra, every year at the same time for the worshipers of God Shiva.

Why is Kinnaur Kailash famous in India?

Why is Kinnaur Kailash famous in IndiaYou can call Kinnaur Kailash a Land of fairytales as many traditions are connected with this place. This place is a shrine for the devotees of God Shiva because they believe that it is the house of Shiva and Goddess Parvati. As well as the rich history of the region makes it more popular. The beautiful valleys here are witness to great conflicts of power and kingship. Numbers of kings tried to conquer it, and it led to the great fights of history. Forts like Labrang, Moorang, and Kamru are evidence of history. Such amalgamation makes Kinnaur Kailash an eminent place to visit.

Best places to see at Kinnaur Kailash

Best places to see at Kinnaur KailashKinnaur Kailash has great religious significance with Hindu belief, as at the top, you will witness Parvati Kund. The myth says that it was created by goddess Parvati, the meeting point of Lord Shiva and Parvati. It is also known as Aashiqui Park. Myriads of legendary tails are allied with this Kund. You will be astonished by the saintly love in the air here.

Pundrik Lake is one more option if you have enough time to spend. It is a hidden treasure in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. It will be like a Paradise for you if you are a bird watcher. It is delimited by a thick forest of lofty pine, fir, spruce trees. The cold breeze, fresh air, and heavenly peace here will fill your spirit with godly exhilaration.

Best hotels and resorts at Kinnaur Kailash

Best hotels and resorts at Kinnaur KailashHotels here will look after all the arrangements for you. They will arrange buses, cars and even a guide to make your trip remarkable. Hotels in Kinnaur Kailash start from pocket-friendly budget to royal service provider. Hotel Kalpa Deshang, Hotel Zostel Chitkul, Hotel Grand Shamba-La, etc.… are some of the best hotels in the district. You will always be pleased by their service and hospitality. Resorts are also an option if you want to make your stay more relaxing and enjoyable. Most of the resorts are situated at the rim of nature. You will take pleasure in every moment of your stay here. Sattva Pine Resort, Samaa Resort, and others are the finest places to receive the best you can.

Activities you can do at Kinnaur Kailash

Activities you can do at Kinnaur Kailash.Kinnaur Kailash is wildly famous for trekking. But if you are a first-time trekker, you might face difficulty in arranging everything by yourself. However, your journey to the end will be audacious and adventurous. You will be able to enjoy the breathtaking scenic sites. Additionally, several activities like Rock Climbing, Trout fishing, and Valley Crossing are also accessible here. This place is a paradise for adventure lovers as you can take pleasure in all of these with complete safety.

Best side scene at Kinnaur Kailash

Best side scene at Kinnaur KailashEnjoy the freshwater streams, snow-capped mountains, beauty of valleys, and magnificent view of the sites at the Baspa River. Make unforgettable memories at this river. Additionally, it is the center points of many glaciers that make it more attention-grabbing. If you have spare time, you can visit Sarhan village to experience the ancient architectural style and the lovely scenic views of traditional buildings. There is a two-towered building at the village center, which is a temple of Bhimkali and Devi Kali.


FoodKinnaur Kailash is popular for Salted Tea. A sip of finely made tea will make your body warm and ready to go towards your destination. Sattu is another most loved dish here. It is prepared with parched barley flour. Most local people are vegetarian, but this place is also the first choice for non-vegetarian foodies.


Ensure that you have all the necessary things with you as the high-altitude villages have their own limitations. The option of shopping and eating has restrictions. There are no supermarkets or malls in the region. Despite these, locality will provide the best they have. And at the end of the trip, you will definitely fall in love with the people, sites, food, and mountains here.

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