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Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela is considered to be a religious event for Hindus around the world. There are four pilgrimage destinations where Kumbh Mela is held in rotation every 12 months, namely, Haridwar, Nasik, Allahabad, and Ujjain. Vikram Samwat Calendar usually determines the dates for commencement pilgrimage to Kumbh Mela. This year the auspicious event has been organized at Haridwar, where millions of devotees will gather to take a holy dip in the auspicious river Ganga. The Kumbh Mela 2021 date has been determined on the day of Makar Sankranti, i.e., 14 January 2021. The first holy bath will begin on 11 March 2021, followed by the second and third baths on 12 and 14 April, respectively. The fourth holy bath and the last day of the event have been declared, 27 April 2021.

Kumbh Mela

  • History

According to Hindu Mythology, a pot of Amrita, i.e., the nectar of immortality, was created behind which demons(evil) and gods fought. Due to the chaos, the next day, the pot falls in four different places, i.e., Haridwar, Allahabad, Ujjain, and Nasik, which is considered the origin of four Kumbh Melas. According to Hindu texts, it is believed that the people who attend this auspicious event and take a holy bath become liberated and achieve divine bliss.

  • Why is Kumbh Mela Famous?

Why is Kumbh Mela FamousThe event is considered a highly auspicious event among all other events in India, which makes it an attractive spot, especially for Hindus worldwide. The event is seen as one of the largest peaceful gatherings in four significant destinations in the history of Hinduism. A huge gathering of sadhus and devotees can be observed to become part of spiritual acts of faith. These reasons make the place a worthy visit destination among millions of Hindus all over the world.

  • Attractions point of Kumbh Mela

Attractions point of Kumbh MelaEvery year millions of devotees gather to become part of the auspicious Maha Kumbh Mala in Haridwar. Apart from offering prayers and taking a bath in the Holy River in Harki Pauri, one can also visit few other popular attractions in the city, such as Mansa Devi, Daksha Mahadev Temple, and Chandi Devi. The city is also famous for the famous Ganga aarti and wildlife, which one can explore in the beautiful city.

  • Places to stay

Places to stayThe place of stay is considered a significant factor while planning a vacation at a pilgrimage destination which can prove to be a tough nut to crack. But you can find cozy and comfortable places to stay at great deals offers and discounts such as Hotel Ravisha Continental, Hotel Kaveri, Hotel Sun city, which offers spacious rooms, well-managed property, and an amazing staff so that you can be at your utmost comfort zone.

  • Famous Foods

Famous FoodsApart from the chanting of mantras and auspicious holy bath, there are some delicious delicacies at Kumbh Mela which you cannot afford to miss, such as Tandoori Chai, Chaat, Kandmool, Kachori, Lassi, and Communal meals, which are counted to very popular food options which one should not miss under any condition. Also, there is a saying that a happy stomach will always make you happier and make the moment a memorable one.


The place welcomes you to experience the essence of divine love in the air of the place. When you enter the place, you will enter a different realm providing your body, soul, and mind eternal bliss. The auspicious event makes you feel proud about being a part of Hinduism culture and carrying out all the spiritual practices and rituals in one of the holiest lands of Haridwar.

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