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MAC vs Windows: Which Operating System You Should Choose

When it comes to operating systems, mac and windows are the most popular options. But before moving to go with any operating systems we should check their comparison between mac vs windows, So let’s start your journey

Before we start comparing both of them we should know What an Operating system is?

What is an Operating System?

An Operating System (OS) can be defined as a software program that controls and runs computing devices, such as computers, tablets, web servers, smartphones, smartwatches, supercomputers, automobiles, networking towers, and more.

It is the OS that makes it unnecessary to know a coding language to communicate with computers. The graphical user interface (GUI) layer is the conduit between you and the computer’s hardware. Furthermore, the OS oversees the execution of applications and administers the software aspect of a computer. The Operating System manages the memory, processor, and device.

Mac vs Windows: Difference you Should Know

What is Windows? [Defintion – History]

Windows is a commercial licensed operating system with no access to source code. First launched in 1985, it is developed for those who have no prior computer programming experience, as well as corporate clients. It is convenient to understand and use.

Windows is adaptable and portable, and it supports a variety of operating systems, symmetric multiprocessors, and customer and server computing. It has predictive scheduling, memory allocation, and inbuilt caches.


  • Windows provides an interface between the user and hardware.
  • It helps in establishing coordination between the hardware components.
  • It provides a working environment for various software to function.
  • Windows OS displays the design and structure for data management.
  • It helps to monitor and review the health of the system and its function.

With regular updates and upgrades, the most recent version of Microsoft’s Windows OS is Windows 10 (1709). Windows shell is the default UI (Graphical). It employs a mixed kernel, whereas earlier versions depended mostly on the microkernel. When it comes to Mac vs Windows, Windows uses hybrid kernel type with modules.

What is Mac? [Defintion – History]

macOS is an operating system (OS) created by Apple Inc., in 1984 to operate the company’s Macintosh series of computers that ushered in a new age of GUI systems. This inspired Microsoft to build its own Operating System, Windows. macOS allows you to do a wide range of common operations on your PC. You may use it to surf the web, read your emails, edit photographic files, and indulge in e-gaming.

C, c-objective, c++, and Swift Assembly language are used to build the Mach Operating System. macOS is presently accessible in 39 languages. The Aqua User Interface for the macOS is based on a hybrid kernel. Workstations, PCs, and embedded devices are the system categories it targets. It uses a hybrid kernel type with modules.


  • The powerful technology utilized to create the OS will ensure that programs operate and perform safely. And, information is safely stored on the internet.
  • You can handle all of your emails and accounts with a single, powerful tool that operates with a variety of email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, and iCloud.
  • The new updates come with an autosave feature that automatically saves your work in case you forget or when your device’s battery dies.
  • macOS X lion comes with a more robust core technology that makes it more compatible and allows you to effortlessly transfer data, files, and photographs.
  • It offers a straightforward configuration and enables quick file sharing via its AirDrop function, which allows users to connect to other Airdrop-enabled PCs and devices.
  • macOS Monterey is the latest operating system from Apple, featuring all the latest updates and upgrades.

Mac vs Windows: Head-to-Head Comparison

By now, you know what Mac and Windows are, it’s time to focus on Windows vs Mac.

Parameter Mac Windows
Interface More complex. Easier to use, streamlined and beautiful.
Design style Soft edges Irregular
Voice assistant Siri Cortana
Gaming Not so gaming-friendly Gaming-friendly OS
Vulnerability The incidence of malware and virus attacks is substantially lower. More vulnerable to malware, virus attacks, and ransomware
Native APIs Carbon, Cocoa, Java, and BSD-POSIX. Win32 and NT API.
Supporting environment Specifically designed for Apple Mac computers only Designed for computers of all companies
Architecture support In terms of macOS, it supports x86-64 architecture from version 10.4.7 onwards, IA-32 architecture from versions 10.4.4 and 10.6.8, and PowerPC architecture from versions 10.0 to 10.5.8. Windows supports a variety of computer architectures, including IA-32, IA-64, ARM, x86-64, Alpha, PowerPC, and MIPS.
Ownership Developed and owned by Apple Developed and owned by Microsoft


This is all about the comparison between mac vs windows os, Both have features that outperform each other on different parameters. You should investigate and compare your requirements with the features, usability, performance, and other specifications of the OS, as well as the exact equipment you possess and intend to use them on. So, that was our Windows vs Mac comparison. Hope you liked it!

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