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Mana-A Last Village of Uttarakhand

Mana village is a totally auspicious location as it’s far believed to be related to the time of Mahabharata. It is placed in Chamois district in Uttarakhand at an elevation of 3200 m which lies at the banks of Sarawak River and is around five Km from Marinate- the well-known pilgrimage vacation spot amongst Hindus all around the world. The purpose in the back of calling the location “the closing village” is that the location is 24 Km from the Indochina border. The location includes large non-secular importance for the devotees all around the really well worth the technology of epic “Mahabharata”.

Mana-A Last Village of Uttarakhand

  • History

According to historical scriptures and texts, Mana village holds a large significance for the devotees. It is thought that every one of the 5 Pandavas (Bhima, Arjun, Nakula, Sahadev, and Yudhishtra) exceeded via Mana village earlier than making their very last vacation spot to Heaven. The location also consists of a stone bridge close to the Saraswati river, which is thought to be made by “Bhima”, one of the Pandavas named “Bhimpul”. That is why the location holds fantastic importance in mythology.

  • Why is Mana village famous?

Why is Mana village famousThe purpose which draws hundreds of thousands of Hindu devotees to the village is that you may note the shopkeepers withinside the village promoting products, the use of the title ‘closing village’ like ‘India’s Last Tea and Coffee Corner’, that’s pretty exciting and fun on the identical time. The presence of “Bhimpul” serves as an appealing spot for a few of the devotees worldwide. The location sounds very desirable because the closing village of India” that’s wonderful and charming for the devotees. Another purpose is that the location indicates the presence of Hinduism tradition, i.e., the arrival of the Pandavas as soon as upon a time at this location, making devotees sense the essence of divine bliss.

  • Places to visit near Mana Village

Places to visit near Mana VillageThere are some of the different interesting alternatives to be had whilst exploring village that you ought to now no longer pass over in any respect which includes Neelkanth Peak that’s taken into consideration to be one of the famous appeals on this region, Vasudhara- a lovely sight waterfall that’s round nine Km far from Badrinath Temple, Vyas Gufa- a small greater than 5000 12 months vintage shrine devoted to Ved Vyas and closing however now no longer the least, Bhimpul which is thought to be the main appeal spot amongst hundreds of thousands of devotees all around the world.

  • Best Hotels near Mana Village

Best Hotels near Mana VillageThe location of life is taken into consideration to be a totally sizable element at the same time as making plans for a holiday at a pilgrimage vacation spot which could show to be a hard nut to crack. But you may discover comfy and cushy locations to live at fantastic offers and reductions close to Mana village, including Hotel Narayan Palace, TRH Badrinath Devlok which gives fantastic centers that include spacious rooms properly controlled property, high-quality body of workers and that too at less high prices.

  • Foods Available

Foods AvailableThe location does now no longer provide any unique delicacy. This is precise within the region; however, you may choose from various alternatives, including neighborhood ingesting joints and stalls that serve Indian meals and famous Chinese items. You also can select to consume at a number of the well-known eating places at Badrinath like Brahma Kamala imparting meals beginning from Rs. 60-a hundred and fifty and Saket Restaurant imparting meals at Rs. a hundred and fifty-two hundred only. Since the location includes excessive non-secular importance Non- Vegetarian meals and Alcohol are strictly prohibited within the region.


The location welcomes you to revel in the essence of divine love within the air of the location. The second you input the location, you may input a distinct realm presenting your body, soul, and thoughts everlasting bliss. Welcome to the Last Village Of India!

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