Due to Outbreak of COVID US

    Due to Outbreak of COVID US

    The US Restricts Travel from India from 4th May, 2021, Cites Outbreak of COVID-19 the Reason

    The United States bans travel from India. The cases of COVID-19 are continuously rising and there are various strains of the COVID virus identified. This has led the United States to impose a travel ban on non-citizens from the country. On Friday afternoon, U.S President Joe Biden issued a proclamation on the advice of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention due to high Covid-19 cases reported in the country.

    This restriction which will take place from 4th May that is Tuesday midnight is not applicable to permanent residents and American citizens with ties in the U.S. The restriction on travel from India follows a similar ban on some other countries also where at a certain point of time the cases of Covid-19 were high.