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10 Top Noodle Brands in India: Definition, Types, Market & More

Looking for the top noodle brands in India? Breathe easy, as we are here to discuss the same. 

Feeling hungry? Help yourself to noodles. They taste good, are easy and quick to prepare and are very filling. Also, noodles come in all shapes and sizes, from round to flat, spicy to plain, and white flour to Atta. Irrespective of your taste, mood, occasion, or preference, there’s a flavor for you. 

What are Noodles? 

Noodles are the brainchild of Momofuku Ando. His company, Nissin Foods, unleashed the first version in 1958, only to receive an unprecedented response from foodies. Gradually, several food companies jumped onto the noodle bandwagon to provide a better range and cater to every platter.

What are noodles, you might wonder? Well, you can loosely define noodles as convenience foods made from flour dough, which doesn’t contain a leavening agent. The dough is typically rolled flat, elongated, and then sliced into ribbon-like strands of varying thicknesses, lengths, and shapes.

The flour varies from location to location and taste to taste. In Thailand, they predominantly use rice flour, while Japanese and Chinese prefer buckwheat and wheat flour respectively. That said, certain Japanese noodle varieties even feature mung bean flour. Likewise, Italians opt for semolina flour.

When it comes to uses, noodles are versatile. They render a fuller body to broth soups and taste to spring rolls, and a multiplicity of starters and main course dishes. Feel free to serve them hot with sweet, brown, hot, green, tomato, and other sauces. However, noodles taste best with baked meat.

Types of Noodles:

With noodles brands came variety. As of now, these convenience foods come in all shapes, colors, and textures. Here are some of the popular noodle types that every noodle enthusiast should know. The point is to allow you to choose an appropriate noodle type to suit your unique taste.

1. Egg Noodles

Egg NoodlesAs the name suggests, egg noodles contain egg alongside flour. They come in all shapes and sizes, from flat, round, straight, and curled to small, long, thick, and thin. You are free to pair egg noodles with salads, soups, and other dishes across all popular cuisines. Also known as Chinese noodles & E-fu noodles, they are rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, and Folic Acid.

These noodles are easy to cook, like any pasta variant. However, they are deficient in calories and proteins when compared to regular noodles. As egg noodles contain excessive cholesterol, people with diabetes and heart issues should avoid them. Also, you cannot use them directly in a recipe. They need to be boiled first. Despite that, we like egg noodles for their great taste and texture.

2. Ramen Noodles

Ramen NoodlesThink of Ramen Noodles as Japanese take on egg noodles made of egg, flour, water, and kansui. These noodles are longer, usually with plenty of curls. The soft texture and smooth feel distinguish ramen noodles from regular ones. You need to refrigerate ramen noodles to keep them ready for use in a recipe. However, they have to be consumed quickly once boiled, or else, they might lose their taste and chewiness. Feel free to pair them with both starters and main course dishes.

3. Soba Noodles

Soba NoodlesThis noodle variant also comes from Japan. The noodle brands in India and elsewhere use buckwheat and potent plant compounds for the production of Soba noodles. That makes them a healthy option for those with diabetes, heart conditions, and inflammation. Evidence is lacking though, these noodles can even help prevent cancers. The Soba noodles bear a brownish color and lend themselves well to several hot & cold dishes. However, you need to boil them before use.

4. Udon Noodles

Udon NoodlesUdon noodles have a whiter complexion and come in a variety of shapes, thicknesses, and options, including instant, fresh, pre-cooked, dried, and more. You need to knead wheat flour with some salt to prepare Udon noodles and bring them to boil before use. Japanese usually serve these noodles with Udon broth but you can always use them with other soups as well. If consumed in moderation, they are healthy and filling with each serving delivering 300 calories, 7g of protein, and 69g of carbs.

5. Rice Stick Noodles

Rice Stick NoodlesSince rice flour is the prime ingredient, Rice Stick noodles are often referred to as rice flour noodles. These noodles come in three widths and their applications vary accordingly. While the narrow rice stick noodles are a regular fixture in spring rolls, soups and other starters, the medium-width ones work best for salads, and various meat and fish recipes. Likewise, the thickest rice stick noodles accentuate the flavor of braised dishes. The noodles brands often sell them in bundles.

6. Mung Bean Thread Noodles

Mung Bean Thread Noodles

Again, the name says it all. These noodles have mung beans as their prime ingredient and are thin enough to pass as a thread. They are hard when dry but tend to soften up upon boiling and lose their white color to resemble strings of glass. That speaks for their alternate name, glass noodles. Mung beans are rich in certain minerals and vitamins but low on carbs and fats. That makes Mung Bean Thread Noodles a healthy option even for those who are watching their weight.

6. Hokkien Noodles

Hokkien NoodlesWith origins in China, Hokkien noodles have a better consistency and a yellowish texture. Made from fresh eggs, oil, and wheat flour, these noodles offer a delectable chew that’s hard to find elsewhere. And, that largely speaks for their popularity. Hokkien noodles are versatile as well, pairing well with stir-fried noodles, curry noodles, and soup noodles. For the best taste, serve them with dark or sweet soy sauce. Guess what? The top noodle brands in India typically sell these noodles precooked.

7. Shirataki Noodles

Shirataki NoodlesLean, translucent, and low on carbs and fats, they are the Japanese version of Mung Bean Thread Noodles. These noodles are made from the corm of the konjac yam and are devoid of any eggs, wheat, or gluten. So, if you have intolerant to any of these, Shirataki Noodles are the way to go. They are versatile as well, pairing well with various soups, spring rolls, and other starters. However, consume in moderation, or else the glucomannan in shirataki can upset your stomach.

Instant Noodle Market 

Instant noodles made their way into India in 1983 with the introduction of Maggie. Indians took an instant liking to instant noodles. What was introduced as a snack went on to become a staple food, replacing several conventional favorites. As of now, the instant noodles market in India is on a tear, growing at a steady rate of 5.6%. The growth drivers are plenty, including, but, not limited to: 

  • The rapidly growing working class and their busy schedules 
  • With the introduction of newer, more flavorful variants 
  • Easy availability of healthier options 
  • Aggressive marketing by brands 

However, the use of unhealthy ingredients in noodles is hampering growth. Mind you, Indians are getting health-conscious and might refrain from anything potentially damaging. Maggi, the hands-down market leader, faced a ban on reports of unhealthy ingredients back in 2014.

The sharpest growth was registered in the cup/bowl noodles segment, which is understandable. After all, these variants are convenient to handle and ready to consume. Even though the packed noodles are “instant,” you still need to cook them. On the other hand, just add some hot water to your cup or bowl of noodles, stir well, and satiate your appetite. How’s that for convenience?

10 Top Noodles Brands in India

The following are the top Noodle brands in the country.

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MAGGIWho else but Maggi?

Maggi is more than just noodles. It’s an iconic brand that changed the way we cook and eat. Just open the pack, pour the raw noodles into a pan of water, let them cook for a couple of minutes, and you are sorted. Thanks to Maggi, preparing delicious and filling food was never so easy, quick, and fun.

Over the years, the brand has made its way into the general psyche, so much so that Maggi has become synonymous with noodles. People even use both terms interchangeably. Each one of us has our own exciting Maggi story to tell and a unique Maggi recipe to offer.

Maggi’s history:

For Maggi, it all started in 1886 in Switzerland. A Swiss foodie, Julius Maggi, came up with certain flavors to spice up traditional delicacies. The flavors caught the fancy of locals, forcing the Swiss government to request Julius to invent a convenient food. The specifications were clear: the food had to be easy, quick, and heathy. The aim was to free women from the hassles of cooking and encourage them to venture out to work. That’s how MAGGI Pea and Bean Soup came into being.

In 1947, Nestle acquired Maggi and turned it into a global brand. The brand made its way into India in 1983 and revolutionized Indian kitchens. India soon emerged as the largest market for Maggi and the best noodle brand. However, it faced a ban on reports of unhealthy ingredients in 2014.

Maggi in Numbers

The brand has the numbers to be the leader among all the top noodle brands in India.

  • Consumers globally prepare 4,600 food portions using Maggi each second. 
  • In 2020, Maggi’s sales amounted to 132 billion INR, up from 122 billion INR in 2010. 
  • In the first quarter of 2021, it saw a sales upturn of 14%. 
  • At the last count, Maggi commanded a 60% plus market share in India. 
  • It supports 15% of our daily sodium requirements, making it a healthy option.

Maggi Flavors:

It offers 12 flavors to cater to every taste. These include Classic Masala, Tomato, Chicken, Atta, Oats, Peri Peri, Barbeque Pepper, Chili Chicken, Green Chilli, and Hot Heads.

Popular Maggi Recipes:

Maggi is perhaps the most versatile of convenient foods out there. As such, it pairs well with most foods found in Indian kitchens. The recipes are simply endless, including Bread Maggi, Egg Maggi, Soupy Maggi, Chicken Maggi, Tomato Maggi, Paneer Maggi, Vegetable Maggi, and many more.

Why Maggi is One of the Top Noodle Brands in India

  • A delicious and healthy alternative to meals 
  • The quickest to cook among all the noodles, with a preparation time of 2 minutes 
  • An array of flavors for every taste. 
  • Affordably priced, from INR 5 to 45. 
  • Available in multiple sizes (packs of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12) 
  • Cup Noodle options are available.

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SUNFEAST YIPPEEIt’s Better! Oh Yeah!

Sunfeast Yippee lags just behind Maggi on the list of the top noodles brands in India. It’s a flagship brand of the Indian diversified conglomerate ITC (Indian Tobacco Company). ITC unleashed Yippee in 2010 to an unprecedented response from consumers. With Maggi and Top Ramen being the only options, consumers were restricted in their choices before Yippee. With a smooth taste and a unique array of flavors, Yippee filled the gap. The Maggi ban in 2016 also spurred its growth.

Yippee in Numbers:

  • Yippee presently possesses a 22% market share in India. 
  • The market share is over 37% in certain pockets. 
  • In 2016, it entered the INR 600 crore brand club. 
  • In 2018, it made its way into the INR 1000 crore brand club.

Yippee Flavors: 

Choose from six delectable Yippee flavors, including Magic Masala, Mood Masala, Power Up Atta, Saucy Masala, Quik Meals Chicken Delight, and Quik Meals Veggie Delight.

Popular Recipes:

The recipe options are aplenty, from Noodle Slider, Paneer Fry, Mushroom Stir Fry, and Coconut Curry, to Noodle Garlic Bread Toast, One Pot Meal, and Paneer Bhurji Noodles.

Why Yippee is One of the Top Noodles Brands in India

  • Tasty and convenient food options
  • Long, non-sticky with a round-shaped block
  • Healthy, in line with food safety regulations
  • Six flavors to suit all moods
  • Endorsed by Captain Cool, MS Dhoni
  • Reasonably priced, starting from INR 5
  • Available in multiple sizes, (pack of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12)

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Make way for the Chings Secret, India’s very own Chinese-flavored Schezwan noodles. The brand has been around since 1996 but has risen to prominence lately thanks to variety, taste, and aggressive marketing. Currently rated as one of the top noodle brands, Ching’s is synonymous with intense, spicy flavors. They’ll tickle your taste buds and fill your tummy, but leave you clamoring for more.

Irrespective of your inclination, there’s a Ching for you. The variety is simply astounding. These noodles are quick to prepare, taking just 3 minutes flat. The brand employs a cutting-edge recipe to deliver non-sticky, non-mushy, and uniformly coated strands. Expect a plethora of Schezwan spices to spice up your meals. Plus, they are 100% vegetarian, which is a big plus for all the herbivores out there.

Chings Options: 

Popular options include Schezwan Instant Noodles, Hot Garlic, Egg Hakka, Pad Thai Green Curry, Manchurian, Singapore Curry, Veg Hakka, and more. A few more flavors are in the pipeline.

Why is Chings One of the Top Noodle Brands in India?

  • Great, spicy taste with a blend of “Indian masala and Chinese spices.” 
  • Fast-cooking, it’s ready in three minutes or less. 
  • Completely vegetarian with healthy snacks and main course meals. 
  • The only Chinese schezwan noodles with an Indian twist

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The Soupy Noodles!

Knorr has a long history dating back to 1838. It is credited as being the first to introduce the notion of dry soups. Knorr entered the Indian market in 1996 and remained mostly unnoticed for the next 14 years. Knorr came up with yet another novel concept in 2010: soupy noodles. Indian fast food fans were treated to delectable noodles dunked in a rich soup for the first time. The trend quickly caught on, leading other big noodle brands in India to release comparable items to retain their customers.

Prepare to be wowed with 18 different tastes such as Chinese Schezwan, Chinese Hot & Spicy, Italian Cheese and Herbs, Italian Margherita, Desi Masala Chaska, and more.

Why Knorr is One of the Top Noodles Brands in India

  • A perfect combo of noodles and soup
  • Crisp noodles dipped in spicy and slurpy soup
  • An extensive variety of international flavors to cater to all tastes
  • Real veggies and no preservatives
  • Competitively priced

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PATANJALI ATTA NOODLES“Jhatpat Banao, Befikar Khao!”

A vision of Baba Ramdev, since 2007, Patanjali Ayurveda has enjoyed an exponential rise to emerge as one of the leading FMCG companies in India. However, it took 8 years for the company to venture into the Indian noodle segment. Despite the delayed entry, Patanjali Noodles made some serious inroads into the market, giving the established brands a run for their money.

Patanjali has positioned itself as a health-conscious brand. The reputation worked well for its noodle brand at a time when Maggi was facing a ban and consumers were looking for a healthier option. While the major players were focusing on spicy flavors, Patanjali introduced the Atta noodles, claiming them to be nutritious and safe. The ploy worked, forcing competitors to follow suit.

Patanjali uses high-quality whole wheat flour for production. While competitors prefer palm oil, it goes for a healthier option, rice bran oil, for frying. Rice bran oil brings down cholesterol levels, whereas wheat flour boosts energy. With cumin seed, onion, turmeric, garlic, and more, the spices used have health benefits. Also, health hazards such as lead and taste enhancers like MSG aren’t used.

Patanjali flavors

The flavors include Chatpata Noodles, Atta Noodles Yummy Masala, Atta Cup Noodles Yummy Masala, and others.

Why Patanjali is one of the Top Noodles Brands in India

  • Market share growing at a steady 1.2 percent
  • Credited with introducing Atta Noodles in the market
  • Hygienically prepared using rice bran oil and spices
  • A broad variety of flavors, each 100% vegetarian
  • Strong packaging to keep freshness and aroma intact
  • Prices at par with the industry standards

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Short and Spicy!

Your search for short noodles loaded with spices comes to a halt with Nissin Scoopies. These pre-coated noodles delight your taste buds with an authentic taste and aroma accentuated by spicy masala. Think of Scoopies as a niche product with a sizeable and dedicated client base. That’s why we rank it among the top noodle brands in India alongside the top sellers.

Nissin is a proud offering of Nissin, the company that conceptualized and introduced instant noodles. Keeping the innovative spirit going, Nissin reintroduced noodles in a short size and an array of different shapes. You don’t need chopsticks or a fork to savor Scoopies. Instead, a spoon would do. How’s that for convenience? The spicy, gravy-laden noodles pair well with Indian curries.

Scoopies are easy to prepare, thanks to their short size. Just add hot water and you are good to go.

Scoopies Flavors:

Being a niche product, Scoopies come in two prime flavors: Mad Masala, and Chicken Masala. The former is 100% vegetarian. Also, certain curry flavors might be available.

The top reasons Scoopies is India’s most popular noodles brand

  • Delectable, spicy, gravy-laden noodles
  • The short size makes it quick to cook and easy to consume
  • Pairs well with several Indian curries and gravies
  • Available in 100% vegetarian flavors

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HORLICKS FOODLES“Taste Bhi. Health Bhi!”

Horlicks is a major player in the health drink segment. As a diversification act, the brand made forays into the highly competitive Indian noodle industry with Foodles in December 2012. Soon, we saw Foodles breaking the monopoly of big brands and emerging as one of the top noodle brands in India. A clever marketing strategy and brand credibility translated into Foodles’ success.

Horlicks’ entry into noodles was perceived as a disaster. After all, Horlicks was a flagbearer of “health drinks,” while noodles were notorious for being unhealthy. But the brand managed to pull it off with a proven strategy. It positioned the noodle brand on the health plank, targeting mothers keen on nutrition and safety. Only Patanjali has played the “heart” card better to benchmark noodles’ health benefits. The Maggi ban has more or less branded noodles as a health hazard.

Foodles Flavors:

The Foodles platform features multiple flavors, each claiming to be devoid of artificial colors and added preservatives. The Foodles Multigrain variant sticks out on the nutrition parameter, featuring nutritious grains and vital nutrients. Plus, each Foodles pack packs a punch with the “Health Maker” sachet, fortified with iron, calcium,, and seven other vital nutrients. The brand fares well on the state parameter as well, offering lip-smacking, spicy, and tangy flavors.

Why Foodles is one of the top Noodles Brands in India

  • Noodles for the health-conscious buyers
  • Multiple flavor and size options
  • Comes with a Health Maker sachet
  • Devoid of artificial colors and preservatives
  • Backed by Horlicks’ brand credibility

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TOP RAMENA Simple Pleasure!

Top Ramen has always been the conventional favorite, alongside Maggi. Though it lost the marketing battle to Yippee, Chings,, and other top noodle brands in India, it still has takers even now. Top Ramen comes from the house of Nissin, the company credited with introducing instant noodles in 1958. However, it was only in 1988 that Top Ramen made its way into the Indian market. Indians instantly developed a liking for the noodles, encouraging them to launch cup noodles in 1991.

Top Ramen Flavors:

One reason why Top Ramen stays significant is the astounding variety of flavors. Feel free to choose from 18 striking, authentic flavors, including Atta Noodles, Oats Noodles, Souper Noodles, Curry Veg Noodles, Scoopies Short Noodles, Chow Mein Noodles, and more. Looking for cup and bowl noodles? Your wish is granted with multiple palatable options.

Why Top Ramen is one of the top Noodle Brands in India

  • Palatable, easy to cook, and cost-effective
  • Retains the authentic taste since 1988
  • Low on Sodium and MSD, making it a healthier option
  • Ensures the largest portfolio of flavors (18)
  • Comply with all food safety regulations
  • Cup and Bowl options available in multiple flavors

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JOYMEE INSTANT NOODLESJoy me to the heart!

When hunger pangs kick in, Joymee could be your savior. It’s a small brand with unassuming sales figures. The brand, however, makes the list of the top noodle brands in India due to the sheer taste it brings to the table. These non-sticky and smooth noodles deliver a tangy taste associated with Indian curries. The crunchy onion toppings and veggies just further your experience.

Joymee leveraged innovative marketing to make a mark. It invited potential customers to take a single test check via well-targeted commercials to raise awareness about its brand and product. When it comes to quality, Joymee is right among the best. These noodles offer certain health benefits thanks to all-natural ingredients.

Joymee Flavors:

These are early days for Joymee. The brand is yet to evolve fully, and hence, has a limited flavor portfolio. The two main choices include masala and curry, each coming with crunchy onion toppings.

Why Joymee is one of the Top Noodles Brands in India

  • Innovative flavors with onion toppings
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Mild spicy
  • Available in INR 5 & INR 10 packing

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WAI WAI NOODLESThe history of Wai Wai dates back to 1972, when the Chaudhary Group decided to tap into the hitherto unexplored noodle market in Nepal. Wai Wai made steady strides, evolving into a multinational brand with a strong presence in 32 countries. As of now, the company delivers 2.3 billion packets annually through modern facilities, best practices, and state-of-the-art technologies.

According to Economic Times, the brand commanded a whopping 28 percent of the Indian market in 2019, growing at a rate of 20 percent. The majority of the revenue comes from South India, notably from Tamil Nadu, where it is a rage. If the parent company pumps in some advertising dollars, Wai Wai would rank among the three top noodle brands in India.

Wai Wai Flavors: 

Count on Wai Wai for an inexhaustible range of flavors for every palate. X-Press Spinach, X-Press Masala Delight, X-Press Fusion, X-Press Fish Curry, Jain Masala, X-Press Tomato Peprica, Veg Masala, Quick Chicken, Atta Noodles, Chicken Masala, and Chicken Curry — you name it.

Wai Wai Recipes:

Extensive variety means extensive recipe options. The popular ones include Kanda Noodles, Habra Kashir, Chicken Stew, Creamy Salad, Veggie Stew, Pizza Pie, Cheesy Noodles, and more.

Why is Wai Wai one of the Top Noodle Brands in India?

  • Over 50 years of brand legacy. 
  • A fantastic range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavors 
  • It provides three seasonings for different tastes.

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So, that was Dunia Ka Gyan’s take on the top noodle brands in India. Ever since Maggi hit the market, noodles have been an integral part of our diets, celebrations, and lives. These convenience foods have often courted controversy, but their lure stays strong across all age groups, occupations, genders, and ethnicities. The easy, quick, economical, and palatable nature of noodles accounts for their phenomenal popularity. So, do tell us which is your favorite brand.

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