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Pandoh Dam

Experience the flow of the eminent river Beas. You will be amazed by seeing how the man-made thing has established an immense relation with nature. Pandoh Dam is situated in the Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh. On your way to Manali, you will come across this giant beauty. It is a part of the run-of-the-river power scheme. You can take a taxi, car or bus from Manali and it might take two and half hours to cover the distance of 87km. Or you can embark on your journey to Pandoh Dam from Kullu which is around 49.6km away. The nearest airport is in Manali, around 50km away from Manali Town. From there you can depend on the other transport service.

Pandoh Dam


The Dam was constructed back in 1977 on Beas River in the wetland area of Kangra district. There is a man-made lake known as Pandoh Lake beside it. The 249ft tall dam is mainly used for hydroelectric power generation. It diverts the water to the southwest through inimitable connections of tunnels and channels which are 38km long. It has been a great source of energy for many years.

Why is Pandoh Dam famous in India?

Why is Pandoh Dam famous in IndiaThe artificial man-made structure is famous for its magnificent beauty and a perfect place for photography. Travelers used to stop here a couple of times and make lifelong memories by clicking photos. If you are lucky enough then you can see the water being released. Seeing it will be a treat to your eyes. Apart from that, Pandoh Lake is also known for its beauty and adjoining skyscraping trees.


Best Places to see at Pandoh Dam

Best Places to see at Pandoh DamMandi district is gifted by god with lots of sites that will mesmerize you with their exquisiteness. Manu Temple is also a renowned sacred place here. It is the only temple of Manu Rishi. He is known to be the originator of the human race in the world. Who made Manali his home in the last time of his life. If you are zeal about history, Arjun Gufa is the best place for you. It is positioned on the bank of the Beas a fascinating place to visit. According to the mythologies, this is the place where Arjun meditated to get strength from God, and in return, he was rewarded with the Pashupati Astra.

Best Hotels and Resorts at Pandoh Dam

Best Hotels and Resorts at Pandoh DamAfter the autonomous visit, you would be definitely seeking a bed for rest and get recharged for the next day. To give you comfort is the aspiration of hotels here. There are numbers of hotels like Hotel Royal Mansion, Hotel Shobla Royale, Regenta Inn Blossoms, and many more which will definitely make your stay extraordinary.

If you want to enjoy a more luxurious time with a swimming pool and other facilities, book any of the resorts and take pleasure in every moment of your stay. Apple Valley Resort, Vivaan Resort, Mashoo Resort, etc… are known for their comfy services.

Activities to do at Pandoh Dam

Activities to do at Pandoh DamThere are several activities you can enjoy close to the Pnadoh Dam. Go to Manali where you will be delighted by the activities like trekking, skiing, river rafting, zorbing, and natural walk. Give your heart peace as well as a thrilling experience by enjoying these bustles.

Best Side Scene at Pandoh Dam

Best Side Scene at Pandoh DamTake a bath in the Beas Kund and be holy. Holy River Beas takes birth at this Kund. It is said that the great sage Vyas was taking bath here daily. And an igloo-like stone seems to protect the Kund. This place has great significance to Hindu belief. And this place has been catching the attention of thousands of devotees every year.

If you have spare time, take a ride in the Van Vihar National park to enjoy real wildlife. This place has been a habitat for many creatures. Observing wild animals in their territory will feel your soul with happiness.


FoodThe amazing taste of the heartily served food here will make your mouth watery and you will definitely enjoy the unique flavor of finely chosen spices. You will find food of your desire and you will get complete satisfaction with it as people here never sacrifice with the taste.


Pandoh Dam is the best place for camping however boating and swimming is not allowed here because of safety measures. The dense woods and the breathtaking view make the place the perfect place to capture the moment. But as Pandoh Dam is close to the main highway you will have to find a safe place to park your vehicle then you can enjoy the scenic views.

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