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How to Make Paneer Butter Masala?

Paneer Butter Masala is a conventional favourite in India and beyond. With a spicy and a little sweet taste, the flavoursome Punjabi curry is generally eaten with baked Rotis, Rice, Naan, and Chapatis. The topping of butter and fresh cream brings a soft and silky taste to the paneer butter masala curry.

As the name suggests, paneer and butter are major ingredients. The other significant ingredients include tomatoes, onions, spices, and cashews, depending on your taste. That makes it an easy-to-cook recipe for those who like to cook with fewer ingredients.

How about recreating a restaurant-style paneer butter masala at home with simple and readily available ingredients? Read on, as we discuss exactly that.

How to prepare Paneer Butter Masala at Home?

How to prepare Paneer Butter Masala at HomeTo make it easier for you, we will list the required ingredients below. The idea is to help you to collect them all at once, and make cooking more organized.

We will divide the entire recipe into two segments. First, we will prepare a basic gravy. However, we can even use this gravy for other Punjabi curries. Next, we will elaborate on the cooking process.

How to cook a Gravy for Paneer Butter Masala?

How to cook a Gravy for Paneer Butter MasalaGravy is the essence of the Paneer Butter Masala. Here’s how to prepare it.


  • Cubed onions – 1 cup
  • Diced tomatoes – 1 and ½ cup
  • Cardamom – 2 to 3
  • Salt as required
  • Red chilli powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Coriander powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Garam masala -1 teaspoon
  • Cashews – 12 to 15
  • Sugar – ¾ teaspoon
  • Oil
  • Water as required


  1. Take a pan and add one tablespoon of oil to it. Allow the oil to heat on a medium flame. Once the oil gets heated, add cardamoms and onions to it. Allow the onions to saute on medium flame until they turn into golden pink colour.
  2. Later, add diced tomatoes and around ¾ teaspoon of salt to it. Saute it well for two to three minutes and cover the pan with a lid. Cook tomatoes until they turn mushy.
  3. Next, add red chilli powder, garam masala, coriander powder, sugar, and cashews to the pan. Mix all well and saute the mixture for around three minutes. When the mixture turns aromatic, turn off the flame.
  4. Finally, allow the mixture to cool down entirely. Once the mixture gets cool, add it to the blending jar and blend it until it turns into a soft and silky paste.

Tip: To make the cooling and blending processes faster, you can even add ice water to the blending jar and then add the prepared mixture.

Now that the basic gravy for paneer butter masala is ready, it’s time to move towards preparing paneer butter masala.

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Butter MasalaWe have our gravy ready. Let us see what ingredients we need to make paneer butter masala.


  • Prepared gravy
  • Paneer – 200 to 250 grams
  • Butter – 1 and ½ tablespoon
  • Cardamom – 2
  • Cinnamon stick – ½ inch
  • Bay leaves – 2 to 3
  • Cloves – 3 to 4
  • Ginger-garlic paste – ¾ teaspoon
  • Red chilli powder – ¼ teaspoon (optional)
  • Fresh cream – 2 to 3 tablespoons
  • Water as required
  • Kasuri methi – 1 teaspoon


  1. Take a pan and add butter to it. Make sure to turn the gas flame to low. After the butter melts, add cardamom, cloves, cinnamon stick, and bay leaves.
  2. When all these spices start to frizzle, add the ginger-garlic paste and mix it all well. Ensure the spices drop their raw smell and cook strictly on low to medium flame.
  3. Later, add the prepared onion-tomato puree to the pan. If you wish to give a deep red colour to your curry, add ¼ teaspoon of red chilli powder. However, it is entirely optional. Again, you need to maintain the gas flame low.
  4. Now, add around ½ cup of water or more if required and mix it well. Ensure the gravy is a little thick and runny.
  5. Cover the pan with a lid and allow it to cook till the gravy turns thick and aromatic. When the gravy becomes ready, you can observe traces of fat floating on the top.
  6. You can now taste the gravy and add salt to taste.
  7. Now add paneer cubes and stir well. Take Kasuri methi and crush it with your palms. Add the crushed Kasuri methi to the curry. Moreover, allow the curry to cook for around three to four minutes. Avoid cooking the curry for a long time, as it may harden paneer cubes.
  8. Finally, add fresh cream to the curry and stir well.

Our restaurant-style paneer butter masala with easily available ingredients is ready to serve. You can serve this curry with one tablespoon of fresh cream and subtly chopped coriander leaves on the top. As paneer butter masala itself is spicy, you can serve it with plain rice, chapati, or naan.

Extra Tips

Here are some extra helpful tips to make your paneer butter masala more delicious and smoother.

1 Blend the gravy into a smooth and soft paste. If your blender doesn’t work sharply, make sure to strain the paste after blending.

2. In our recipe, we have used raw paneer cubes. But we can also use fried paneer cubes. Ensure the paneer cubes do not turn hard or tough to chew. To this end, always fry paneer cubes on a low flame and transfer them into a bowl of water. Paneer cubes absorb water, and hence, they become soft.

3. The most significant thing to remember while cooking paneer butter masala is to add fresh cream at the end. If you cook the curry after adding cream, the cream may split if it does not have added stabilizers.


We hope you will surely try this easy paneer butter masala recipe. The paneer butter masala curry made using the above recipe tastes the same as we get in restaurants.

Sameeksha Medewar
Sameeksha Medewar
Sameeksha is passionate about cooking and trying several new recipes. Her passion for cooking and baking has led her to be a food blogger, where she shares vegetarian recipes. Her recipes are a good blend of health and good taste.

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