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10 Top Pasta Brands In India

While Pizza, Ravioli, Carpaccio, and Risotto are popular Italian fares, nothing beats the popularity of pasta. Typical of Italian cuisine, it is delectable, flavorful, easy to prepare, and healthy. Thanks to many pasta brands, it comes in all shapes and sizes for all tastes, moods, and occasions.   

If that has piqued your interest, let’s dive deep into all things pasta, from definition and types to top brands and everything in between. The point is to beef up your knowledge and help you choose well.

What is Pasta? 

Think of it as a popular fare that can be consumed as it is or used in several dishes. Even though pasta has its roots in ancient China, we associate it with Italy. Specifications may vary, but it is made of wheat flour, which doesn’t contain a leavening agent. The flour is kneaded with water and eggs into different shapes and eventually boiled or baked, depending on the dish it will be used in.

Pasta brands may replace wheat flour with rice flour or legumes for taste, texture, color, and consistency variation. Regarding variety, the pasta will spoil you for choice with over 310 known forms and 1,300 documented names. Serve it with sauce or condiment, and use it in soupy dishes or salads as a starter – the options are endless. Spaghetti, noodles, and macaroni are a few popular pasta forms.

Types of Pasta: 

The sheer diversity of pasta is intimidating. However, you can classify all variants under a few broad categories based on their shapes, sizes, stuffing, and preparation methods. Here’s your rundown.

  1. Long Pasta: 

As the name says, they are long, lean strands of wheat flour. Drench them in creamy, hearty sauces or serve them with meatballs, soups, or other combinations – it’s up to you. A few variations include:

    • Spaghetti 

This is perhaps the most preferred version of Long Pasta. Made of durum wheat or semolina, it features a rounded shape and moderate thickness and pairs well with meatballs. Like Italians, you too can cook it barely to “al dente.” Mind you, overcooking robs spaghetti of its chewy texture.

    • Angel Hair: 

The pasta is Angel Hair if it is cylindrically shaped and too lean, typically with a diameter between 0.85 and 0.92 millimeters. Usually, it’s served with oil-based sauces, veggies, and shredded chicken. 

    • Pappardelle

When it comes to width, nothing beats Pappardelle. Typically 2 to 3 centimeters wide, they are large, have ridged or straight edges, and pair well with meat-based sauces and seafood dishes.

    • Bucatini: 

Call it the pasta with a hole. Bucatini is thick enough to accommodate a hole in the center and square cut edges. Feel free to serve them in oil-based sauces or soups, casseroles, or starters.

    • Vermicelli

Vermicelli is much like spaghetti but a lot thinner. It comes in two variants, Indian and Italian. The former is made from rice flour, while the latter is from semolina. Both go well with soups and stir-fries.

  • Short Pasta 

True to their name, they are short. You savor bursts of flavor with each bite when paired with heavier sauces featuring chunky veggies and meat. Their shorter size allows pasta brands to experiment with their shapes. Shapes, some common, some uncommon, and some simply over the top.

    • Penne: 

Penne is the most popular form of short pasta: short, round-shaped, hollow, and with edges cut at an angle. Like any short pasta, it is a sauce-catcher and goes well with casseroles & meat dishes.

    • Farfalle: 

How about a bow-tie-shaped pasta? Farfalle comes in various sizes, the more practical option is farfalloni, and the smaller one is farfalle. This pasta boards well with different pasta dishes and salads.

    • Elbow:

Elbow macaroni is precisely what it means. Made from durum wheat, these petite tubes acquire the characteristic elbow shape via extrusion and lend themselves well to casseroles and other dishes.

    • Rotelli: 

Speaking of creative shapes, here’s one – the wheel shape. The bite-sized chunky pasta gels well with all heavy and light sauces, whether in a soup or any pasta dish. Kids’ favorite? Yes, it is!

    • Orecchiette:

Pasta shapes don’t get any weirder! Hailing from South Italy, the ear-shaped pasta holds a massive chunk of sauces to ooze a Tsunami of flavors. However, it may take about 10 to 12 minutes to cook.

  • Sheet Pasta 

It’s a self-explanatory term meaning lean, small, comprehensive, and flat sheets. The most typical example is lasagna, which features ornate edges and a messy surface. It’s a staple for the namesake delicacy, wherein the pasta is stacked between layers of sauces and cheese. Pasta brands offer non-boiled, pre-cooked, and dry lasagna pasta you can bake directly without rehydration. The moisture released by spices and cheese will do that for you. It’s easy and quick to cook, requiring 15 minutes. If you crave pasta-free lasagna, feel free to replace lasagna with rice paper sheets and flatbreads.

  • Filled Pasta: 

The filled pasta variations are a godsend if you want more flavors from your pasta. Just stuff them with the stuffing of your choice and let your taste buds have a ball. The stuffing options are as comprehensive as possible, with cheese, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, onion, tomatoes, and protein-based filling.

    • Ravioli: 

Distinguished by a square shape, this pasta variation comes in large and small sizes, depending on what you wish to stuff in. The large Ravioli can accommodate chunky veggies, leafy greens, meat, and other sizable stuffing. Typical of filled pasta, it has a rough surface & decorated edges.

    • Tortellini: 

Curled to resemble little donuts, tortellini packs a punch with meat, Parmigiano, cheese, egg, and other stuffing. It makes a deadly combination of red and white sauces and tomato and veg soups.

    • Manicotti:

Call it an oversized penne pasta, if you may. Everything resembles penne, from tube-shape to decorated edges, save for the size. The chunky disposition ensures extra stuffing for extra flavors.

    • Cannelloni:

It is a cross between manicotti and lasagna with a pipe-like shape and absence of ridges. The pasta comes with spinach, cheese, Bolognese, and other filling options and is best served with tomato sauce.

    • Mezzelune: 

It starts as a sheet of pasta and ends up in a semi-circular shape, stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, spinach, and more. Feel free to serve Mezzelune with pesto sauce, meat, seafood, and tomatoes.

10 Top Pasta Brands In India

Now that all the nitty-gritty is over, it’s time to focus on India’s top 10 pasta brands.

1. Gustora Foods

Gustora Foods

With Italian DNA and Indian know-how, Gustora Foods is ruling hearts and markets across India. Owned by Rustichella d’Abruzzo, Italy, and promoted by the Goyal Group, the brand operates a state-of-the-art production facility in Jaipur, where production happens under strict quality control.

Since 1924, the brand has had nearly a century of experience producing authentic Italian pasta in all shapes and sizes. It adopts a detailed production process, which lasts for over 20 hours. The brand uses top-quality 100% durum wheat semolina, a slow-drying process, bronze dies, static cabins, and best practices. The result is uplifting, flavorful, and healthy artisanal flavors for all tastes.

Thanks to the slow, air-drying process at a specific temperature, the Gustora pasta acquires the characteristic rustic texture that can take in plenty of sauce. So, you can expect bursts of flavor in each bite. Even when boiled, this pasta keeps its shape, texture, and aroma intact. That’s because of their course, irregular and non-glossy surfaces acquired during slow-drying.

Made of 100% Durum wheat Semolina, Gustora pasta is also healthy. They pack a punch with proteins, vitamin B, Iron, copper, zinc, antioxidants, and dietary fibers. Guess what? Durum wheat semolina lacks saturated fat, making it ideal for those watching their weight or having heart issues.

  • Flavors:

As the leading pasta brand in India, Gustora offers pasta in 11 shapes. These include Conchiglie, Amori, Elbow, Farfalle, Fettuccine, Fusilli, Macaroni, Mini Fusilli, Penne Rigate, Pipe Rigate, and Spaghetti. The brand has a passion for innovation, which reflects aptly in its Kids Pasta range.

2. Weikfield


Weikfield pasta stands out for its lip-smacking taste. The brand burst onto the scene in 1956 with headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, and gradually emerged as one of the best pasta brands in India.

Weikfield is a 60-year-old company with its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. It is one of the largest manufacturers & suppliers of pasta & green tea in India. The company also sells products in categories ranging from dessert mixes and baking ingredients to fruit spreads & preserves.

Weikfield offers a



The claim to fame is that it isn’t made of maida. It is guaranteed that it is produced using durum wheat semolina. If you don’t care for clingy pasta, this one’s for you.

Aside from this, it comes in different shapes also. This pasta originates from the place of Weikfield, one of the famous nourishment brands in India. It is a vegetarian-friendly option and doesn’t contain fat, so there’s no danger of getting cholesterol. If you are well-being cognizant, at that point, this light and solid tidbit will assist you with paying attention to your health quotient.

Rather than munching on unhealthy oily food, Weikfield Penne Pasta makes for a propensity to appreciate health quotients. You can add new vegetables and sauces to upgrade the taste and smell of the pasta additionally. Cook it in your style and give your family a delicious Italian treat.

3. Borges

BorgesBorges Penne Durum wheat pasta is the ideal option for you! This pasta is rich in protein content and consists of 100% wheat. Furthermore, it contains zero trans fat. Borges Penne is made by utilizing a perfect type of regular item. It is encouraged to add numerous vegetables to build the soundness of the product.

This preeminent quality pasta is produced using 100 percent semolina which is known to have high protein content. It comes without any danger of getting elevated cholesterol by expanding this item. The product is an ideal tidbit at any time of the day, making it one of the best Pasta Brands in India.

4. Disano

DisanoThis is another choice accessible because you are worried about well-being and the nourishment flavor. It is additionally made of durum semolina. It also comes in different sizes and various flavors. The elbows pasta is arguably the best and very helpful to cook.

They set aside less effort to bubble and prepare to cook. This is a result of Spain, and it is produced using the most handpicked fixings to give you the flavor of Europe directly to your plates. This is simple veggie-lover nourishment, and the timeframe for realistic usability of the pasta is 730 days.

5. Chef’s Basket

Chef’s BasketA sound and heavenly pasta alternative accessible in India Features Chef’s Basket Pasta Box. It is just a matter of 10 minutes to get this cooked. Notwithstanding that, it accompanies tastemaker, sauce, and flavoring. The Element of Chef’s Basket pasta box is 100% vegetarian and organic. It is a sound nourishment alternative for all.

Chef’s Basket Pasta Box is the ideal decision if you need a heavenly and sound noontime supper or a night nibble. It tends to be cooked quickly, so it’s a popular and loved mother’s choice worldwide. You can serve sound nourishment to your kid that is also delectable and satisfying.

6. Yippee

vIf you love brilliant nourishment, at that point, this pasta brand will be exceptionally implied for you. Sunfeast Yippee is giving our eyes a brilliant craving as tricolor pasta. Its texture and the two infused flavors, viz masala and rich corn, are here to fulfill your taste buds. These factors make this brand one of the top Pasta Brands in India to consider.

What we truly love about Yippee Tricolor Pasta is the multicolor styling. It isn’t just tasty to eat. Other than enticing your taste buds, they additionally look genuinely astounding. This is prepared to cook pasta with characteristic hues derived from unadulterated and genuine veggies. It is the ideal sound nibble for minimal ones when they are eager at odd hours of the day. It contains a beautiful mix of wheat and tasty common veggies. You can’t beat this great pasta in taste and looks.

7. Maggi

MaggiYou will never hear from an Indian that ‘I don’t adore Maggi”! We, Indians, have all been Maggi fans since our youth and the new class of Maggi pasta masala has made the bond a stride ahead. Individuals who love Italian food have another motivation to love their adoration for Maggi.

The best thing about this Maggi pasta is that it is prepared to cook and incorporates tastemakers. You only need to heat the pasta and add a tastemaker to serve the best mouth-watering pasta.

8. Di Martino

di martino pastaDi Martino Farfalle Pasta is made utilizing 100% Italian grain. It is hand-made pasta cut into squares and squeezed in the center to frame an ideal butterfly shape. The contrast between the substantially focal part and the more slender finish of the wings amuses the sense of taste. With cherry tomatoes and vegetables, mint, basil, and a ton of new cheeses, make it an ideal night nibble.

This lip-smacking pasta brand originates from Di Martino’s house, and it brags the easier hand-made pasta. The excellent plan of the pasta adds to the taste and makes it look heavenly. You can browse the broad scope of varieties of this pasta depending on your preference and inclination.

9. TAK Pasta

TAK PastaIf you are looking for a top-notch choice for pasta, TAK Pasta Grandi is an incredible option. It is a complete veggie-lover item and doesn’t contain any maida. Produced using simple regular fixings, t doesn’t have any trans fat, which implies that it is sans-cholesterol, and it very well securely expends without dreading the danger of well-being. To improve the taste, this pasta can include new vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, carrots, and capsicum.

10. Del Monte

Del MonteDel Monte Penne Pasta’s cylindrical shape and edges help it to assimilate the sauce well, guaranteeing a delightful involvement with each nibble. This famous pasta shape works out well for both white and red sauces. Del Monte sits at the pinnacle regarding India’s best imported Pasta Brand.

Del Monte pasta is imported from one of Italy’s most seasoned and biggest pasta makers, using durum wheat semolina. It is a wellspring of protein – a fundamental structure hindered for solid muscles and bones. Likewise, it is a wellspring of dietary fiber, which impedes the assimilation of sugars and fats in the body, causing you to feel satisfied for a more extended timeframe.


Haven’t you generally take a gander at those dishes flooding with delicate-looking pasta and aching for a mushy chomp? You have. India as a country has gradually adopted pasta for its eating regimen on account of various reasons. It’s relatively easier to cook, much more than it seems, and provides a pleasant change from traditional Indian dinners. There are many diners and take-outs serving plates of pasta that have been developed more than ever before.

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