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10 Top Places to visit in Egypt

Planning a solo trip or a family vacation to Egypt? Here’re the best places to visit in Egypt that would leave you speechless at first and turn you into a storyteller.

Egypt, home to Pharaohs at some point in history, is a beautiful travel destination replete with gorgeous locales and historic attractions. The country provides archaeological treasures in the city of Luxor, and if you like beaches, head to Sinai or the Red Sea Coastline. Feel free to savor the countryside in Aswan or the Siwa Oasis but if metropolitan interests you, Cairo is the place to be. With such diversity on offer, Egypt spoils you for choices.

If you find yourself intimidated by the options, Dunia Ka Gyan is here to help. Tighten your seatbelts, as we take you on a joyride through the top places to visit in Egypt.

10 Top Places to visit in Egypt

1. Giza Necropolis

Giza NecropolisOne of the most recognizable destinations on the planet, the Giza Plateau is home to the city of Giza. The city has expanded immensely over the years and emerged as the biggest tourist attraction in Egypt. From posh restaurants to luxurious malls and extravagant nightclubs, the city has everything modern-day traveler aspires for. Despite all this, the city’s USP is its location. It is the closest location to the famed pyramids and the Sphinx.

The three pyramids are tombs to the three pharaohs – Menkaure, Khufu, and Khafre. Besides, several smaller pyramids are built around them as tombs for the Pharaohs’ family members. Only one pyramid can be entered for an extra fee, otherwise, only photos from the exterior are allowed. Feel free to move on to the Sphinx to click more pictures.

The city also organizes an amazing Sound and Light show at the pyramids during nighttime. Even though the show is paid for, you can enjoy it from your hotel room’s window as well. With so much to explore, tourists often prolong their stay in Giza.

2. Luxor

LuxorAfter about a thousand years of construction of the pyramids, a new kingdom was born. With that, the Egyptian country saw a shift of power center to Thebes from Memphis, which is currently known as the city of Luxor. Thebes came into power after accumulating gold from the deserts of Nubia. Currently, the city is considered a museum for the architectural heritage it houses. From tombs, temples to medieval structures, the city has everything. After all, it’s not for nothing Luxor is rated among the coveted places to visit in Egypt.

The biggest tourist attractions of Egypt are located on the coasts of the Nile, including Karnak Temple that took 2000 years to complete. The main temple is the only part of the temple, which is open to the public. Another amazing destination is the Luxor Temple. Once you cross the Nile River, the West Coast of the river will bedazzle you with the Valley of the Kings, which is full of beautiful and intricate tombs and multiple burial chambers. The city also houses the Tomb of King Tut, home to the mummy of King Tutankhamun.

3. Cairo

CairoThe capital city of Egypt, Cairo is one of the largest cities in the world. The city, built on the bank of the Nile, houses more than 15 million people. It has a lot to offer other than the pyramids of Giza that are situated just outside the city. Located near the ruins of Memphis, the city is home to the Egyptian Museum where visitors can view the treasures of deceased pharaohs and their mummies. The museum also houses various other Egyptian artefacts.

The Ibn Tulum Mosque is another attraction, considered the most historic one in the country. It is said to be built in the 9th century or even before that. Another religious site to visit is the Mosque of Mohammad Ali Pasha, which houses a citadel and is named after the founder of modern Egypt. Cairo is also the best place to explore traditional Egyptian life.

Just explore the city to have a first-hand experience of the local culture. A city is an enriched place, be it historical sites, the bountiful markets, or the inner city. Still, wondering why Cairo is one of the best places to visit in Egypt?

4. Aswan

AswanOne of the southernmost cities of Egypt, Aswan is situated at the banks of the Nile River. Think of it as a more relaxed place than Cairo and Luxor. Aswan lacks as many historical places as Luxor but the city is home to various excursions like that of Temples of Kabasha and Philae or the famous temple at Abu Simbel, which was constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II.

The city is also a nice starting point for excursions to the temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo. Once referred to as the gateway to Africa, the city houses a huge community of Nubian people who come from a huge line of successors. The city even houses a museum based on the primitive Nubian culture and how it progressed over time. Aswan is also situated near huge granite cliffs and has quite a list of graphite quarries.

These historical obelisks were used to construct temples. You will come across many incomplete obelisks near the graphite quarries. One of the largest obelisks that were intended to be 40 meters tall, also lies in the south of Aswan.

5. Dahshur

DahshurThis small village is home to smaller pyramid clusters and is situated south of Cairo. The small village is a relatively lesser-known Egypt’s attraction, which used to be a military zone till the late 90s. Dahshur was part of the ancient city of Memphis, featuring about 11 pyramids built by various pharaohs after the construction of the Great Pyramid. However, these pyramids are not as regal and fascinating as the original ones.

The Red Pyramid is said to be one of a kind and one of the oldest, built during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu. The Bent Pyramid and the Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III are also a few of the places to visit in Egypt. The Black Pyramid is visible from the base of the Bent Pyramid. Interestingly, the said ‘Pyramid’ is also not a pyramid but a weird dark rock.

6. Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-SheikhSituated at the edge of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular resort town. The city boasts of some stunning beaches, and warm water resources. The town is considered a perfect holiday destination and even has its own airport. Referred to as the City of Peace, the city has been the host to various international peace talks.

You can visit the Ras Mohammed National Park, and Tiran Island to enjoy beautiful marine life, and indulge in scuba diving or snorkeling. Other than these typical vacation spots, feel free to embark into the desert and trek Mount Sinai. The Biblical spot is the best vantage point for a stunning view of the sunrise and sunset.

7. Siwa oasis

Siwa oasisSiwa Oasis is surrounded by the Sand Sea and was culturally isolated from the country until the late 19th century. So, expect to find a totally different culture from the rest of Egypt. However, the community was culturally well connected with the world in ancient times and has been said to even welcome Alexander The Great at the temple of Oracle of Amun.

Home to Siwan People, the Oasis is situated near the western borders of Egypt. The local population speaks the local dialect, Siwi. The city has emerged as a famous tourist center of Egypt in the past decades. Besides freshwater springs and huge palm groves, the city also has various historical structures like ruins of ancient forts that point towards a Roman and Greece connection.

The famous springs include Cleopatra’s Bath and Fatnas Spring. Besides the cultural heritage, the city is replete with cafes, eateries, posh markets, and everything else that a modern-day traveler appreciates.

8. Saqqara

SaqqaraOne of the best places to visit in Egypt, Saqqara is currently a small Egyptian Village that was supposedly an ancient necropolis. The place is home to various pyramids scattered haphazardly amidst the sandy terrain without any pattern and vary in size as well. The place was built in the 19th century and has undergone various renovations.

Considered the largest archaeological site in the country, the city served as a graveyard for the residents of the ancient city of Memphis. It was named after Sokar, who was the god of Death for the people of Memphite. The city boasts a huge variety of Tombs and contains the burial places of various higher-ranking officials and even Pharaohs.

The most famous place in Saqqara is the oldest pyramid on earth, the Step Pyramid of Djoser. The top of this pyramid is accessible through a ramp and offers the best views of the Nile. Other must-visit places include the Pyramid of Teti which houses various texts and the Mastaba of Ti.

9. Alexandria

AlexandriaThe largest city in the country after Cairo, Alexandria is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The city was once considered one of the most important places to visit in Egypt and was founded by Alexander the Great. A lot of Egyptian rulers like Cleopatra ruled from the city until the country fell into the hands of Romans. The city prospered a lot under Roman rule and was considered the center for art and literature.

Cairo houses various beautiful architectural splendors that feature gorgeous mosaics and colorful arts. The city since then has slowly receded to a mere part of history and is just a dull city as of now. However, the city still houses many ancient treasures like a huge ancient library, which has been renovated after withstanding a lethal earthquake.

Another interesting place is the Museum, which showcases a huge amount of artifacts from the Coptic, Islamic, and Greco-Roman periods. The major city of Alexandria fell underwater after a huge earthquake, and remnants of the city can still be found on the seabed.

10. Hurghada

HurghadaSituated at approximately a 6-hour ride from Cairo, this city is located near the Red Sea and can be considered as a Resort Town. The city is slowly replacing the cities of Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh as popular Egyptian attractions. It is a majorly unexplored territory housing quite many beaches. What used to be a mere fishing village just a few decades back has gradually evolved into a well-structured place and one of the places to visit in Egypt.

The city provides various sea-related activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and windsurfing. The place also offers glass-bottom boat trips for marine life lovers. The city is usually popular among tourists who wish to see the city of Luxor as it is quite near to it. You can thus see historical sites as well as enjoy the beautiful resorts of the country.


Egypt has an interesting history, and all its major cities revolve around their cultural heritage and the ruins of the once famous civilizations. With beautiful temples and pyramids sprawling across the country, it is impossible to stay immune to the charm of Egypt. Even though most people travel to Egypt to soak in the history and culture, the coastal regions of the country also offer a variety of beautiful beaches and sea activities.

These were the top 10 places to visit in Egypt. Given the recent decline in Egypt tourism, it is actually quite an opportunity for history enthusiasts to travel the country while avoiding major crowds.

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