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10 Best Places to Visit in Manali

The essence of the serene prime location of Manali is the snow-capped peaks, ponderous streams, charming villages and towns, and a peaceful rhythm of life. Manali, located approximately 270 km north of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, is among the most prominent tourist spots in India. The splendid Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges are curled up on either side of it, and the magnificent Beas river flows through it. But to thoroughly prepare for your travel plans, be sure to check the weather conditions of the place. Here’s a list of all the places in Manali that you can visit to have a memorable trip.

10 Best Places to Visit in Manali

1. Solang Valley

The beautiful Solang Valley rests about 14 km northwest of Manali, seen between the villages of Solang and Beas Kund. It offers stunning views of snow-capped mountains and glaciers. An ideal destination for adventurous activities in summer and winter, adrenaline junkies can choose from paragliding, zorbing, skating as well as skiing. Furthermore, several tourists visiting Solang Valley venture out of its adventure by exploring the Shiva temple just above the village, wanting to witness a bit of culture.

Solang Valley

2. Rohtang Pass

Of all of the other travel destinations in Manali, by far the most famous is Rohtang Pass. Situated around 51 km from Manali on the highway to Leh at an altitude of 3980 m, it opens yearly from June to October and provides stunning panoramic views of the snowy peaks and mountains surrounding it. Dassaur Lake and Beas Kund are close. The Sonapani glacier and the twin Geypan peaks are also visible from there.


3. Beas Kund

The incredible Beas River flows swiftly across Manali and offers lots of good opportunities in its streams and along its banks for recreational activities. It is a holy place for Hindu devotees, as the legend says that within this lake the legendary sage Vyas took his daily bath. Many of the most impressive and amazing mountain views are offered by the Beas Kund. Maybe the most famous short trek in the area, the Beas Kund trek, along the river and then through the serene Solang valley, boasts beautiful scenery of the splendid snow-covered peaks.

Beas Kund

4. Old Manali 

You’ll discover the fairly quiet settlement of Old Manali, scattered with simplistic old architecture, uphill above the bustling city of Manali town. One of its noteworthy attractions is the Manu Maharishi Temple, dedicated to the legendary saint, Manu (from whom Manali originally comes). Old Manali is a quiet sanctuary that still preserves the unique attributes of a mountainous area, and it is this special beauty that renders it one of Manali’s most fascinating destinations.

Old Manali 

5. Hadimba Temple

Devoted to Hadimba, Bhima’s bride in Mahabharata, this historic shrine is constructed around a natural cave in the pagoda fashion and surrounded by the majestic Dhungri Van Vihar forest. Elaborate wooden carvings portraying mythical deities, celestial dancers, and animal imagery decorate the inner surface of the temple. In addition, each year, a spectacular three-day temple festival is held here in mid-May, and people can come to witness it from all around the country.

Hadimba Temple

6. Manali Nature Park

If you are a nature enthusiast and want to dwell on the brilliant nature sceneries a bit more, Manali Nature Park is the best hangout spot. Manali Nature Park’s enormous trees provide such a thick barrier against the outside worlds, giving a mysterious, surreal vibe to the park. If you’d like to continue to explore the scenic beauty of the place, there is another popular park, Van Vihar Park, with an entrance adjoining Manali town.

Manali Nature Park

7. Vashisht

Located approximately 3 km from Manali, on the riverbank of Beas, the resort town of Vashisht is famous for its unique hot sulfur springs. Contemporary bathhouses have been constructed where visitors can indulge in the hot waters’ soothing properties. Hot water is continuously channeled to the Turkish-style baths from springs. The pyramid-shaped stone temple on the central square of the town, devoted to the local patron saint, the historic sage Vashisht Muni, is another noteworthy destination of Vashisht.

8. Jogini Falls

The Jogini Falls are among the best destinations to visit in Manali, a 2 km hike north from the town of Vashisht. It allows for an amazing adventure to see the waters cascading down from the mountain ranges. The journey travels a picturesque path with beautiful scenery of the mountains and pine forests around it. Hidden away in nature’s lap, this is a miraculous getaway into tranquility. There seem to be a couple of local establishments and guesthouses along its way, so you can stop for a meal.

Jogini Falls

9. Naggar

The scenic Naggar village, situated some 20 km from Manali, was really the capital of the Kullu empire in the sixteenth century. A majestic stone-and-wood building, the Naggar Fortress has since been renovated into a heritage hotel offering a breathtaking view of the Kullu valley. The Jagati Patt temple, the Gauri Shankar temple, and the ChaturBhuj temple, and the Roerich art gallery are some popular destinations here. The famous Naggar fair is hosted every year here, in April.


10. Buddhist Temples 

Merely south of Manali town, there is indeed a comparatively tiny Tibetan settlement that is worth a visit because of its peaceful and relaxing Buddhist temples and stores selling Tibetan handmade items and carpets. The Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa, one of the temples, is home to an immense gold statue of Lord Buddha. At dusk, the shrine is stunningly illuminated.

Buddhist Temples 


Manali is indeed an ideal holiday destination. It is perfect to spend time outdoors here, among nature’s best views, surrounded by soaring mountains and glaciers, and lots of other scenic spots to visit while there. These places also host some of the most amazing outdoor activities which you can try. Comment below in the comments section and tell us about your experience of this beautiful place.

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