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10 Popular Hashtags for Instagram

Looking for the popular hashtags for Instagram? Here’re the top 10 of them in a loose descending order to help you capitalize on them for personal and business gains.

#Love, #Instagood, #photooftheday, #fashion, Beautifull, #happy, #Cute, #tbt, #Like4like, #Selfie.

Instagram is on a tear, surpassing the active user count of its parent company, Facebook.

Need quantification? Here’s it.

With over 1.074 billion users at the start of 2021, Instagram has the highest number of users for any photo-sharing app ever. There has been an upturn of 73.5 million users since 2020, helping the social platform cross the milestone of 1 billion users.

Instagram and hashtags go hand in hand. Think of hashtags as a specific arrangement of numbers, alphabets, and emojis followed by the # icon. The social platforms use hashtags to club content into easily searchable categories. Whether you use Instagram for personal or business purposes, choosing the right hashtags is crucial. The popular hashtags for Instagram on your post make it discoverable, thereby extending its reach.

Has that piqued your interest? Join us, as we take you through the what and how of Instagram hashtags while also suggesting the best Instagram hashtags in 2021. The point is to increase your post views and give an uptick to your follower numbers.

What Are Instagram Hashtags?

An Instagram post with relevant hashtags will garner more views. But be cautious when using popular hashtags. They draw better user engagement, but whether the engagement is relevant or not, that could be a hit or a miss. Let’s break down the concept of hashtags.

Instagram Hashtags Defined:

A hashtag is a text which you put in the caption section of your Instagram post. It could be a set of numbers, alphabets, and emojis followed by the # icon. The hashtag works as the metadata of your post, making it discoverable. Several microblogging platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more use hashtags for cross-referencing of content. Twitter was the first one to employ hashtags but now they are a staple of most social platforms.

How Do Instagram Hashtags work?

The popular hashtags for Instagram are your entryway to the potential audience. When you post with a specific hashtag, your post will appear on the page for that hashtag. Instagram allows users to follow hashtags. A new post with a specific hashtag feature on the news feed of users who follow the specific hashtag even if they don’t follow you.

Instagram hashtags generate customer engagement, helping you quickly build a thriving online community. Take, for instance, the Nike Los Angeles #playinside campaign. It urged the locals of LA to get active within the safety of their homes during the pandemic. The campaign was a smash-hit, helping Nike up its customer engagement. The company even reposted some of the customer stories and posts using the #playinside hashtag.

Things To Keep In Mind When Using A Hashtag

The choice of a popular hashtag for Instagram needs deliberation. Otherwise, all your time and effort would go in vain. Here’re things to consider to zero in on the right hashtag.

1. Keep Your Hashtag Simple

Opt for short and easy-to-spell hashtags for Instagram posts. These are easy to remember and, usually, have a higher user base. Avoid never-used or generic hashtags like a plague. Your post will find it difficult to reach the desired feeds and target audiences.

2. Utilize Trending Hashtags

Instagram trending hashtags make sense if you are serious about getting noticed. After all, these hashtags are in-trend, meaning more users will be seeing them. Imagine a festive season, holidays, or something of significance like a national holiday being around the corner. It’s wise to use the related hashtags for maximum marketing leverage.

Just “trending now” posts to get an idea of what’s trending. For example, during Christmas, you can use #gifts, #family, #celebration, #familytime, and other such trending hashtags in your posts. They allow you to send the business message out to a way larger audience.

3. Do Some Research

This is the most crucial thing. Mind you, informed decisions rest on research. Before you use the hashtag, see for yourself what type of posts it shows when you enter it. At times a hashtag may seem relevant, but the posts using it have a completely different context.

4. Brand Engagement

This is why social media platforms have a dedicated business page. If you are an established brand, you can urge your followers to use your newly created hashtag in their posts and reshare them from your profile. The idea is to drive user engagement. Let’s revisit the #playinside campaign. The hashtag was languishing until Nike decided to use it.

5. Plan Your Brand Campaigns

Having an Instagram posting schedule beforehand is always advisable. Find the dates for the upcoming national holidays and festivals, and prepare your content in advance and post it at an opportune time. This will help you stay consistent with the posting schedule, which is essential to growing your brand on Instagram.

10 Top Popular Hashtags For Instagrams

Top Hashtags For InstagramsNow you know what and how to use popular hashtags for Instagram, it’s time to discuss the top 10 most popular hashtags for Instagram to use in 2021.

1. #love

#love is the most versatile Instagram hashtag. It can be used in any post. Whether your post is about your spouse, friends, colleagues, or for that matter, places, #love will attract eyeballs. The hashtag showcases how much someone or something means to you. As well, love is an overpowering emotion with the ability to bring people together.

2. #instagood

When it comes to the top Instagram hashtags 2020, #instagood cannot be ignored. Users use it to showcase their best photos. So, don’t use it to post anything you click day in and day out. It would reflect badly on you and won’t help your business messaging. Instead, use it exclusively for posting something you are proud of.

3. #photooftheday

This hashtag is popular among teenagers addicted to posting content on their Instagram profiles. You can use this hashtag when you are posting more than one post a day. In that case, you can use this hashtag to tell your followers the given post is the best for the day.

4. #fashion

The name says it all. Instagram has become a platform for people to showcase their fashion sense. And, that’s what #fashion is used for. If you are an individual or a business that deals in clothing, footwear, and/or fashion accessories, then using #fashion once in a while on your posts will result in better user engagement. However, ensure the posted image is professionally shot. Or else, the strategy can backfire.

5. #beautiful

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, so we are not going to restrict the use of this hashtag. It can be used for both personal and business pages. Beautiful could be your dog, a landscape, a person, shoes, brand, organization, or anything you can think of. This makes it one of the popular hashtags for Instagram, a versatile one at that.

6. #happy

Your business has achieved a specific milestone, or you have achieved something significant in your life, happiness comes in unique ways. When it comes, there’s a hashtag for it. #happy is a great way to let your followers know about your happiness and the reasons for it. Even if your puppy made a cute face, you could have this hashtag in the description of your post.

7. #cute

You feel cute when wearing a dress or your cat is making faces. The reason could be anything for feeling cute, but the hashtag for such Instagram posts is one. The #cute is a generic hashtag that could be used anywhere in any photo that you think looks cute.

8. #tbt

#tbt is an abbreviation for Throwback Thursday. Users use this hashtag weekly to relive a moment from their memories. As a brand, you can use this hashtag to provide the moment when your brand achieved something great, like your 10,000 bookings. #tbt needs to be posted on Thursday only.

9. #like4like

This is the best way to make people like your photos. But when you are using this hashtag, you need to like the pictures of other people as well who like your image. Like4like can earn you likes but won’t lead to an increase in your follower count.

10. #selfie

Selfies are all the rage these days. When you are posting a picture of yours taken using the front-facing camera, this hashtag needs to be in your caption. It has relevance for businesses as well. Just ask your followers to post a selfie taken when they use your product. With this hashtag, the opportunities are endless; you need to be clever to exploit them.

Are Instagram & Facebook Hashtags Same?

This is a common question which people ask when they start using hashtags on either of these two platforms. Unlike Instagram, which is relatively heavier with its usage of hashtags, Facebook doesn’t rely so much on giving need-based content to the audience. A lot of content creators post the exact photos and videos they have made for Instagram specifically to Facebook. That’s because of the assumption that they both work in the same way. But in truth, they do not. Facebook still hasn’t settled with the forum-building opportunity of hashtags, which Instagram is using right now.

On the other hand, Facebook uses interactions of immediate friends and followers within the community. The search option for finding out the hashtag is still present on Facebook, but it isn’t commonly used by the people who use Facebook and its tool for marketing. So, avoid using the same hashtags for Facebook, which you have used in your Instagram post.

Wrapping Up

These were the most popular hashtags for Instagram in 2021. Just rely on them for generating both likes and followers. But when it comes to driving fruitful engagement, you need to be more precise and stick with only niche-specific hashtags. Using these hashtags once in a while is a best practice in the long run.

Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar
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