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Ranikhet – The Queen’s land

Among many fascinating and wonderful hill stations of India, Ranikhet is the most popular place. Ranikhet is located in the Uttrakhand state of India. Since Ranikhet has spectacular views of hills, pristine water of the lake, ancient shrines, and beautiful wildlife, everyone who arrives here finds oneself mesmerized. If you want to experience this best experience, come to Ranikhet.

Ranikhet – The Queen’s land

 The significance of the Ranikhet

The significance of the RanikhetEvery name has a history and the same is true in the case of Ranikhet. There is a popular belief that a king gave the name ‘Ranikhet’ to the place after his beloved queen who used to live in this area. The queen got impressed with the place and made it her residence.

History of Military importance

History of Military importanceThere was a time when the British chose this place for establishing their military camp. British troops used to conduct their operations there. Although the British left India, the military importance of Ranikhet is still there. The Kumaon regiment has its center there that is a well-known place around Asia. The establishment of a military camp in Ranikhet gave it more value around the region.

The breathtaking beauty of nature in Ranikhet

The breathtaking beauty of nature in RanikhetNature has blessed Ranikhet with many precious sources. Considering its natural importance, it can be said that nature has carved this place with its best tools. Hills here seem like they have been in meditation for countless centuries and the green blanket of trees and herbs on hills looks like they are enhancing the beauty of these magnificent and peaceful surrounding high hills. Also, when the region gets covered with snow, this is not less than any paradise. Its white beauty takes you into the world of purity. Beautiful and long palm trees make you feel more confident as they symbolize the height of oneness. The curvy roads on hills lead you to your destinations very smoothly. The overall impact of this hilly atmosphere will not leave your mind and soul forever.

Wildlife of Ranikhet

Wildlife of RanikhetSince all hilly areas provide shelter to many species of animals and birds, Ranikhet also does the same. Ranikhet is a house of many magnificent creatures who add more beauty to the magical value of this charming place. These creatures include leopard, red fox, hare, goat, deer, monkey, and many other big and small animals.

Temples at Ranikhet

Temples at RanikhetIndia is a country of temples so this is a holy place and when it comes to Ranikhet, there are a lot of ancient and marvelous temples. The list is not short but it is long. The most popular temple at Ranikhet is the Mankameshwar temple. Although this temple was built in the 20th century, it receives a huge number of visitors. Other temples on the list include nanda devi mandir, kalika mandir, jhula devi mandir , hanuman mandir, ram mandir, golu devta mandir and many others. Apart from this, there is a Sikh temple too.

Affordable Cribs for staying at Ranikhet

Affordable Cribs for staying at RanikhetWhen you visit any place whether it is hilly, plain, or desert, your first concern is to find a place for a night’s stay. Once you reach Ranikhet, you can find many tour guides who will help you to find the best hotels at a reasonable cost. But, it is very important for you to check the availability of required rooms before you arrive here. You can simply search on various sites and reserve your rooms in advance. Some of the best places here are Woodsvilla Resort, Balmoral Camp Bliss, Vimoksha Resorts, West View, and many other popular hotels. All these places promise you to provide comfort and ease while you are there. Finding any secure and well-furnished place could be Hassell. If you want to get this task done easily for you, you could go to this blog.

Popular activities at Ranikhet

Popular activities at RanikhetRanikhet provides you with forests and hills where you can take walks with tour guides. During these walks, you will encounter many natural scenes like the chirping of words, beautiful flowers, and lush green trees. If you are a golf lover, this place is really for you because Ranikhet is famous for its golf ground. You can go boating in Rani jheel. Also, there are many temples you can visit here. If you’re one of the explorers and wanna test your durability on your favorite destination you could go to this blog to search for more fun activities.

Delicious local food and popular restaurants

Delicious local food and popular restaurantsEvery place in India has its own cuisine. Like other regions, Ranikhet has its Garhwali and Kumaon cuisines. You can enjoy many sweet and spicy dishes here. Bal mithai is the most popular one, but if you like spicy ones the most, you can enjoy many local and traditional snacks of Uttrakhand. As there are hundreds of big and small restaurants at Ranikhet, you can choose any of them according to your choice and convenience. The list includes Rawat fast food, the Ranikhet continental, Tahiti point, and many others. The food is available at a reasonable price at most of the food points here. If you’re a food lover or even a food blogger and keep traveling to different destinations to cook your meal and taste it up with different spices then you should go to this blog to know more about the availability of different tastes of food in Ranikhet.


Overall we would suggest getting ready to visit this spectacular place, which is balanced with frosty wonderland and auratic greenery itself. If you are planning for your next trip.

Have a nice journey friends.

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