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10 Best Restaurants in Delhi

A good restaurant is always an exquisite find. All the effort and time involved in the hunt for finding a new place to dine is worth it. Delhi, as a cosmopolitan, is a hub to all sorts of cuisines and restaurants, from small affordable ones to traditional and premium. It all boils down to finding the right one suiting your mood, taste, and budget. Come embark with us on a delicious journey to explore the 10 best restaurants in Delhi and what they offer.

10 Best Restaurants in Delhi

1. Little Saigon

Little SaigonLocated in the buzzing Hauz Khas Market, this Vietnamese restaurant is a small place with a shy and quaint ambiance. It provides a limited menu full of palatable options that are a perfect treat for your tastebuds. Little Saigon attracts a deluge of eaters all around the year and with eaters come great reviews and feedback on social media.

The restaurant can be labeled as a hole-in-the-wall kind of place with a perfect Vietnamese menu featuring roll platters, perfectly cooked pork, crispy pancakes, and a lot more. Don’t forget to savor the iced coffee, which is sweetened using condensed milk. It’s the perfect drink to go with the spicy Vietnamese dishes.

Besides providing an authentic taste, the restaurant recreates a little Vietnam right in the heart of Delhi. Expect a nostalgic atmosphere if you have ever been to Vietnam. Other than the gorgeous food, the place offers a heartwarming, efficient service to further your experience.

2. Cafe Lota

Cafe LotaSituated within the National Crafts Museum at Pragati Maidan, Cafe Lota is an outdoor restaurant. Visit it for an enticing selection of dishes inspired by India’s diversified cultural heritage. At least, one famous dish from all the major regions of India is available here. That explains why it’s ranked among the best restaurants in Delhi.

The cafe is a perfect blend of food and diversity. It provides a healthy menu with classic dishes, such as Ragi vada pav, Sabudana popcorn, Tibetan Tingmo, and so on. Other most loved dishes are Apple jalebis, Palak Patta Chaat, and the Bhapa Doi cheesecake. Foodies flock to the cafe to curb their cuisine cravings while maintaining a healthy diet.

Lately, Cafe Lota has come up with a new franchise, “Monsoon” near Aerocity. It is an indoor cafe serving almost everything available at Cafe Lota. However, their best-sellers are the Prawns and Scotch eggs.

3. ATM Bistro & Sazerac

ATM Bistro & SazeracRakshay and Radhika Dhariwal’s ATM is a one-stop space for foodies. The ATM (A Ta Mansion) is an exclusive members-only club offering an extensive variety of facilities. Think of a luxurious library, a sunroom that is perfect for getting optimal lighting for photography, a lavish bathroom, a teak bar, and multiple dining spaces. Located in Sundar Nagar, the place has an amazing menu featuring a plethora of delicacies to cater to every palate.

However, if you wish to enjoy the taste of ATM without being a part of the exclusive club, visit the “Sazerac” situated in the same building. Sazerac is one of the top fine dining restaurants in Delhi serving American dishes and perhaps the best burgers one can have.

4. Fig & Maple

Fig & MapleEasy to access, the restaurant is situated in M Block, GK-II. As one of the best restaurants in Delhi, it is a brunch staple for affluents from across Delhi and beyond. Sitting on an aesthetically pleasing rooftop, it is a quaint and stylish place to enjoy lavish delicacies.

Fig & Maple’s specialty is the classic salad named after the restaurant, along with a french toast dish, ‘Dolores Park’. This place is tucked into one of the most affluent and picturesque spaces of Delhi. Add to it the calming atmosphere and the delish menu, visitors come back to it for more even if it is just to enjoy the beautiful view while sipping on a mere drink.

5. The Grammar Room

The Grammar RoomSituated in Mehrauli, this gorgeous restaurant offers a Pinterest fairytale setting to dine and wine. Inspired by the mid-century decor, the place is filled with bookshelves and decorated in medieval fabric prints. The menu is designed to match the aesthetic of the place. The menu is filled with sepia hues giving it an alcove-like vibe.

Feel free to savor the Katsu chicken sandwich, fig & kale jam, and bacon farofa, a few of Grammar Room’s specialties. The restaurant provides a multitude of drinks and cocktails, branded as ‘potions’ to accompany the delicacies. Despite appetizing food, the best thing inarguably has to be the cookies and milk dessert. It makes the whole experience feel like a beautiful fairytale expedition. Still, wondering why it is one of the best restaurants in Delhi?

6. Cafe Dori

Cafe DoriNestled in Chattarpur, Cafe Dori is the resident cafe of Nappa Dori. It is home to a huge variety of delicious croissants, fresh-baked bread, and eggs. Their menu is perfect for a quick meal but you can always enjoy a huge variety of well-curated European cuisines.

One of their most famous dishes is the Baked Brie and apparently should not be missed. The staff is congenial and well-trained and eager to recommend amazing delicacies depending on your palate. The best part, however, is the restaurant allows dogs. So, next time you and your fluffy friend wish to eat something special, you know where to head to.

7. Guppy

GuppyOwned by AD Singh, located in the Main market of Lodhi Colony, Guppy is an Asian cuisine restaurant that serves a lot of Japanese cuisines other than just sushi. The menu boasts of a huge variety of sashimi platters, curated by the skilled chef, Vikram Khatri.

The restaurant also provides vegan and gluten-free options for gyoza and also serves poke bowls, which were trending recently. The restaurant’s specialty is its Belgian Pork Belly, which is usually served with mustard-based miso dipping sauce and glazing of soy honey.

Guppy also provides ultimate Ramen bowls that are just as delicious as they can get. The restaurant is designed as a perfect place for huge birthday parties and even a cozy romantic date. It also boasts of Ramen burgers that are truly one of a kind.

8. Delhi Club House

Delhi Club HouseMarut Sikka’s ‘Delhi Club House’ is located in RK Puram. Think of it as a perfect British Colonial restaurant with antique decorations, brass accents, and putty finish walls. The restaurant also features a bar and serves a wide variety of menus including cheese souffle, egg sandwiches, etc.

Delhi Club House has all the elements that make it a perfect hangout for colonial nerds or people who wish to travel to medieval times now and then. The bar serves a variety of efficiently measured cocktails, allowing you to enjoy your drinks without inviting a major hangover. The restaurant also serves the best cold coffee in Delhi.

9. Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive Bar & KitchenLocated in Mehrauli, this restaurant is situated next to the Qutub Minar. This restaurant is designed in a Mediterranean style and is naturally sunlit almost all day. Call it an amazing food gateway where food is served with beautiful music and amazing conversations.

The restaurant specializes in brunch-style food with a European twist. There is also a counterpart based in Mumbai with the same name. Both specifically serve a European menu in a quaint, cozy atmosphere. So, be ready for an amazing food experience.

10. Bo Tai

Bo TaiAnother Mehrauli-based restaurant makes it to the list of best restaurants in Delhi. Bo Tai is a rooftop restaurant themed around bow-ties. Almost all its accessories are in the shape of bow ties. The restaurant primarily serves Thai food and creates a perfect ambiance for a cozy date night.

The menu is perfect with specialties, such as Chicken Dim Sums, Sliced Belgian Pork Belly, Parched Blue Carb, and a lot more exquisite delicacies. The cafe also serves Asian-inspired cocktails like the Clarified Dragon Punch and Kinnari’s Embrace. Besides Thai delicacies and smooth cocktails, the gorgeous view could be one more reason to visit the place.

Best restaurants in Delhi: Honorary Mentions

Other than the above-mentioned 10 best restaurants in Delhi, you have other options to indulge in. Think Jamun (a north Indian cuisine restaurant), Coast Cafe (a seafood paradise with Mexican and western twists), Rustom’s, Yeti the Himalayan kitchen, and Ping’s Orient.


Delhi is not just a city, it is a potpourri of cultures and ethnicities. Unsurprisingly, the food here is as diverse as it gets, catering to all your food cravings. With a well-curated list of the 10 best restaurants in Delhi, we have made it easier for you to find a decent place to detangle your stress, fill your tummy and spoil your taste buds.

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