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10 Best Restaurants in Jaipur

So, you enjoy exquisite delicacies amid gorgeous ambiances and breathtaking interiors. Well, Jaipur has plenty of restaurants to cater to your taste. Here’re, in a loose descending order, the best restaurants in Jaipur. Dunia Ka Gyan has handpicked these restaurants for their food, ambiance, accessibility, service, and other key parameters.

Serving gourmet food in an exquisite environment, these restaurants also represent the historical relevance of the Pink City. Feel free to explore these food havens on your next trip to the city, depending on your mood, taste, and budget. When you do that, tell us which is your best restaurant in Jaipur. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

10 Best Restaurants in Jaipur

1. Jaipur Adda

Jaipur AddaThink of Jaipur Adda as a Modern Indian cuisine restaurant that blends modernity and tradition. This gorgeous restaurant is decorated with bright interiors, gorgeous murals, and exquisite furniture to further your experience. Located in the buzzing Sindhi Camp, it is easily accessible.

The must-haves from its menu include Corn Bhel, Karari Roti, Naan Pizza, Mojito, etc. The restaurant allows for an exceptional dining experience with authentic taste and friendly service. It can be considered a chic and fun place despite its posh environment. The experimental menu just makes it all the more enjoyable. The average cost to dine for two can be up to INR 1800, which is quite competitive.

2. The Rajput Room

The Rajput RoomIt is almost impossible to remove the sense of royalty from Jaipur. At The Rajput Room, the royalty is even more profound. It is the best restaurant to dine in if you want to experience a magnificent and royal dining experience. Besides serving top-notch food, the place offers a magnificent setting to dine that transports you into the bygone era.

Located in Rambagh Palace, the restaurant is a must-visit for foodies who love Asian and continental dishes. When visiting The Rajput Room, don’t forget to order Laal Maans, a local favourite in the Pink City. However, be ready to shell out about INR 4000 for a dinner for two at this royally exquisite restaurant.

3. Zolocrust

ZolocrustSituated on Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Zolocrust is known for its organic ingredients that contribute to a healthy menu. Speaking of the menu, it’s diverse, featuring exquisite flavors to support all tastes. The restaurant’s specialty includes Italian and Continental cuisines with organic ingredients. People also flock to this restaurant to savor a huge variety of desserts, such as Spaghetti, Tiramisu, Apple Pie, Mezze Platter, and many more.

Zolocrust allows you to interact with chefs while the food is being prepared. Also, it operates 24/7 and uses environmentally-friendly utensils that are decomposable. The restaurant also operates as a well-stocked bakery. The dinner for two here costs around INR 2000. That’s easy on the pocket, given Zolocrust’s status as the leading Jaipur restaurant.

4. RJ 14

RJ 14Situated at Ajmera Garden, RJ 14 is a delight for those who love traditional Indian cuisines, be it North Indian or South Indian. This is inarguably the best restaurant in Jaipur for vegetarians as the menu is strictly vegetarian. The restaurant features stunning decor with a cozy environment. Feel free to click enchanting pictures for your social media profiles.

RJ 14 offers a vast menu with some of the must-haves including Panipuri, Tomato Shorba, Chana Morale, and Dal Bukhara. Dinner here costs approximately INR 900 for two. That makes it one of the most affordable restaurants in Jaipur.

5. Taruveda

TaruvedaAn endearing and quirky place, Taruveda has a unique decor with gorgeous murals that cover almost the whole interior of this bistro. Located in Madrampura, Civil Lines, it houses a small and cozy bistro, home decor shop, and an organic store that provides 100% organic products.

This comparatively new restaurant maintains a diverse menu of Italian, Continental, and Japanese cuisines. The must-have dishes include authentic Sushi, Waffles, Pepperoni Pizza, Caesar Salad, etc. The cost of dining at this restaurant for two is INR 1000, making it comparatively cheaper than some of the famous restaurants in the city.

6. Chao Chinese Bistro

Chao Chinese BistroUnarguably the best restaurant in Jaipur for Chinese cuisines, the bistro provides authentic, sumptuous food for the evolved palate. It is known to focus specifically on maintaining the flavor without wasting time on lavish platings unlike other restaurants on the list. The bistro has a simple yet visually pleasing decor to complement its exquisite food.

Chao Chinese serves a wide variety of authentic Chinese cuisines, along with other Asian dishes. The most famous ones being Dumplings, Fish grills, Noodles, and Jumbo Prawns. Located on Sardar Patel Marg, this restaurant offers a meal for two for INR 2500.

7. Tapri Central

Tapri CentralAs one of the most famous places to eat in the city, Tapri Central delights eaters with quality and prices. It’s a perfect option for tea and snacks with comfortable interiors that provide a home-like feeling where you can chill out with your friends. Because of its proximity to Central Park, the restaurant is easily accessible and serves as a vantage point for some stunning views.

Thanks to its sizable premises, Tapri is an ideal choice to celebrate birthday parties despite its laid-back environment. When visiting Tapri, feel free to treat your taste buds with Nachos, Falafel, Sauteed mushrooms, Tadka Maggi, and other delicacies. The restaurant is a haven for fast food lovers, as it costs a mere INR 750 for two people to dine here.

8. Handi

HandiWhen it comes to exquisite and authentic Rajasthani cuisines, Handi is hands-down the best restaurant in Jaipur. Ideally located on MI Road, the restaurant provides a fulfilling experience with delicious food and a gorgeous ambiance. No wonder, it keeps a steady stream of locals and Indian and foreign tourists all year around. A candlelight dinner in Jaipur costs around INR 1000 here, making it a pocket-friendly option.

Besides authentic Rajasthani cuisines, the restaurant also offers a full north Indian food experience through an extensive variety of authentic delicacies. The restaurant is also famous for its non-vegetarian options. The must-haves include Jaisalmer laal maas, Afghan Chicken, Mutton Handi, Lal maans, Chicken Handi, and Rumali Roti.

9. Dragon House

Dragon HouseFor Chinese cuisines in Jaipur, Dragon house can be a viable alternative. The restaurant provides exceptional Chinese food backed by professional service and a great ambience. What authenticates the whole dining experience is the gorgeous Asian decor, filled with various Chinese-inspired accessories like lamps. The place is decorated in red and golden hues, rendering the entire restaurant an appealing look and feel.

Besides Chinese, the restaurant also specializes in authentic Thai food. The sought-after items on its menu include Noodles, Dimsums, Manchow Soup, and Manchuria. Located near Khasa Kothi Circle, this restaurant is quite expensive with an approximate dining cost of INR 1800 for two.

10. Samode Haveli

Samode HaveliThe Samode Haveli is an exquisite place, exuding the royalty that’s traditionally associated with the Pink City. It boasts of providing an authentic royal experience with both food and decor. The restaurant is renovated from the remnants of an actual traditional mansion and, thus, effortlessly provides the most authentic royal ambiance. This historical building, full of royal and antique architecture, was reinvented as a luxury hotel. No prizes for guessing! The property is owned by the descendants of the royal family of Samode.

Alongside regality, the restaurant’s other USP is its best-in-class hospitality and a fine selection of palatable, traditional north Indian food. Located in Gangapole, this place boasts an exquisite menu with dishes like Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, and Laal Maans. It approximately costs INR 3500 for two people to go through this royal experience.

Best Restaurants in Jaipur: Honorary mentions

Other than the above-mentioned best restaurants in Jaipur, there are several other worthy options to consider. Take, for instance, The Forresta, a unique restaurant specializing in Mexican, Rajasthani, Continental, North Indian, and more.

Likewise, the 1135 AD, as the name suggests, provides a medieval regal ambiance with delicious Rajasthani and North Indian cuisines. Some other options include Cinnamon, Bar Pallado, and Steam. They are famous for their exquisite Italian and North Indian dishes.


Jaipur is a historical city, with a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. It has a fair share of restaurants to cater to locals and tourists. Our list would help you choose the best restaurants in Jaipur suiting your mood, taste, and budget.

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