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Sexual Yoga: Yoga Poses With Tips to Rev Up Your Sex Life

Yoga means different things to different people. Some do it for stress relief, some for shedding those extra kilos, some to achieve and maintain general health, and some to realign their mind, body, and soul. But do you know yoga can also fire up your performance in bed? Yes, we are referring to “sexual yoga.” It’s more straightforward, well-targeted, and more effective than you think.

But what exactly is it? Why does it matter, if at all? Let’s figure it out!

What is Sexual Yoga?

Let’s keep it straight! A proper definition of sexual yoga is non-existent. However, you can loosely define it as an approach to sex based on yogic methods and practices. It involves specific postures, maneuvers, breathing, and unwinding techniques to boost sexual health and intensify arousal and pleasure. Simply put, sexual yoga is exactly what it means – sex during yoga or yoga during sex.

In yoga sex, you typically perform intercourse in some conventional yoga asanas. Either you or your partner does the stimulation and/or penetration while both are committed to the same or different asana (poses). The asanas help you achieve flexibility, strength, and balance while indulging in some passionate sexual activity. The breathing and relaxation techniques help calm the body and mind.

It’s more of an each-to-his-own proposition. With a hit-and-trial method, it’s easy to figure out what works and what doesn’t for your unique situation. If anecdotal evidence is to be relied upon, sex in yoga might work for both men and women. Even multiple partners and same-sex partners tend to achieve sexual bliss with yoga sex. Surprisingly, ageing practitioners tend to gain more out of it.

Call it sexual yoga, flexible sex, yoga sex or Kamasutra yoga – all mean the same.

The Overarching Objectives of Sexual Yoga

Interestingly, the objectives of mindful yoga sex are too profound for anyone to let pass up.

  • Boosting the Libido: Low sex drive is a grim reality, especially for urban folks. Yoga for sexual health in men aims to boost the libido, keeping you ready for any opportunity coming by.
  • Prolonging Intercourse: Abnormally short intercourse duration is a fact of life for many. Sex in yoga can keep you covered here as well, helping prolong the duration.
  • Intensifying Pleasure: Sex not only helps us procreate but is also the greatest source of pleasure. Yoga sex claims to take it to the next level for all involved.
  • Rectifying abnormalities in sexual behavior: Whether one fails to achieve arousal or orgasm, or experiences pain during sex, sexual yoga can remedy it all.
  • Building sexual awareness: With a stigma attached to sex, sexual awareness is hard to come by, especially for young adults. Thanks to yoga sex, it is achievable.
  • Encouraging safer health practices: Unsafe healthy practices can be detrimental to an individual’s overall health. That’s another cause yoga sex aims to champion.

The Mindfulness Factor in Sexual Yoga

Some consider sexual yoga to be an extension of mindfulness. You are fully aware of your and your partner’s feelings, aspirations, and bodily sensations while staying in the present moment. The mindfulness factor just intensifies the desire, arousal, intimacy, orgasm and sexual pleasure.

Mindful Sexual Yoga: Expert Opinion

As Dr. K Ramanathan, Ph.D. Yoga Sciences, puts it, “Like all mindfulness practices, mindful sexual yoga has therapeutic benefits that all need to explore, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or age. With awareness about sexual health rising rapidly, we come across a deluge of people desperate to leverage sexual yoga for better stimulation and fulfillment.”

Even if we take sexual yoga out of the equation, traditional yoga can better general sex health. Dr. Ramanathan further opines, “Clinical studies suggest how regular yoga practice can rev up sex life of an otherwise healthy practitioner devoid of certain medical conditions that interfere with sexuality. Sexual yoga is just a targeted yogic approach to sexual and reproductive health.”

What Clinical Studies have to say about Sexual Yoga? 

Yoga and sexual performance go hand in hand. If you need quantification, it’s readily available.

A study tells us that 40% of participating females attribute their improvement across all parameters mentioned in the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). These include Desire, Arousal, Lubrication, Orgasm, Satisfaction, and Pain. Interestingly, aging females responded better on all parameters.

If another study is something to go by, 75% of the participating females bettered their sex life thanks to regular yoga practice. They were asked to perform 22 asanas meant for general health and wellbeing. And, as it turned out, improvement in sexual health was a bonus.

In 2017, a reputable journal, Pain Medicine highlighted the significance of yoga in relieving chronic pelvic pain through a study. Note that, pelvic pain is a major risk factor for sexual dysfunction among women. With yoga eliminating the root cause of pain, sex function is likely to increase.

Approaches Similar to Sexual Yoga: Tantric Sex Vs. Orgasmic Sex Vs. Kink Yoga 

With sexual yoga gaining traction, we see the emergence of kink yoga, tantric yoga, and orgasmic yoga. But are they something tangible or merely a fad? Well, let’s explore.

1. Tantric Sex

Tantric SexAs an esoteric practice with roots dating back to ancient India, tantra is all about diving deeper within oneself to achieve self-awareness and enlightenment. Tantric sex is just a part of tantra, an important one nonetheless. It involves staying aware of your body and that of your partner for an ultimate sexual experience. Mind you, tantric sex isn’t about the climax but how you reach there.

Typically, Tantric sex involves chanting, breathing techniques, asanas, meditation, and chakra work. Practitioners link it to improved performance in the bed, alongside better sleep quality, stress relief, and increased libido. All this translates to improved quality of life and better self-esteem. Evidence is lacking though, it can remedy conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Unlike sexual yoga, tantric sex focuses on the mental climax rather than a physical one. It has two subsets, Red tantra and White tantra. The former requires a partner while the latter is done solo.

2. Orgasmic Sex

Orgasmic SexIt’s all about stimulation and of course, orgasm. Herein, the emphasis is on breathing and subtle movements that calm the senses first and then stimulate them in a channelized fashion. It best eliminates the strain during intercourse and experiences a deeper, immersive orgasm. Call it O-Yoga, orgasmic meditation, orgasm yoga, or orgasmic sex – the essence remains the same.

3. Kink Yoga

Kink YogaIt’s perhaps the most radical of all approaches to sex. Things are bound to get out of hand when conventional yoga meets BDSM – an abbreviation for bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism. Some even incorporate porn to accentuate the arousal and stay prepared for the action. Regarding the yoga part, you indulge in breathwork and coordinated movements to get to a different state of consciousness. Since BDSM can cause anxiety and pain, yoga helps bring them down.

The Science Behind Sexual Yoga

Clinical studies validate sexual yoga but what’s the science behind it? Per Dr. Ramanajum, “It’s hard for the body and mind to strike a balance. But when it does, relaxation happens. Now, yoga is largely about mindfulness, postures, repetitive movements, and breathing. All this, in conjunction, leads to a balanced mind and body. Think of it as a magic potion for a good life and general wellbeing.”

Here’s why sexual yoga has the potential to remedy sex and reproductive issues:

1. Sexual Yoga Mindfulness: Experts link mindfulness to reduced depression, anxiety, and stress, and improved focus, cognitive behavior and control over emotions. All these collectively boost stimulation and sexual performance and chances of experiencing an intense, fulfilling orgasm.

2. Sexual Yoga Postures: Sitting and standing, asanas come in all shapes and sizes. The sitting asanas help streamline and strengthen the spine and synchronize the body and mind. On the other hand, the standing ones ensure flexibility to the groin area and the lower extremities. Together, they are a major contributor to better sex. so, any yoga for long-lasting in bed has to include asanas. 

3. Sexual Yoga Breathing: The yogic breathing techniques can restore natural diaphragmatic breathing, which helps increase oxygen intake and absorption. With lungs freed of stale air, you end up boosting your stamina and endurance. Also, deep breathing relieves stress and muscle strain, helping you deliver a well-targeted response to your sexual urges minus any distractions.

The Mula Bandha Connection

The pelvis is home to the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, which has access to the genitals. The quantity of blood the genitals would get depends on this muscle, making it so important for sexual health. The higher the blood flow, the higher energy the genitals receive, after all.

That’s where Mula Bandha kicks in, helping strengthen the PC muscle. Think of Mula Bandha as a yogic practice that gels well with almost all yoga sex asanas. As far as etymology is concerned, it’s self-explanatory. Mula means “root” while “Bandha” stands for “to restrict”.

With strong PC muscles, females are likely to experience fabulous orgasms. Plus, they can grip the partner’s genital during penetration, taking his experience to yet another level. On the other hand, men can count on it to achieve full control over the pelvic muscles and remedying premature ejaculation. Multiple orgasms are also a living reality for men.

Top 9 Sexual Yoga Poses

Sexual yoga isn’t just effective but simple as well. You can skip those Kamasutra-like poses that are difficult to pull off and might expose you to strain and injury. Here are the top nine options to rev up your sex life, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation. Tips are just a bonus.

1. Prasarita Padottanasana

Prasarita Padottanasana

  • Alternate name: Standing Straddle Forward Bend
  • Ideal for: Strap-on, oral, anal, and vaginal

“Prasarit” stands for “outstretching” while “Pada” is “foot”. Likewise, Uttan refers to “extension” and asanas means a “yogic pose”. The etymology explains what exactly this sexual yoga pose involves. The receiving partner bends forward and rests their head on the ground while exposing her pelvis to the penetrating partner standing just behind.

Why Does it Make Sense? 

The penetrating partner gets greater access to both anal and vaginal holes. That means more intimacy and easier and deeper penetration. On the other hand, the receiving partner exposes her frontal vaginal wall, which results in intense stimulation and orgasm. The asana is great for all, from straight and lesbian (strap-on) to oral and anal freaks.

Execution During Intercourse:

Contrary to what it looks like, the asana is easy to pull off and safe provided you do it right.

Receiving Partner

  • Lean forward until the head touches the ground.
  • Get the lower limbs closer to the chest
  • Ensure the legs are 2 to 3 feet apart

Penetrating Partner

Stand closer to the exposed pelvis and start penetrating. Some oral action is also advisable for better stimulation.

  • When leaning forwards or separating legs, keep in mind your flexibility levels. Don’t stretch too far or else, the risk of strain and injury runs deep.
  • The receiving partner can cling to a table for support. After all, comfort is the name of the game.
  • The receiving partner can use a sex strap to make the thrusts more impactful.

2. Baddha Konasana

Baddha Konasana

  • Alternate Names: Butterfly Pose, Cobbler’s Pose
  • Ideal for: Stimulation, oral, and deep penetration
  • Type: Sitting Asana in Hatha Yoga
  • Stretches: Legs, hips, and pelvis

Whether you are a starter or a seasoned pro, Baddha Konasana keeps you covered. “Baddha” refers to “putting restrictions” while “Koṇa” and “Asana” stand for “angle” and “pose”, respectively. They even call it the cobbler’s pose, as shoemakers in India ply their craft in this posture.

Why Does It Make Sense

If oral is a priority, Baddha Konasana makes sense. It allows the giver easy access to the receiver’s genitals. Also, the asana can amplify the libido and render the pelvis flexible. You can use Baddha Konasana for meditation as well, with, of course, a little modification.

Execution During Intercourse:

Notwithstanding the complicated name, the asana is one of the simplest of all sexual yoga.

The Receiver:

  • Get into a sitting position and stretch both legs forward
  • Keep hands parallel to the body with palms firmly on the floor.
  • Bring both soles tightly together while moving the legs backward.
  • Ensure the heels touch the perineum and the back is aligned straight

The Giver:

  • Proceed with the blowjob once the receiver gets in position.
  • Ensure proper cushioning if your knees and groins hurt
  • Feel free to explore penetration options when holding the pose.
  • For variation’s sake, try Supta Baddha Konasana where the receiver lies on his/her back instead of sitting.
  • Avoid the asana outright if you carry a groin or knee injury
  • Stretch the legs only as far as you feel comfortable

3. Balasana


  • Alternate Names: Child’s Resting Asana
  • Ideal for: More intimacy and deeper penetration
  • Type: Sitting, kneeling, and restorative
  • Stretches: Posteriors, arms, and ankles

Bala stands for a “child”. As the name says it all, the asana asks you to kneel down and hold an easy position just like a kid would do when tired. Seasoned sexual yoga practitioners perform it before Sirsasana and after Virasana, and use it as a counter for several asanas.

Execution during intercourse:

  • Achieve a sitting position with buttocks firmly placed on the mat and inhale.
  • Lean the upper body forward and ensure the toes are in contact.
  • Stretch your hands forward while your chest touches the folded knees and exhale.
  • Keep the position intact for the penetrating partner to penetrate.

Why Does It Make Sense?

If you wish to sink deeper, nothing beats this yoga sex pose. With the receiving partner kneeling, the penetrating partner has greater access for deeper anal and vaginal penetration. Performing before the act reduces fatigue and stress levels, increases blood flow, and remedies back pain. Plus, it has a calming effect on the mind and body, which adds to its significance.

  • Refrain from it if you have a painful knee, fluctuating blood pressure, or diarrhea.
  • Prefer taking light meals or better still do it with an empty belly.
  • Feel free to raise the posteriors for convenient and deeper penetration.
  • You can experiment with a yoga strap to reduce discomfort if any.

4. Ananda Balasana

Ananda Balasana

  • Alternate Name: Happy Baby Pose
  • Type: Beginner’s asana in yoga and Pilates
  • Ideal for: Oral, stimulation, intense penetration, and orgasm during missionary sex
  • Stretches: Abdomen, thighs, hips, shoulders, and spine

When a baby feels elated, she raises both her legs and attempts to touch the big toes, giggling all the while. That’s exactly what Ananda Balasana asks you to do for some blissful sex. Usually, they perform it prior to Adho mukha svanasana and after Balasana. As a side note, “Ananda” means “bliss” or “elation”, while “Balasana” translates to “child pose”.


They call it beginner’s asana in yoga and Pilates alike. Why? Well, it’s easy to execute.

  • Take a lying position on the yoga mat
  • Gradually bring your knees closer to the chest at a right angle
  • The soles should be facing the ceiling
  • Gently, get control of your big toes
  • Set your knees as far as possible

Why Does It Make Sense?

A higher degree of intimacy and easy access to the genitals come by default with this pose. After all, the wide-open thighs allow for better access to both openings. The pose is also found effective in remedying pain in the back and abdomen, eliminating stress, and strengthening the spine while also regulating the heart rate. It’s one of the best relaxing poses out there.

  • Avoid it if you are pregnant, especially when in the second or third trimester.
  • Don’t try too hard to hold your feet. Keep in perspective your flexibility levels.
  • Feel free to use it for foreplay and oral sex.
  • Prefer taking deeper breaths to amplify the stimulation.
  • Use a yoga strap to reach out to your big toes, easily and safely.

5. Bhujangasana


  • Alternate Name: Cobra Pose
  • Type: Back-bending pose
  • Ideal for: Oral, stimulation, intense penetration, and orgasm during missionary sex
  • Stretches: Tummy, arms, shoulders, and ribcage

Simple yet effective, Bhujangasana can add zing to your regular sex life. One partner lies on the front, making way for the penetrating partner. And, you thought sexual yoga is just for the gurus, athletes, and gymnasts. If Suryanamaskar is a part of your practice, you must know about this asana. It’s an integral part of it. By the way, Bhujang means cobra.


The sexiest yoga pose never come this easy.

  • Lie on your tummy.
  • With palms touching the mat, gradually raise your upper body.
  • Ensure the lower body stays grounded.
  • Separate both legs to make way for penetration.
  • Let the penetrating partner lie on your back.

Why Does It Make Sense?

Bhujangasana exposes the recipient’s G-spot to the penetrating partner’s organ. That translates to intense arousal and orgasm. It is one of the select few sexual yoga poses that work best for booty and vaginal penetration and cunnilingus and anilingus. Besides, the asana helps strengthen the spine, rectify postures, enhance breast size, and betters blood flow.

  • It’s not for pregnant women.
  • Avoid it if you experience chronic back pain.
  • Keep your body as loose as possible. With a stiff body, it can be painful.
  • Don’t let your posteriors stiffen up or else your experience will deteriorate.
  • Cush the receiver’s hips for extra height, exposure, and convenience.

6. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana

  • Alternate Name: Downward Dog, Down dog,
  • Type: Front-bending pose
  • Ideal for: Cunnilingus, anilingus, and anal and vaginal penetration
  • Stretches: Shoulders, arms, and hamstrings

Have you heard of doggy style? It’s an extensively practiced sex position that is safe and easy to follow with no accouterments. Adho Mukha Svanasana is just the yogic version of the doggy style. It builds on the doggy pose to deliver a different, safe and heightened orgasmic experience. Speaking of etymology, it’s pretty straightforward. “Adho” refers to “Down”, while “Mukha” and “Svāna” translate to “Face” and “Dog”, respectively.


Easy to pull off, the asana is accomplishable in a few simple steps.

  • To start with, stand tall and stretch your arms forward.
  • It’s time to be on all fours and hold the pose for a few seconds.
  • Next, raise your knees to make a triangle shape.
  • Keep your legs at a distance favorable to penetration.

Why Does It Make Sense?

The desk-bound lifestyle tends to stiffen our hamstrings. And, the downward doggie is a great way to loosen them, which in turn helps enhance sexual pleasure. The asana also has a positional advantage, ensuring better exposure to both openings. Be it anal or vaginal, any penetration is faster and deeper. Plus, the sexual yoga pose is effective in stimulation. Think of it as your go-to pre-intercourse warm-up move with both cunnilingus and anilingus covered.

  • It’s important to shift your weight on the heels to prolong your posture.
  • The butt positioning is vital for greater access. Achieve it with hit and trial.
  • Don’t keep your feet too wide or too narrow. That could spoil the experience.
  • Prefer keeping a trivial bend in the knees if your hamstring is stiff.
  • If the height is a problem, yoga blocks will make up for it.
  • It can worsen injuries to the wrist and knees.
  • Refrain from it if you have any cardiac or spinal condition.
  • The asana isn’t for those with fluctuating BP and vertigo.
  • Pregnant women aren’t advisable to pursue it.

7. Chakrasana


  • Alternate Name: Bridge Pose, Wheel Pose, Urdhva Dhanurasana
  • Type: Back-bending pose
  • Ideal for: Cunnilingus and vaginal penetration
  • Stretches: Belly, thorax, and spine

How about reinventing the wheel to heighten your pleasure and keep your sex life healthy and spiced up? The Chakrasana is a bit complicated, requiring a certain level of flexibility, balance, and endurance. However, the benefits outweigh the effort you put in. A part of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga sequence, the pose usually precedes Bhujangasana and Virasana in general practice. It’s a bizarre position to be in but, trust us, very fulfilling.


If you are flexible and strong enough, the pose can be a reality.

  • Lie flat on the back and put your hands parallel to the head.
  • Apply pressure on the palms to achieve elevation of the upper body.
  • Elevate the upper body until you achieve a curved (Chakra) pose.
  • Keep your legs at a comfortable distance from each other.
  • The other partner can indulge in stimulation and/or penetration.

Why Does It Make Sense?

Chakrasana is an intense form of sexual yoga indulgence. When holding the pose, the receiving partner creates a unique angle for cunnilingus and vaginal penetration. Also, the G-spot is exposed to the penetrating partner’s caress and thrusts. As such, the chances of stimulation and orgasm run high. Even the thought of performing it creates arousal.

  • Don’t even think of performing it without a proper warm-up.
  • Beware, it’s not meant for starters and those with low strength and flexibility.
  • Pregnant women and those with back pain and wrist injury should avoid it outright.
  • It’s advisable to consult your physician before indulging in the asana.
  • Do not rush through the pose or injury is a likely outcome.
  • Prefer strapping your thighs and arms for safety’s sake.
  • Use a few yoga blocks to achieve the right height.

As a modification, lift a leg in the air for more exposure to the anus.

8. Shavasana


  • Alternate Name: Corpse Pose, Mritasana
  • Type: Lying down, Restorative
  • Ideal for: Cunnilingus, vaginal penetration, and strap-on

Make way for the most basic of all yoga sex poses, Savasana. Imagine lying down and letting the penetrating partner mount you. Indulgence was never so easy and comfortable! No wonder, it is ideal for relaxation after a long yoga session and a staple restorative pose in Hatha Yoga. And, speaking of etymology, “Shava” refers to a “dead body”. But, trust us, the asana is way livelier during intercourse than what the name suggests.


Great sex is achievable with just a simple pose.

  • Lie flat on your back and let your body free.
  • Your hands should be 20 centimeters away from the body.
  • Separate the legs just enough to allow for easy entry.
  • Let the active partner mount or straddle.

Why Does It Make Sense?

Mind you, comfort is the name of the game. During intercourse, it matters more than intimacy, technique, or anything else. And, Shavasana is synonymous with comfort. It’s easy to follow with no accouterments or shenanigans involved. Also, the penetrating partner can either straddle or mount, subject to his/her preference. The penetration is just precise and the intimacy level is high. Better still, strap-on, 69, and clitoral stimulation are also possible.

  • Avoid it during pregnancy, particularly in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.
  • Keep your mind relaxed and focused. Distraction can ruin the experience.
  • Avoid straddling hips if you have a sore hamstring or knee injury.
  • Do it with bent knees if you have spinal issues.
  • Though accouterments aren’t required, you can still use pillows, cushions, folded blankets, and bolsters for comfort and alignment sake.
  • Feel free to try variations like Advasana where the passive partner lies on the belly. This allows for anal sex, which is otherwise impossible in traditional Shavasana.

9. Halasana


  • Alternate Name: Plow Pose
  • Type: Inversion
  • Ideal for: Anal and vaginal entry
  • Stretches: Hamstring, vertebra, and shoulders

“Hala” stands for the “Plow”. A part of Hatha Yoga, the inversion pose has abounding health benefits. Think stress reduction, stronger spine, improved flexibility, strengthened immune system, and more. Females nearing menopause also find it beneficial. Usually, seasoned practitioners perform it after Sarvangasana and Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. Besides, the pose doubles up as a sexual yoga asana to further your and your partners’ experience.


  • Take a lying position on the bed.
  • Place your hands on your posteriors.
  • Lift the lower body to create a right angle with your legs.
  • Lower the legs in an inverted position to create a 180-degree angle.
  • Hold the posture while the partner can enter while standing or kneeling.

Why Does It Make Sense?

It could be a safe bet if deep penetration and cervical orgasm are a priority. The inversion sexual yoga pose allows the penetrating partner to access both openings, making it ideal for strap-on and genital stimulation. With the highly sensitive G-Spot receiving good care, the female partner can experience intense orgasms, initiating from the cervix and spreading across the body.

  • It’s a no-no for those nursing neck, hip, and spine injuries.
  • Those with high blood pressure and diarrhea should stay away.
  • Pregnant women in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters should avoid it outright.
  • Take your time to get into and out of the pose. Rushing through can cause strain.
  • Feel free to use flooded blankets, pillows, or blocks to support your lower back.

Sexual Yoga Safety Tips

By now, you must be eager to embrace sexual yoga to vent out your carnal desires, fulfill your fantasies and maintain healthy sex life. But not so fast! First, get armed with some proven safety and preparatory tips for a fulfilling and safe experience. Mind you, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

1. Be on the Same Page

It takes two (or more) to tango – that’s the bottom line in sex. If you or your partner aren’t comfortable with a certain position or an arousal technique, the entire experience would come apart. You are better off taking consent from all involved, discussing the asana, and assigning each partner his/her specific role. Remember, when everyone is on the same page, the coordination is better, which in turn ensures a seamless, blissful experience.

2. Reach Out to All

No matter which asana you try, if safety and comfort are missing, intercourse will be a nightmare. That’s where proper communication kicks in, helping all partners involved to be vocal about their requirements and preferences. The thumb rule of communication is to discuss every sexual yoga pose and its pros and cons to come to a consensus.

3. It’s all About Scaling

Jumping straight into complicated poses is counterproductive. You might find them hard to pull off and expose yourself and your partners to injury. So, it makes sense to get yoga sex underway with some simpler asanas, notably Shavasana, and then gradually scale to the intricate ones, such as Chakrasana. As your practice progresses, the body starts to respond better to intricate poses. Also, the urge to explore more with time will keep you motivated.

4. Seek Professional Help

Let’s face it! Yoga sex isn’t for all. It can be detrimental for those with pregnancy, medical conditions, and injuries. Apparently, it becomes imperative for you and your partner to seek medical advice before jumping on the yoga sex bandwagon. It’s advisable to proceed only upon discussing your fitness levels and underlying health conditions with the physician.

5. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Regardless of your strength, flexibility, or agility, there’s no substitute for practice. Before applying these poses to intercourse, ensure you have practiced them well during your regular yoga practice. Also, research everything you can about a given pose, from benefits and drawbacks to precautions and modifications. Remember, information is power.

6. Get into the Warm-up Mode

Getting into the act with a stiff body is neither safe nor enjoyable. It can expose you to internal injuries that can be hard to cope with. When stakes are this high, committing to a short warm-up session before sex makes sense. Just dedicate 10 minutes for jumps, squats, pushups, and mild movements – you are sorted.

7. Know your Limits

Certain poses can be tempting. But do you have the strength, stamina, and flexibility to pull them off? It’s wise to factor in your limits and decide accordingly. If your body disallows a certain pose, stay away from it. You might experience pressure, tingling, and unpleasant sensations even when holding a pose. In that case, abandon the pose and move ahead.

8. Eat Right

Eating the right stuff at the right time is crucial. Mind you, yoga sex is a physically straining activity that raises your body’s blood and oxygen requirements. Eating prior to the auction will trigger your digestive system into action and take a fair share of oxygen. The thumb rule is to eat light at least an hour before the indulgence. Your best options include bananas, milk, dried fruits, and more. Avoid spicy and fiber-laden foods.


Sexual yoga is a blend of yoga and sex, which may allow for better arousal, intimacy, sex power, and orgasm. Like any physical activity, it requires a certain level of know-how, focus, and preparation. As a practitioner, you need to get a handle on the asanas before bringing them into practice. Factoring in your endurance, flexibility, and stamina is also advisable. Or else the risk of injury looms.

While yoga sex is beneficial, it’s not a guaranteed-to-deliver approach. If sexual issues persist, you are better off seeking some professional help. At best, sexual yoga is a remedy to sexual issues but not a cure until concrete research proves otherwise. It’s worth trying, nonetheless.

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Frequently Ask Questions about Sexual Yoga

1. What is sexual yoga?

It’s an approach to sex based on yogic methods, and practices. Typically, you use certain yoga poses for intercourse for enhanced intimacy, stimulation, and satisfaction.

2. Is sexual yoga effective?

Yes, it’s found effective for men and women alike. Specifications might vary, but poses ensure slackened cervix, more exposure for stimulation and penetration, and greater intimacy. Thus, the chances of intensified orgasms and complete fulfillment are amplified. Also, with the luxury of experimenting readily available, it can spice up your sex life.

3. Is sexual yoga safe?

Yes, provided you follow certain safety protocols and have the desired strength, flexibility, and stamina. Having control over the asanas is also important for safety.

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