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10 Signs a Girl Like You

Are you looking for answers to the question you might be wondering all day? Are you suspicious of whether she likes you or not? Then these signs might tell you the answer to your long-awaited questions. And if you are looking to ask her out and fear rejection, maybe this will help you out. And clarify your doubts and fears about getting rejected.

1. She will hang out with you

She will hang out with you

She would unreluctantly go out with you if you offer her no matter how busy her schedule is. She would not miss out on any chances of meeting you to know you better whether you are hanging out in a group or just hanging out alone. She will try to make plans with you on going on a little trip to explore the city, or she will invite you to self-study sessions. You might be wondering that you do these things too, and you are right. There isn’t much difference.

2. She finds you funny

She finds you funny

Even after you crack lame jokes while hanging out with her in a group, or even if you both are hanging out alone, she will often laugh at your jokes even if the jokes make no sense, and nobody is laughing. She will still be smiling and looking at you with her charismatic look. You might feel proud that your jokes are really funny, but honestly, sometimes it is not, trust us.

3. She will follow you on every social media platform

She will follow you on every social media platform

She might ask you whether you are on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. She will send you snaps more than often and ping you on every social media, she will react to your story and status, and like every post, you share or maybe even comment on it. She wants to know you better so she might follow your friends too.

4. She is attentive

She is attentive

Whatever you have to say, she will listen to you even if the information is not so important and random. She will often ask you what happened next when you are telling her a story about a random incident that happened to you which you find funny or shareable. She will always pick up your calls at whatever time you call her even if she is sleeping. She will also call you back or find reasons to call you and ask you random things.

5. She will text regularly

5. She will text regularly

She will text you very often and reply to your every text in less time, you will find yourself having an interesting conversation with her at midnight, she might text you at 2 a.m. even if you are not a close friend of her. She will often tell you how funny you are on text and give you compliments in disguise.

6. She will make plans to hangout

She will make plans to hangout

she will always ask you to hang out with you, she would be happy to see you even if you met her yesterday. She might even bring a friend with her to make it look less like a date and more like hanging out. Her friends might tease her around you or by your name and she will simply dodge it or shyly blush away.

7. She will care for you

She will care for you

If you are sick or stuck in a situation, she will always be happy to help you and take care of you. She might act protective of you and yell at your stupid things that made you feel sick. She would offer you advice and agree with your opinion more than often. she will keep checking on you to know whether you feel fine.

8. She will make deep eye contact with you

She will make deep eye contact with you

If she is looking at you, you are feeling a tension between the eye contacts then it might be so that she likes you. She will often look at you and if you notice that eye contact and she shyly looks away, then too, she might be interested in you. But sometimes, this eye contact may be misunderstood; so, watch out for that.

9. She shares her secrets

She shares her secrets

She may share deep secrets with you that even her best friend(s) doesn’t know about. She might give you information about her breakups, and past relations just to tell you indirectly that she is single. She will talk about how she believes in soulmates.

10. She sometimes gets jealous

She sometimes gets jealous

if you are hanging out with some other girl or posting pictures with them, then she might ask you about her and the relationship you have with her. She will get jealous of you if you are hanging out with other girls. She will ask you a lot of questions, just to clarify that you are single.


You might be wondering that is exactly how boys behave when they like some, and we do agree with you. There isn’t much difference. If you like someone then, go ahead and simply ask them out. The worst that could happen is, they might reject you. But you have only one life (YOLO) so live it without any doubts, think about what will happen if they accept you or have the same feelings for you. It’s just like an exam you may fail at it or score a good grade.

Lokesh Joshi
Lokesh Joshi
My Name is Lokesh Joshi and I am Computer Science Engineer by the profession and I am passionate about technology and integrating it with innovative ideas to give startups the initial boost that they require.

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