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How to Start Tata 1MG Franchise Business

Today, everything can be bought with a click of a mouse, even healthcare. Like every other industry, the healthcare sector has also grown in parallel with technology. We realized it during the pandemic when the fear of infection forced us to stay locked up in our homes.

All credit goes to internet healthcare platforms. Among all, 1Mg is a leading Indian online healthcare platform that offers services related to medicines, healthcare products, and diagnostic tests. The recent partnership of 1Mg and TATA is creating a new revolution in the Indian market. People have selected Tata 1MG over any other healthcare platform due to their excellent online services, features, and obviously the trust of TATA.

Read on to check how this partnership is beneficial for people and how you can make a great income through it:

What is TATA 1Mg Franchise

What is TATA 1Mg FranchiseTATA 1Mg is a recently launched franchise business program called “Sehat Ke Sathi”

1mg’s valuation has immensely improved after partnering with Tata. This leads 1Mg to dominate the E-pharma market. Now TATA 1 Mg is the top most trusted E-pharma business.

What is Tata 1mg Sehat Ke Sathi Program

This Sehat Ke Sathi is an affiliate program to generate more leads. Under this program, local entrepreneurs can join Tata 1mg to supply its services in their neighborhood. The affiliate partner will receive a commission on the basis of leads and sales by them. By distributing Tata 1mg’s promotional materials, like as referral links, discounts, and discount codes, you will be able to begin earning leads. You may also create social media content about it and get leads through it.

You will be paid a commission for each customer you refer to Tata 1mg who makes a purchase. The commission rates can vary on products and services.

Why TATA 1Mg Franchise?

Everyone is well aware of the importance of health. After the pandemic world has seen the potential of these healthcare sectors, every other sector fell down but healthcare grew exponentially. No matter what happens these health businesses will stand and serve people. We have already discussed TATA 1Mg and its position in the market.

If you want to create an easy side income or want to get into the healthcare business then this is the best option for you. With the trust of TATA and the quality of 1Mg, this partnership is going to make the biggest revolutionary place in the E-pharma industry. Choosing TATA 1 Mg will never let you regret your choice.

Benefits of TATA 1Mg Franchise

Let’s take a look at the cherry part of this programme

1. Access to trusted brand

With a strong reputation and quality, you can attract customers and generate leads through it. It provides a great range of premium quality products, which means you can attract a wide range of people.

2. Training & Support

They offer support and training to grow your business. It includes detailed product knowledge, its benefits, and customer services. The company will train you and make you a good candidate for their franchise business.

3. Attractive Payouts

It offers attractive commissions on your every sale. This might vary from product to product, yet it is the most beneficial franchise business to make some extra money.

4. Work at your own pace

Here comes the best part, you don’t need to go to their office every day or attend meetings. You can run this business at your convenience. You can work from anywhere and anytime. Isn’t it an amazing plan?

5. Special discounts

You can get up to 15% off on retail prices, alongside coupon codes and clients as well.

How to start a TATA 1Mg Franchise?

Now you must think how beneficial this can be! So here you go, as we already covered all its benefits and why to choose TATA 1 mg, check how you can start and join them.

You can become a TATA 1Mg affiliate partner and join the Sehat Ke Sathi program by filling up an online form on the official website. You have to provide some basic details like your address, valid ID proof, business experience, etc.

Don’t worry if you haven’t any prior business experience, as they will guide you to get better at sales. Once you get selected, you will be notified via mail or message. This will take 1 -2 weeks to reevaluate your application then you can start the process of this affiliate program.


These are some basic requirements to get started with the Sehat Ke Sathi Program

  1. Franchise fee- You need to deposit 15000+GST ( non-refundable )
  2. Commercial space — To store some products
  3. Valid documents – For verification

How to apply online?

Follow these steps to apply successfully

  1. Go to official website
  2. Click on APPLY HERE
  3. An application form will pop out
  4. Submit after filling up all the details
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation mail via email within a week
  6. After getting shortlisted, you have to verify your details like PAN card, Adhar card, GST number, etc
  7. Then you have to pay 15000 + GST non-refundable amount via E-payment methods
  8. Then you will be onboarded and get training
  9. Now you are a TATA 1Mg affiliate partner
  10. Start and earn money

What you have to do

Here is what you have to do as an affiliate partner

  • Research and reach out to the potential client

Reach out to potential customers and generate quality leads.

  • Build awareness

Generate awareness about TATA 1Mg products in your local area

  • Promotion

Promote its products and services and close sales

TATA 1Mg Franchise profit margin and commission

Being an affiliate partner, you will receive a commission on each sale. Moreover, you can also get attractive incentives from the company. The profit margin of the Tata 1mg franchise is determined by the clients recruited by the affiliate partners. It is directly proportional to the quantity and value of orders placed for Tata 1mg products and services. That means the more you sell more you earn.

TATA 1Mg franchise model

It functions similarly to any other digital healthcare platform. Affiliate partners of Sehat Ke Sathi reach out to more clients. Many people in India are still unaware of the availability of Internet healthcare services. The Tata 1mg franchise model unites the consumer and the supplier, and Tata 1mg has agreements with registered medical suppliers in a variety of locations.

This technique raises people’s knowledge and, as a result, their trust in online healthcare services. The major source of income for the Tata 1mg franchise is online drug delivery, but additional sources of income include delivering medical equipment, healthcare supplies, online consulting services, lab testing services, and so on. Customers may identify affiliate partners by searching for “1mg franchise near me” on their mobile phone browsers. This boosts people’s trust in purchasing vital medicines online without any hesitation.

Terms and conditions

Check out the terms and conditions –

  1. You can’t take any similar franchise business simultaneously
  2. You have to offer the same discount as provided by the company
  3. All the internal information should remain confidential

Future Scope of TATA 1Mg

It has a wide room open in the future. Tata 1mg has already serviced millions of individuals in India in over 1,000 locations through partnerships with licensed pharmacies. Their on-time delivery of online medications and access to online healthcare services is commendable.

Tata 1mg is the first Indian healthcare website to have subscribed to LegitScript. Tata is a well-known brand in the nation, and its partnership with 1mg aims to create a reliable e-pharmacy platform. As a result, being a Tata 1mg franchise health partner is an excellent way to start a business.

It means you can start your business without any second thoughts.


The increased demand for E-pharma is lucrative to start your business. It can be a great side hustle with massive growing opportunities. Start your franchise business with TATA 1Mg and make a profit out of it.

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