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Tehri Dam

The place is regarded as the greatest Dam in India. It is considered to be one of the longest dams in India that are said to be located on the Bhagirathi River near Tehri in the town of Uttarakhand in India. The vicinity is taken into consideration to be one of the most amazing places with its eye-captivating beauty of nature. The vicinity is understood to be placed in Uttarakhand and is regarded as one of the exciting travel destinations offering a wide range of breathtaking nature-oriented scenery. Tehri Dam has seemed because the good-sized valuable spot is considered being the signifier of its amazing greenery all around. It is known to be a very famous destination among the people and the eye-captivating place ensures that you fall head over heels in love with it.

  • History

According to the records available, it is believed that the discovery for Tehri Dam was initially started in 1961 and the design for the same was finalized till 1972. The development began in 1978 due to financial and social constraints but when the development was complete, the place was then regarded as the greatest Dam in India.

  • Why is Tehri Dam Famous?

Why is Tehri Dam FamousTehri Dam is regarded as the largest dam in India and the dam is known to generate hydroelectricity of 1000 megawatts and also contains a reservoir for the supply of water. It is also considered as a gateway to many beautiful destinations and popular pilgrimage which can be explored with ease and comfort making one fall for the town.

  • What to Do in Tehri Dam?

What to Do in Tehri DamThere are some stunning locations close to Tehri Dam that you need to truly know no longer omit in any respect consisting of Chandrabadni Temple- which is known to be connected with Goddess Sati, Sem Mukhem Temple- which is known to be dedicated to God of Snake(NaagDevta), Chamba- a hilly location lies between forest mostly adored by nature lovers, Buda Kedar- considered among one of the ancient temples connected with the time of Mahabharata, Dhanaulti- offers a peaceful environment surrounded by snow-covered mountains and greenery all around and various other beautiful destinations which can be explored with ease.

  • Place of Stay near Tehri Dam

Place of Stay near Tehri DamThere is a sizable form of comfortable live alternatives to pick out from earlier, so you can avail yourself of the brilliance of discounts, offers, and gives which you may no longer get within the course of offline bookings. For a cushy revel in superior bookings paintings as a boon for you. And there are masses of alternatives to pick out such as Himalayan Eco Lodge, Palette- Tehri Club and Resort, Classic Hill Top Resort, and Apple Country Kanatal offering facilities such as WI-FI, big and spacious rooms with clean washrooms and a well-managed staff to ensure that every moment spent here turns into an unforgettable memory to cherish for a lifetime.

  • Food and Beverages

Food and BeveragesThere are quantities of meals alternatives to be had close by Tehri Dam which you could pick out among numerous ingesting placed gift which includes The Forest Café, Himalayan Kiwi Restaurant, Café Romano, Delhi Bites, Sara Restaurant, Tulsi, Café Steps which is probably considered some nice ingesting joints there. And the food is served at sincerely minimal charges offering more than a few of their cuisines with super taste falling you in love with their food delicacies.


All in all, the place welcomes you with its sheer beauty and amazing adventurous experience with eye captivating views which keeps you stunned.

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