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10 Tips on How to Make a Girlfriend

We are living in the technology era, where most of us highly engaged on social media and youtube. The reason for this is not only that, technology has grown at a significant level. It also, that most of us are very detached from our family, friends, and relatives. And most of the time we feel alone. And having a Girlfriend is very common in today’s time but not so easy to have a cute, loving, and understanding partner.

So, for that, we have come with some of the best tips through which you can easily make Girl Friend as you want.

10 Tips on How to Make a Girlfriend

1. Know Yourself

We as it turns out before you go out on a hunt for your future partner you need to know yourself pretty well. What are your preferences? What is your type? Well everyone has one right? Don’t be afraid to have one as it will narrow down your search. Also when going out you’ll have some interesting things to talk about rather than just staring at her face.

Know Yourself

2. Don’t Act Desperate

Don’t just don’t. Acting desperate means you are putting on a Goddess pedestal. Know your worth. No matter how good a person you find, don’t act desperate it shows how shallow you are and don’t have a life. Always reciprocate whatever attention you’re getting, maintain your standards.

Don't Act Desperate

3. Don’t Be afraid

Well, you know why most amazing relationships don’t happen? Because people don’t have the guts to ask you. You need to understand this, Life is short and if you’re in a good place in your life and you come across someone interesting do ask them out, who knows you’re just one step away from the Love of your life!

Don't Be afraid

4. Work on yourself

Probably the most important point on the list. Never ever stop working on yourself. Working on yourself here implies that you are making continuous progress in your career and are grooming yourself physically. No matter how much they say Looks don’t matter, They do, at least in the beginning, to make things keep ongoing. The attraction is what gets the job done. No one would want to start and build a future with nobody, everyone has to look out for them. Even if your partner gives up on you the success and the work you’ve done will never ever give up on you. So don’t be a couch potato always and get things done man.

Work on yourself

5. Be Confident

Don’t act all nervous. It makes other people lose interest. Well it’s easier said than done so in order to be confident you need to have something to talk about with passion. That’s why you need to know yourself and work on yourself. Reading helps you in widening your horizon of knowledge which in turn will give you the confidence to talk on various topics and contribute to the conversation.

Be Confident

6. Know Your Boundaries

Well, know your Boundaries in terms of what type of commitment you want. If you want something casual make sure you don’t hurt someone who wants a long relationship. It saves you time and effort as if in the end you’ll face its consequences you’ll be troubled greatly mentally and it might lead to a bad and rough phase of your life

Know Your Boundaries

7. Be Respectful

Be respectful to your partner. It’s always good to be a gentleman who knows how to behave and I kid you not etiquettes matter. They notice anything and everything. If a girl says no respect her choice and doesn’t act a jerk. You don’t want to treat your partner disrespectfully as you never know what crosses the line she might end up leaving you.

Be Respectful

8. Be Honest

In an attempt at looking cool in front of her, do not flaunt imaginary things that you don’t have or experiences you never had. It just shows your desperateness and it might come across as rude and arrogant at times. Well, it isn’t even the worst thing, just think of a time when she’ll come across the reality of the situation when everything is fine and god and her bubble of ignorance will burst and you’ll end up alone again if nothing else it’ll tarnish your image in front of her and it’ll never be the same again.

Be Honest

9. Be Genuine

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You won’t always have the time and interest to keep up that disguise and when that mask will fall off she’ll realize that it’s not you she fell in love with, it was just a facade to impress you. Well that’s what happens with most of the people nowadays they try so hard to impress each other by being what they’re not and after some years in marriage they don’t have the energy to keep the disguise and they end up as if they’re strangers to each other. Trust me you wouldn’t want that so act genuine and be yourself.

Be Genuine

10. Don’t be a Simp

Well if you’re a Simp my friend there are better things to do in life. Are you that shallow that your life’s goal has come to this? Work on yourself, if you can’t be yourself and are just running after girls then when you’d want to settle you wouldn’t find anyone near you. It’s a waste of time irrespective of age. You are better than this. It may get you a few meaningless encounters but what then? You can’t go on your whole life messing around like that. Have some pity on yourself and look for something meaningful and equal. You need someone to compliment you not complete you. Stop the meaningless errand now my friend.

Don't be a Simp


Well getting a partner can be tough and frustrating at times. But with the above-mentioned points, you can surely increase your chances if you are looking for something genuine and worthy. After all two brains are better than one to take the world head-on. But remember there is a right time and you’ll know when, don’t rush in, If it comes let it if it goes let it, Just don’t be afraid.

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