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10 Top Artificial Intelligence Applications

As a technology, Artificial Intelligence has arrived and how. Here’re the top 10 artificial intelligence applications that are changing the way we live, work and play.

But before that, let’s define artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to the technology that can mimic human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is equipped with machines or software applications and performs functions or tasks that only a human can do. AI can process information, human thoughts, interpret data, and do a lot more things that expand the development of technology. There is a deep learning mechanism working in AI that helps it act and function as a human.

Captcha text on web pages is an example of artificial intelligence. It has mastered the deep learning mechanism that can distinguish between a real person and a robot that’s pretending to be a person. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the latest artificial intelligence applications in unleashing a new era of technology. But to know more, check out this list of Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Applications and boost your knowledge.

10 Top Artificial Intelligence Applications

1. AI in E-Commerce

AI in E-CommerceThe artificial intelligence applications in E-commerce are extensive, including personalized shopping apps, AI-powered assistants, and fraud prevention. AI incorporates the search engine or a recommendation engine that allows you to know what your customers are looking for and cater to them accordingly. The product recommendations are created according to their interests, browsing records, preferences, and other key parameters.

AI-powered assistants include chatbots or virtual assistants to assist online shoppers. Their conversation might sound natural but the technology uses Natural Language Processing that makes the bots sound like a human. Even though these chatbots are not real humans, they help you drive customer engagement and deliver better customer experiences.

The application of AI in fraud prevention is helping businesses reduce their losses considerably. E-commerce websites mostly encounter credit card frauds and fake reviews that can turn a potential customer down from purchasing a product. AI keeps a check on credit card transactions and reviews, helping e-commerce stores ensure a safe shopping experience.

2. Artificial Intelligence in Navigation

Artificial Intelligence in NavigationGPS offers users the accurate direction of a location and estimated time to reach there, safety and other information. GPS uses Graph Neural Network and Convolutional Neural Network that automatically identifies the number of roads and road types leading to a given location. The user, thus, ends up saving time and hassle of manual navigation. Cab services like Uber use this type of AI to analyze traffic, routes, and other road information before heading in the direction. It’s one of the prime examples of applications of artificial intelligence in the real world.

3. Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

Artificial Intelligence in RoboticsArtificial Intelligence applications are evident in robotics because robots try to emulate human behaviour. Robots that use AI, receive real-time updates to detect obstacles in their paths and plan their movements and activities accordingly. AI in robotics can be applied to carry products in factories, warehouses, hospitals, and other commercial and industrial settings. Managing inventory, streamlining manufacturing and cleaning premises and equipment is also easy and quick with robots leveraging AI technology.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence in Human ResourcesCompanies rely on Artificial Intelligence to speed up and simplify the hiring process. These software programmes use a machine learning mechanism to zero in on a perfect candidate for a job by checking their resume and understanding their skills, experience and more. The artificial intelligence applications in HR will be more profound in coming times.

5. AI in Healthcare

AI in HealthcareEven the healthcare sector could not stay immune to applications of AI. The sector uses Artificial Intelligence to build machines that will easily detect diseases and cancer cells. It’s possible to detect chronic conditions as of now. But that also requires other medical data and lab tests to be confirmed. AI mainly utilizes the history of medical records and medical intelligence to invent new medicines.

6. AI in Agriculture

AI in AgricultureArtificial intelligence is increasingly finding applications in the agriculture sector. It’s currently employed to identify the soil condition, plant deficiencies and more. AI-equipped robots, machine learning, computer visions, etc can help professionals to determine the suitability of soil for a particular type of plant and ensure optimal plantation volume.

7. Artificial Intelligence in Gaming

Artificial Intelligence in GamingGame developers count on artificial intelligence applications for easy, quick and assured game development. With AI, professionals can build NPCs that resemble humans of the same intelligence levels and communicate with real players. AI-powered video games can also predict the future behaviour of the players. The designs and texture of the game can be enhanced using AI applications. Two AI systems, Doctor and Alien, are used in the game. The former shows the player’s locations and the latter is a human-like sensor that stalks the player in the game.

8. AI in Marketing

AI in MarketingThe marketing sector has immensely benefited from Artificial Intelligence applications. For example, with Artificial Intelligence, marketers can create highly optimized ads for different target audiences. The ads use multiple techniques to recognize different user preferences, such as pattern recognition, behavioural analysis, etc. AI also helps you decide the tone and content of the business messaging to drive customer engagement and better sales and profits. AI applications help professionals to manage routine tasks, campaign reports, performance, and more.

Also, chatbots are a part of the Artificial Intelligence technology that can talk to customers like humans. These chatbots use Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Generation, and Natural Language Processing to analyse human behaviour and the user languages. Plus, AI enables marketers to create personalized real-time marketing campaigns to engage their customers.

9. Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

Artificial Intelligence in Social MediaSocial media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc use AI to operate your social life. For example, in Instagram, the accounts you follow, the posts you like, etc. determine what accounts will appear in your explore tab. In Facebook, there is a tool named DeepText that is used along with artificial intelligence to understand languages better. Deep Text also translates posts from other languages automatically. Also, on Twitter, AI is used for detecting frauds, hateful posts, etc. The AI in Twitter recommends other users with Tweets that they might like.

10. AI in Automobile

AI in AutomobileThe automobile industry uses AI technology to build cars and vehicles that will move automatically without human intervention. AI can also be used in the car’s camera, GPS, radar, signal control, and cloud services. AI is occasionally used in emergency brakes, blind-spot monitoring, steering and more to make driving safe and pleasurable.


When it comes to artificial intelligence applications, the possibilities are endless. On the downside, it’s expensive. if you apply AI in the healthcare or automated cars industry, it is gonna cost a fortune. However, with headways in technology, AI is expected to gain mainstream acceptance in near future.

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