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Top 10 Best Classic Books

1. Pride and prejudice

Pride and prejudiceThis composition is written by Jane Austen. The background is during the Napoleonic wars. It is frequently mentioned on the apex of the all-time favorite books and huddled numerous applaud for its characters, narration, romance. This novel makes us get to know about the personalities of the human in a fascinating manner. It makes us realize the importance of relationships and presents the fact that bonds, marriages are not for social esteem, financial gain but takes place for the sake of love. This tale involves jovial phenomena and many deep vistas. It’s undoubtedly a masterpiece and a must-read book.

2. Wuthering Heights

Wuthering HeightsThis book was written by Emily Bronte in 1847. This was in controversy for the strong depiction of the physical cruelty and mental brutality. Emily has done a specular job in describing the characters in a very realistic manner. She introduced characters explaining their physical as well as mental health helping readers to paint the image of that character in their mind. The story’s conspiracy is remarkable. It’s a story of two families that is interlinked, and that’s how the story takes place and affects each other with a high emotional magnitude.

3. Little Women

Little WomenLittle Women is written by novelist Louisa May Alcott. The simplicity of the book is that it comprises no complex conspiracy and no prominent drama. The plot of the story is entirely relatable. The magnitude of the sentiments articulated through this tale is monumental. The love of the father, his sacrifices, sibling’s bond, their rivalry, teenage relationship, the affection of the mother, her guidance, her thankless job to feed her children, and a lot. The women endowing each other despite their struggles. This book breaks umpteen norms on women of the nineteenth century.

4. Jane Eyre

Jane EyreThis classic has been written by Charlotte Bronte. It is an autobiographical novel. It articulates the mentality of the people, social norms degrading the level of the struggles, household chores that women perform, and it sarcastically presents their grit to be a part of this thankless service. It explicates the hardship faced by women at a very young age, loss of the people, and despite the numerous obstacles, she stands tall in this brutal world. The author explicated her journey in a tremendous way. She broke umpteen norms, didn’t get engulfed by the barrier, and lived life on her terms.

5. Moby Dick

Moby DickThe author of this chef-d’oeuvre is Herman Melville. The characterism is supremely awesome and depicts the love for nature, confronts several social norms and controversies. It has miscellaneous hilarious panoramas and description of the anatomy of various blue whales. This book follows the journey of Ahab and the crew to find the mythical white whale. It gradually makes you feel as you are on the ship and the part of that journey. This book challenges the audience on a personal level by confronting several subjects. The characters are the heart of this book, and the plot takes you on the voyage.

6. Frankenstein

FrankensteinThis masterpiece is written by Mary Shelly. Mary’s Frankenstein is monumentally elicited by the Goth movement that was a part of the society during its composition. This book has some facet of romance and the Goth movement. This horror-themed novel holds a prestigious place in the literature. The characters are eternal, and the reviewers have also been in awe of the masterpiece. The first edition of this book didn’t have the name of the author on it. Many critics declared this novel to start the legacy of writing science fiction in the literature.

7. Dracula

DraculaThis gothic fiction is written by Irish author Bram Stoker. This book is horror-themed and has begotten umpteen theatrical, movie, and television renditions. This book somewhere preaches the philosophy of life and death. It explicates the various shades of true bonds. This book is in the form of a caravan of letters, articles, diary entries, telegrams. The fascinating romance of this book has been illustrated in a very impressive language. A great moratorium has been created in this book. This book has amassed vast applause from the audience. The Characters of this masterpiece have gained immortality, and that’s what reflects its striking popularity.

8. Lolita

LolitaThis novel is written by Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov. It was the talk of the town for debatable content that was the main character and independent narrator. It is a story of a man who is a pedophile and falls in love with a 12-year-old girl named Lolita. The language of the book is quite powerful. Umpteen sentences are written in the French dialect. The book presents the condition of Lolita, and somewhere it touches our right chord. The book explicates the psychological intuition of the pedophile, and that’s one of the reasons why this book has been reached a large number of readers.

9. Mrs.Dalloway

Mrs.DallowayThis classic has been written by Virginia Woolf. It was published in 1925. The plot is set up after the world war. Various characters are introduced in this edition, and Virginia has very beautifully associated them with her. She is an author with a supremely outstanding writing style. She writes in a very poetic descriptive manner presenting a detailed view of the emotions to the reader. The readers will feel to be inside the head of the characters. It explicates the struggles with the past. The thinking process of the person and the wish to go back and the discontent with the present have been elucidated in this classic.

10. The age of the innocence

The age of the innocence

This classic has been written by American author Edith Wharton. This masterpiece was nominated for Pulitzer Prize in 1921. The tale took place in New York City in 1870. There is a sort of love triangle explicated in this book. It transmits us with a portrayal of the society of that time. At that time, things were supposed to be in a specific way. As the book moves forward, it also portrays the development in New York city with time. The ending of this book was controversial as some people appreciated it at the same time, it received hatred from people for that.

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