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Top 10 Best French Movies

1. The Intouchables

This french movie is directed by Oliver  Nakache & Éric Toledano. It features François Cluzet and Omar Sy. The conspiracy of this movie is based on the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his French-Moroccan caregiver Abdel Sellou.  It was a huge success at the box office just after nine weeks after its release. The writer for this masterpiece is Olivier Nakache Éric Toledano. The cinematography was done by Mathieu Vadepied, and the music for the movie was composed by Ludovico Einaudi. This movie was nominated for many awards. In France, The actor Sy won César Award for Best Actor for this masterpiece. This movie has done a spectacular job in various countries. It is the most successful film today in Japan.

2. Heartbreaker

This genre of this movie is a romantic comedy. This movie is directed by Pascal Chaumell. The star cast of this movie includes Romain Duris, Vanessa Paradis, Julie Ferrier, and François Damiens. In this movie, a bureau was established for third party concern like breaking up bond but with the surety that the women are fine with it. This business partner was hired by a rich man for breaking his daughter’s marriage. This movie is a rollercoaster ride full of umpteen hilarious scenes and incredibly adorable spectacles.

3. The Rules of the Game, Jean Renoir (1939)

 The Rules of the Game is declared as one of the incredibly opium-Magnus works. This movie comically criticizes French society. It is directed by  Jean Renoir, who holds several prestigious awards for his contribution to the French cinema. He is also featured in this movie. This movie has done a marvelous job in presenting the French upper-class society, their lifestyles, their servant. It depicts the time before world war 2.This movie was banned by the government during the war period explicating that it could mislead the youths by shadowing an appropriate impact on them. It was considered to be one of the highest budget movies at that time. Umpteen directors, actors, film critics lauded the movie and declared it as their source of inspiration for the betterment of their work.

4. A Very Long Engagement 

This French movie is based on the novel “A very long engagement “by Sébastien Japrisot. The plot of the story revolves around a woman who is in search of her fiance, whose demise might have been happened during world war 1.This composition has received several nominations, including the 77th academy awards for Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography. This movie got a thumbs up from the movie critics and an overwhelming response by the audience on the box office.

5. Rust and Bone

Rust and Bone is a tale of an unemployed father who was trying hard to make an earning for upbringing his son. During this cycle, he met his sister, who is sailing in the same boat with her temporary job. The actor falls for a woman who trains a killer whale and has a marvelous happy ending. This movie was premiered at the 65th Cannes Film Festival. It has amassed multiple favorable responses from the film critics and overwhelming acknowledgment by the audience. This movie has huddled umpteen awards such as Ceaser Award for the most promising actor, Caeser Award for best writing, Caeser Award for best writing, and Caeser Award for best original score.

6. Jules and Jim

Jules and Jim revolve around the time of world war 1.The  genre of this movie is Romance, and it is directed, written, and produced by François Truffaut. The plot of the movie is adopted by the semi-autobiographical novel of Henri-Pierre Roché, in which he illustrated his bond with the writer Franz Hessel and Helen Grund. This movie has a tint of the domain of enormous conflicts that happened in Germany, France, and Austria. This movie shows the love triangle that tragically took place between the characters of this movie. This film earned the Bodil award for best European film. It fetched nomination for BAFTA in the best film for any source category. Paul Mazursky gave commendation to Jules and Jim by creating Willie and Phil. It is an astonishing movie portraying lifelong friendship and a movie that takes you on a ride full of different emotions served in a very organic manner.

7. Amélie, Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2001)

The genre of this movie is romantic comedy. It presents the story of a waitress who has the grit to lend a helping hand to people around her despite being engulfed by a series of her difficulties. Audrey Tautou played the role of this shy waitress in this movie. She has done proper justice to this role and beautifully presented the mischievousness, innocence, and courage of the character on the screen. The character was considerably lonely in this movie, lacking mental support and loving people. To overcome this trauma of hers, she cultivated vigorous intuition and started behaving playfully. This movie touches the right chord of our hearts and gives a perspective view of finding the beauty of life in happiness.

8. Children of Paradise

The director of this movie is Marvel Carne. It was filmed under battle situations. This movie has been affirmed as a tremendous film at the Cannes Film Festival. Marvel Carne managed to make two parts of this movie of about 90 minutes as the Nazis banned the movie exceeding 90 minutes. He has the grit to showcase his endeavor to the audience after the end of the world war. It was screened in the dorms of Paris after independence. It is reckoned to be showcased somewhere in Paris every single day. All the applause goes to the director Marvel who made this possible during that duration and arranged the garbs, ornaments, props, essentials for filming, and most importantly, the audacity to direct a movie like this at that time despite all the negativities and apprehension. Numerous compliments flooded for the movie’s direction, script, and plot by umpteen film critics, directors, and actors.

9. The Grand Illusion

This French movie is directed by Jean Renoir. It is co-written by Jean Renoir and Charles Spaak. This film exemplifies the story of the bond between the prisoners of war. The prisoners are French officers planning to flee from the prison during world war 1.The title for this movie has been obtained from the British journalist  Norman Angell’s book, the same title as the movie. The director has showcased myriad glances of the rising dictatorship. This movie is quicksilver with a supremely talented team of actors making this movie a classic. How their destinies change in the movie is just extraordinary. The writing of this movie serves as icing on the cake, and the direction of this masterpiece is far way more organic and splendid. This chef-d’oeuvre won Best Foreign Film at New York Film Critics Circle Awards

10. The Wolf’s Call

The Wolf’s Call’s genre is an action thriller. This movie is directed and inscribed by Antonin Baudry. Several scenes in this movie have been snapped in real French submarines. The cinematography of this film is the heart and soul of this movie. It was done by Pierre Cottereau. This movie exhorts the bravery of a submarine’s sonar administrator. It ascertains the genius abilities of the officer who operated his specialized power of hearing to get at  French missile submarine and saved the submarine and lives of others by making others come out of the nuclear war’s risk. This composition attained several applause from the viewers. This movie accumulated considerable awards for its direction, costumes, and star cast. The movie critics conveyed positive reviews for this movie and gave it a thumbs up.

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