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10 Top Branded Bags in the World | Handbags Brand

Handbags are essential for modern-day women keen on staying organized and making a style statement. But do you know which are the top branded bags in the world? If not, here’s your chance.

Fashion has two ways of coming in. You are either blessed with an innate fashion sense, or you get an acquired taste through inspiration. Although most people assume that fashion is all about clothes, some find a way to make it more personal. Fashion is a lifestyle that comes with individuality, which people wear to appear their best.

It is more than just the right accessories and the perfect eyeshadow. It is also how you can carry yourself and wear clothes. It is, in fact, the way you talk and walk. Even the slightest things, like moving things around, should be classy. Women aren’t blessed with pockets. Instead, we have a better and larger alternative, a handbag.

Handbags are like treasure caskets. Everything you need will be found inside, but you must have the class to maintain its value. That is when multiple Branded Bags had their idea of transforming the world of handbags. And we have brought the top ten branded handbags online that took the world by storm.

What makes a bag brand so popular?

We all know that women have a soft corner for all things classy. A brand purse is the epitome of style, helping you turn heads. A handbag serves a lot of purposes. Sometimes having just a bag does not mean everything is sorted.

As a bag brand, you must ensure your target audience finds everything in place. That includes the material and the luxury. Here are a few things that make a bag brand stick out.

1. Material: One of the noteworthy features of a luxury handbag is its class of material and craftsmanship. Having a material fabric and then modulating it into something substantial and unique is the significance of great handbag designers.

2. Reliable: You know you can never go wrong with a luxury brand. More and more people are investing in luxury bags because they can rely on them. Women need to carry so many things. Think makeup, skincare products, water, food, and, if she is a mother, a lot of snacks for the kids. As such, if something falls out of nowhere, things will get messy. The zips also need to work correctly. Non-branded bags often cannot match the trust that comes naturally with a brand purse.

3. Style: Luxury bags have a style that goes with everything. Besides convenience and reliability, you get looks that are hard to achieve with run-off-the-mill stuff. That being said, women still have several handbags that would go with particular clothes and styles. But these bags are generally timeless, and you can go vintage or more hip if you want. It will always help you rise to the occasion.

4. Standing the ground: Generation Z is the most ‘woke’ of all. And it’s vocal against social injustices and environmental degradation. Following suit, luxury brands have become more aware of the people and the planet. Most luxury brands are careful of being politically correct as well. They are focusing on keeping their offerings cruelty-free and vegan. Their advertising is also ethically correct. This gives them credibility and relatability, which drives more and more customers daily.

10 Best Branded Bags in the World | Handbags Brand

Check out the list of most popular Branded Bags in the world, and take your pick today.

1. Chanel

ChanelLooking for branded bags online? Don’t go any further than Chanel. Coming from the land of France, Chanel is one of the most luxurious and expensive brands of all time. It originated in 1909 and continues to be the go-to brand for style connoisseurs ever since. The makeup range is also impeccable, endorsed by many top celebrities at different times. Chanel remains one of the coveted brands to showcase in the Paris Fashion Week. The bags are ultra-stylish, impeccably designed, and some even diamond-studded.

2. Celine (Need some more info here, preferably bag-specific)

CelineThe odds are high that you haven’t heard of the brand. Celine isn’t a mainstream brand, but their work speaks for them. The brand was established in 1945 in Paris and France. The founder is Celie Vipiana, and she has brought the brand to be a significant influence on people internationally.

3. Prada

PradaEurope is the best place for fashion lovers. This brand is from the home of cheese, Italy. It’s a perfect blend of luxury for both men and women, taking the world by storm. The brand was established in 1913 and has developed many unique ideas for clothing, footwear, and other accessories. The Prada brothers started it without any target audience, which led them to make things for both genders. The spontaneity paid off, and Prada emerged as one of the most luxurious and expensive Branded Bags ever.

4. Louis Vuitton

Louis VuittonIt was established in 1854 by an eponymous founder, Louis Vuitton. The “LV” logo on its products symbolizes it. The company sells almost everything related to fashion. During World War 2, the founder recognized that people needed something more lightweight. Hence, the company developed trunks featuring flat tops, airtight, and light footwear. Riding high on the overwhelming response, the company expanded and became the brand that “has it all.” The LV handbags were revolutionary as they were inventive, made by cutting up trumpets. These handbags are characterized by elite craftsmanship and attention to detail, making them a rage among fashion-forward women.

5. Hermes

HermesAnother gem from France, Hermes, has a legacy of cutting-edge designs that strike a chord with fashion-savvy men and women. It was incorporated in 1837 and became one of the leading handbag brands. It also designs clothing, shoes, watches, and more for both him and her. With class and gravity at its heart, Hermes has managed to break all European records for the world’s most expensive bags. There was a massive bidding war on the Birkin handbag, made of white gold and embedded with 18-karat diamonds.

6. Judith Leiber

Judith LeiberSo, you are a sucker for bags that are classy and good-looking but, at the same time, weird and catchy as well. In that case, Judith Leiber is the perfect brand for you. The company was established in 1963 in Hungary and had boutiques all over the world. The range of unique designs has earned the brand global recognition. These handbags create a dramatic impact on your personality. Most of them feature gemstones and bedazzled stones that make them stand out. The most expensive Judith Leiber handbag is the ‘Precious Rose’, costing around 90,000 US dollars. It was also named the bag of the year 2008.

7. Fendi

FendiIf you adore cute-looking bags, you must know Fendi. Founded in 1925, the brand has come a long way from its humble origins to evolve into one of the most expensive handbag brands. You will find many bags made of crocodile skin, lambskin, and other such materials. Selleria by Fendi is a coveted handbag, hailed as the most desirable. Also, one of their bags was sold for 28,000 US dollars.

8. Valentino

ValentinoEveryone on the planet knows who Valentino is. He migrated to Rome from Paris only to come back to Paris with the best collection of designer clothes and a line of handbags. The company has been around since 1959, providing some of the most iconic bags for women with style and substance. Recently, it launched its newest range, ‘Rockstud Alcove’, a classy and elite shoulder handbag line. The content has created ripples in the fashion world with its price and stunningly sleek looks.

9. Hilde Palladino

Hilde PalladinoMost of the leading handbag brands originate from Rome and Paris, but this has a Norwegian origin. Since 2001, the brand has never shied away from experimenting with designs. This led the brand to get mainstream acceptance faster than the competitors. The most expensive bag from their brand is invaluable, studded with 39 rare diamonds. Even though the handbags are designed in Italy, the brand has a massive chain of stores worldwide.

10. Marc Jacobs

Marc JacobsThe brand was established soon after the founder, Marc Jacobs, quit Louis Vuitton to follow his dreams. He was a creative director for Louis Vuitton. Quickly, the American designer started his line of handbags and clothing to an overwhelming response. At one point, he had over 200 retail stores in over 80 countries, giving him a global footing. As of now, Jacobs is one of the most influential gay men of all time. He sold one of his bags for a staggering 50,000 US dollars. However, most of his handbags are affordable, with a few exceptions.


These ten branded handbags started from nowhere but gradually went on to rule the roost in the niche segment. Before them, no one created magic with so little leather. We hope you liked our list and got a bit of background on the iconic styles. Happy shopping!

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