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Top 10 Cyber Security Companies in India

India has numerous Cyber Security Companies that develop the software. The numerous advantages of today’s increasingly digitized and interconnected India. Cybersecurity is a highly sensitive and recommended Service area in India. India has a comprehensive security mechanism and a security-oriented mindset throughout the organization. There are various kinds of cybersecurity companies.

Top 10 Cyber Security Companies in India

This article shares the Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies in India.

1. AVG India

AVG IndiaAVG is an antivirus software development company in India. AVG protects from keylogger, browser hijacker, fraud tool, dialers to Windows and Android. Several products protect the data, including spam, scam, social engineering technology, and so on. They have alternative solutions of cybersecurity that are hardware and Network firewall, online scanning, cloud security. They are listed in top product awards in 2020.

2. Wi-Jungle

Wi-JungleWi-Jungle is a web development and firewall security company situated in Jaipur. They organized cybersecurity services to the 120 plus countries. It was incorporated in 2014 in India. In 2019 won the new products innovation award of the year for cybersecurity in East Africa and South Asia. Today this company offers a service in vertical industries, including retail, defense, transportation, education. There are full-time opportunities for a career in full-stack developer, technical writer, computer networking sectors.

3. Hicube Infosec LLP

Hicube Infosec LLPHicube Infosec LLP is the school of computer training in Jaipur. It was incorporated in 2012 as a private company of cybersecurity in India. They always maintain the other countries’ websites. The products of hi-cube Infosec LLP are secure web hosting, secure application development, cybercrime consultancy, virtual private server, web application security, information security technology. They also offer training and workshops in these sectors.

4. Kratikal Tech Pvt ltd

Kratikal Tech Pvt ltdKratikal Tech Pvt Ltd is the security services industry in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Seventy-eight percent of Northern and Middle Eastern Africa customers. It was listed in the top 3 cybersecurity companies in 2019 for detective systems, top 12 cybersecurity services in 2020. They also provide training about security as a workshop. There are more than 120 clients from different countries. The security they offer like eMail authentication, feud monitoring, awareness tools, and so on.

5. Quick Heal Technology Ltd

Quick Heal Technology LtdQuick Heal Technology Ltd is a computer software company in Pune, Maharashtra. It was established in 1993 in India. Providing Cyber Security software products to the customer. It has Rs. 286 crore annual revenue. They have provided the types of software to secure the computer or data such as prevent access, regulate access, monitor access, records management, diagnostic program, remove programs or code, etc. Quick Heal Technology removes harmful forms or data from the computer.

6. Above Strategy Cybersecurity inc.

Above Strategy Cybersecurity inc.It is a cybersecurity company in Hyderabad, India. Its annual revenue is 5000 dollars. This cybersecurity company delivers security services to Morgan Stanley, Duke Energy, SAP, Bombardier Aerospace Companies. They were offered Powerful networks and security batches. It has 30 to 40 employees in software development teams. Above Strategy cybersecurity company connects with Singapore, New York, Toronto, and Charlotte. This company was incorporated in 2009. This company hired restaurant security services.

7. Ever Data Technology

Ever Data TechnologyEver Data Technology is a software development and testing company in India. It was established in Jaipur, India, in 2007. This company was famous for consulting cloud data, ERP consulting. Ever Data Technology has so many members teams that are highly experienced in this field. There are several clients such as RVUNL, directorate of literacy Rajasthan, Bajaj capital, bank of Rajasthan, and so on. There are several vaccines, including windows system admin, technical content writer, etc. This industry is situated in a disaster-free area.

8. Ishir

IshirIshir is the software solution and security industry in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Many clients such as Daniel, payment, Parker once, Steve ware, Robert burr, etc. Ishir company provides fast, effective solutions to the customer. It has 36.6million dollars annual revenue per year. It is listed as the largest web hosting company in the world. It was also listed as America’s best data transformation and cloud security platform.

9. Mar labs Inc

Mar labs IncMarlabs industry of cybersecurity was established in Bangalore, India, in 1996. It is a digital firm in India. They work with approximately 1500 employees in India. Marlabs works with both small and large market companies for education, business, and financial services. They conduct efficiency-based services of products that have clients as needed. Some clients of it are energy hub, New York times, reliant energy. It has 10000 dollars valuations. This company was listed in the 20 most promising cloud computing companies in 2014.

10. Sattrix

SattrixMatrix information security private limited is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Services are managed, assess, secured, transform the data. It provides professional cybersecurity services to customers, partners globally. Matrix information security was developed in 2013 for data security. Matrix collaborates with many companies such as the Telco government, BFSI, etc. BJ Patel and JL Shah clients of this company. They offer accounting cybersecurity services.


Here we shared the top 10 Cyber Security Companies in India. All these companies secure the account, data of small and large companies and customers. So in this article, we have given you complete information about the software security companies according to our research and data. We hope that this article will give you complete information related to it. If you need any other information about that which is not mentioned on our behalf, please comment in the comment box and let us know.

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Anamika Kalwan
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