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Top 10 Economics Project Topics for Class 12th Student

Do you still have questions about how to approach your Economics project? Do you know where to start? We have the answers for you in this article. The branch of Social Science that deals with producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services are called economics. Here are the top 10 best economics project topics for class 12th students.

Top 10 Economics Project Topics for Class 12th

1. Demonetization

DemonetizationDemonetization is the act of shredding currency units of their status as legitimate tender, leading to the pulling and retiring of money to be replaced by new notes and coins. This can be summed up using points like:

  • Evasion funds
  • Alternative funds
  • Role of demonetization in tax revenues
  • Impact on GDP
  • Impact of demonetization

2. Digital India Movement

Digital India MovementThis topic blankets the whole Indian technological movement so that you can pin the process and evolution theory behind it to some key topics such as:

  • Effectiveness of digitalization
  • Adoption of the digital India project
  • The overall impact of digitalization
  • Digital India and foreign trade

3. Monopoly

MonopolyHerein, you can move from monopoly characteristics to different aspects of oligopoly, duopoly, etc. In short, you can cover points like:

  • Monopoly market and its features
  • Types of monopoly
  • Market structures related to monopoly
  • Can it be harmful to the economy
  • Reasons for emergence

4. Import Substitution vs. Export Promotion

Import Substitution vs. Export PromotionThese are two key trade programs, both different in perspective, so here you should go on talking about policy differences and strategies, concluding with government objectives. Here the key points would be:

  • Measures of import substitution
  • Export promotion policies
  • Export promotion council of India
  • History of import substitution
  • Objectives behind the export promotion
  • The objective behind import substitution

5. GST

GSTGST (Goods and Services Tax) can be summarized in the following way:

  • Features of GST
  • CGST, SGST, and IGST
  • Advantages and disadvantages of GST
  • Calculation of GST
  • Impacts on Levy

6. Foreign Exchange Market

Foreign Exchange MarketAs an over-the-counter (OTC) market, the currency market offers a wide range of benefits, including :

  • Evolution of the currency market economy
  • Forex leverage
  • Benefits of using the Forex
  • Trading characteristics

7. Evolution of the Barter System

Evolution of the Barter SystemBack Introduced by the Mesopotamians and adopted by the Phoenicians in 6000 BC, the barter system has not vanished. It has become more regulated. The points to highlight are:

  • Origin and evolution of the Barter system
  • Effects of the Barter system
  • The vision behind the Barter system
  • The evolution of money from barter to digital currencies
  • Reasons for failure of a Barter system

8. Opportunity Cost

Opportunity CostThe project under the opportunity cost must cover the below topics:

  • Opportunity cost significance
  • Opportunity cost graph
  • Calculations of opportunity cost
  • Examples
  • Types of opportunity cost
  • Applications
  • Consumption patterns

9. Human Development Index

Human Development IndexThe HDI project should cover topics like:

  • HDI briefing
  • Indicators of HDI
  • HDI measurement
  • GDP and HDI

10. Make in India

Make in IndiaMake in India encompasses a wide variety of topics that can be addressed through your projects, such as:

  • Impact of Make in India on aviation, defense, health sectors, etc.
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Pros and cons of the scheme
  • Concerns and criticism about the Make in India scheme


So, these are some of the topics that can be used to develop economic ventures. Write down any more suggestions in the comments area if you think they should be included. Until then, good luck with your studies!

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