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Top 10 Events in Mumbai

Everyone awaits small treats, and what could be better than festivals and family and friends gatherings is dealing with everyday tiring jobs. So, if you were out of your friend’s zone, get a trip to these mentioned festivals with your buddies and add new memories to that diary lost somewhere.

Top 10 Events in Mumbai

1. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Kala Ghoda Arts FestivalLet’s today admit it, all of us had fun drawing and performing art during our childhood days, and it got lost somewhere in these hectic stick-to-desk schedules. But the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival allows getting mesmerized in your beautiful kids’ days. Held every year, the art festival is a major attraction for everyone from teens to grannies giving themselves boundless fun and expressing themselves pictorially out loud ever possible. So we urge you to give it a try, and we bet you’ll find it worth spending.

2. Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh ChaturthiBappa’s homecoming is the heart and soul of the locals here! Starting from “ Hardi kunku,” the festival begins. The joy flies with air during these days, every evening you get to evidence arti and stuff yourself up with the blog. Along lines the dance, singing, drama fest are going on hand – in – hand this creates a thin inviscid layer of healthy and fun competition among the people to organise the best pandal in their zone. The place is full of stalls along the streets offering cultural entities to devotees, street foods, gandh, cultural and local dresses, etc. you can shop here.

3. Navaratri

NavaratriNavaratri is not just any festival but it’s an emotion for people living in the locals! You might find people with different mindsets, like some might be excited for dandiya or garba, some for ramlilas and plays or some might be excited for durga puja pandals. During this period of nine days, everyone has their own reason for excitement. Starting from one tip of the mela, you can start with hogging all the stalls shagging up the street foods, attending the iconic sky lanterns, go for garba nights or dandiya celebrations, dress up and attend the durga puja with the fam, roam around the lightened pandals shopping stuffs, stuff your Face with the yummy bhog served at puja pandals and the fun doesn’t end here.

4. Bandra Fair

Bandra FairGuys, the fair for splurging on literally everything, from spiritual offerings to handicrafts, is on its most in the city! The Bandra fair is where tribes and locals come to film and allow you to embarrass the cultural richness of the place. Moreover, the fair draws lakhs of people to thanksgiving and pays a visit to Our Lady of Mount shrine. And heading towards the east, you can find numerous stalls offering sweets from various parts of the country like Guava cheese, kadio bodio, Mawa peda from Uttar Pradesh, Halwa from Kerala and many more.

5. Mumbai Film Festival

Mumbai Film FestivalMumbai a film city; everyone knows it right! And it’s very well said that “If you visited Mumbai and then also you haven’t seen the Mumbai’s Film festival then what have you done!” YSo yeah, it’s something that hyped the, and often we also are tired of watching the commercial movies, that’s the time to try something new. How about a regional film? That’s undoubtedly a good plan; that time, grab popcorn and a corner seat and get some life.

6. Elephanta Festival

Elephanta FestivalYes! You read that correctly. The Elephanta Festival of Mumbai is the only festival celebrated throughout the sessions of day and night fest at the Elephanta Island near Elephanta caves. Here you can search for traditional dresses, earpieces, shoes, jackets, seafood, desserts, daily essentials, whatever you need! The place looks so colorful and adorable during the fest that you would be mesmerized by its beauty for sure. Talent shows, yes, the small stalls across the place are featured by the daily wagers and homemakers, so it’s worth buying here.

7. Mumbai International Literary Festival

Mumbai International Literary FestivalKnock off, peeps, and this is the golden opportunity for the ones who are literature enthusiasts to witness the legends of literature live! Partying with pen, notepad, and legendary literate themselves can be better than this, no right, then what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity when you visit the place. It is one among the fastest grown India’s best festivals. The eve sessions will be followed by prose, poetry, quotes, and head onwards. So come on for your dose of literature and liberal arts!

8. NCPA in International Jazz Festival

NCPA in International Jazz FestivalDo you love performing or watching Jazz? Cause the NCPA international jazz festival brings you, artists, from across boundaries and highlights the profound connection between voice and instruments. Not only Indian, but the fest also polishes on a diverse range of genres, including drama, contemporary dance, orchestral concerts, opera, jazz, and chamber music. The International Jazz festival is undoubtedly the best place to visit your jazz idols!

9. Koli Seafood Festival

Koli Seafood FestivalAre you a die heart seafood lover? Or wanna dig them at least once? Then you should surely visit the Koli seafood festival where you just name a food item and boom it will be on your desk, be it anything even pomfret, basa, surmai, mackerels, tuna, ghol, shellfish, madeli, rani or bombil. They gota cover you with everything. And if you are especially mad about prawns, crab, and fish, trust us, you’ll be at the best place for sure. It has everything to burn out your cravings and hunger for sea food that too at affordable rates. Only smell enough to answer all your doubts, we bet!

10. THESPO Youth Theatre Festival

THESPO Youth Theatre FestivalAre you planning to make your eve colorful? Then register for thespo events which occur every year in Mumbai as an evening programme theatre. THESPO in day-to-day theatre shows on training and mentoring your talent, creating collaboration corridors among National and international theatre-makers, summing towards building a global community of young theatre and giving them a platform to showcase their work. Here seating at a place you can explore throughout the country covering all the rich cultural Heritages.


Hence these were the best festivals you can plan a trip with your buddies. These offer you delicacies from cross countries, enhancing your traditional tastes, greasing your photo albums, memories, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Grab your eve with your closed ones.

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