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Top 10 F1 Racing Cars

Well, the Formula 1 racing cars have a way of thrilling us with those nail-biting matches every season. Some of the all-time best F1 racing cars have made their mark for eternity in the game in this list.

Top 10 F1 Racing Cars

1. Mercedes AMG F1 W07 Hybrid

Mercedes AMG F1 W07 HybridThe 2019 season seems like Mercedes’ monopoly in the game, and it’s minuscule considering the 2016 season. After Hybrid V6’s were necessary for the 2014 and further seasons, Mercedes transformed into the team to beat.’ Going back, the 2016 F1 season demonstrated how ridiculously skilled the German team was. Out of 21 races in the 2016 season, the W07 had 19 wins and a pole position start for nearly every race. The thing W07 will actually be remembered for, however, is the rivalry and drama between Mercedes teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The fighting was close quarters and intense, but Rosberg conquered Dubai, then unseemingly retired after becoming the 2016 Formula One World Champion.

2. Mercedes AMG F1 W10 Hybrid

Mercedes AMG F1 W10 HybridAs mentioned above, at times, too much winning devalues it amongst the supporters. Formula One fan can understand this very well now after Mercedes AMG crushed Ferrari this year in their W10. The first eight races of the season were all conquered by Mercedes. Ferrari had to wait until the end of the summer break to win their first race at the Belgian Grand Prix. The AMG F1 W10 is ridiculously ahead of the competition. IT might stumble in certain places, such as straights or hot-weather tracks.. Due to that, Mercedes has anyways clinched the 2019 Constructors championship. According to Lewis Hamilton standards, everything now that’s left is to see if Bottas can keep up according to Lewis Hamilton standards.

3. Scuderia Ferrari F2002

Scuderia Ferrari F2002For Formula One enthusiasts who feel let down by the sport’s monopoly by Mercedes’ (Seemingly) never-ending reign over everyone else, Fans should know that it could always be more drastic, as shown by Ferrari’s sequential championship grabs during the early/mid-2000s, especially in 2002. As a Ferrari supporter, it’s always refreshing to witness them succeed, but at times too much success can be boring. See the 2002 season with Ferrari’s exceptional combination of their F2002 and Michael Schumacher.

4. McLaren MP4/6

McLaren MP4/6In the footsteps of McLaren MP4/4, McLaren had again found the perfect recipe for winning. In this instance, the 1991 season proved another treat for fans featuring two McLaren drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. However, this was revenge time for Senna for Prost’s actions in 1989 at Suzuka. The vehicle of destruction this time around was the MP4/6. Amongst all of the F1 cars ever made, the McLaren MP4/6 is, probably, one of the most utterly marvelous and charming race cars of them all. With stunning looks, a deadly Honda engine, and two destructive drivers among the best in the world, the MP4/6 found itself in clinching victory in the race or the fan’s heart and as well as their walls.

5. Red Bull RB9

Red Bull RB9In another instance, Adrian Newey displays his wide intellect and superior skills. On this occasion, however, it is at Red Bull. As it was founded recently, Red bull was not on the right path to victory with stumbling on the way many times and even included being beaten by its sister team. Red Bull had grabbed three championships consecutively during 2010, 2011, and 2012; for their fourth one in 2013, they would accomplish it splendidly. Although the RB7 was a great car, the RB9 in 2013 would annihilate its opponents.

6. Williams FW14B

Williams FW14BFor devoted fans of Formula One, Adrian Newey may sound familiar. For those who don’t quite remember, Mr. Adrian Newey is among the Formula One designers/engineers’ hall of fame. He’s served many teams and many cars, including the 1992 Williams FW14/FW14B. Cutthroat competition from McLaren, Williams stepped back from all the stops to gain victory over their opponent. The FW14B with an active suspension in the rear and standard pushrods in the back helps this. Taking Nigel Mansell as the racer and the FW14B as the race-car, Williams won the season to crush McLaren’s hegemony on the championship.

7. Brawn BGP 001

Brawn BGP 001Circa 2009, Ross Brawn removed himself from successful championship teams with an ambition of raising his own championship-winning team. Although his opponents ridiculed him, their laughter was soon diminished when his team won the championship for the first time in their debut season in the grid. Owing to a little bit of rule-bending and engineering marvel, Ross Brawn’s team uncovered a potential aerodynamics modification: The double diffuser. This made substantial betterment in the downforce, which helped Jenson Button win the championship for Brawn in 2009. Definitely Phenomenal for a new team’s first year on the grid.

8. McLaren MP4/4

McLaren MP4/4Before Mercedes and Red Bull dominate the Hybrid-era, and before Ferrari being crowned king of the V10’s, McLaren had a reign of their lives. One such car famous amongst enthusiasts and fans alike was McLaren MP4/4. Having with them two legendary drivers of all time, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, coursing the MP4/4, it was a no-brainer who’d sweep the championship. However, its victories must not be attributed to the racers alone since the MP4/4 was way ahead of its time. It was designed by the genius McLaren designer Gordon Murray.

9. Ferrari 500

Ferrari 500As the 1950s were very different from modern times in every other domain that can be considered social, political, and cultural, they had all that sketch rules and a very opaque system of rules and regulations with all that federation hegemony. Ferrari 500 was allowed in F1 racing when it was clearly an F2 car. As a result, It established itself in both the formats F1 and F2 as invincible. Ascari and team Ferrari made 500 really one of the most daunting F1 cars ever to grace the track…

10. Brabham BT46

Brabham BT46To fit in the category, some vehicles really have to go the extra mile. Brabham BT46 is definitely one of them. I mean like it had to undergo a turbine installation to be eligible for participation in the races. Although the federation opposed the concept of fan-favorite cars, still the BT46 annihilated every other vehicle on the track. With the renowned Niki Lauda at the commanding position, what else do fans want?

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