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Top 10 Festivals of Uttarakhand in 2022

Uttarakhand, there are numerous fairs celebrated. The land of gods. It is a completely well-known pilgrimage web website online in which humans come from all elements of India. Let’s discuss Top Festival of Uttarakhand.

Top 10 Festival in Uttarakhand

This article suggests the top 10 festival information of Uttarakhand.

1. Phool Dei

Phool DeiPhool Dei is an auspicious people’s competition that welcomes the spring season and is well known on the Chaitra month’s primary day. It is the competition of the Uttarakhand kingdom. Folk singers welcome the spring with their track and are given rice and gifts. People of the village sing and dance to their people’s songs to have fun in spring competition alongside changing desires for properly-being.

2. Uttarakhandi Holi

Uttarakhand HoliIn Uttarakhand have fun Holi in 3 special paperwork first is Khadi Holi, In this shape of Holi humans dance and sing songs primarily based totally at the topic of Holi; 2nd is Baithki Holi, which starts offevolved throughout Basant Panchami and is well known until Dulhendi and 1/3 is Mahila Holi, is well known with the aid of using ladies of the kingdom, making a song songs displaying their love for his or her own circle of relatives and friends.

3. Harela and Bhitauli Festival

Harela and Bhitauli FestivalThis Kumaoni Hindu peoples competition is well known throughout each the Navratris, Chaitra withinside the month of Chaitra, Sharad Navratri withinside the month of Ashwin, and Shravan. On these days throughout the Shravan Harela, clay statues are Gauri, Maheshwar, and Ganesha for worship.

4. Ghee Sankranti

Ghee SankrantiThis is one of the maximum famous and widely known fairs celebrated within the wet season, celebrated within the month of Bhadrapada. By the time of Ghee Tyar, crops, fruits, greens have grown and are in profusion. People additionally practice ghee on their brow and savers ghee with urad Dal-filled chapattis.

5. Nanda Devi Mela

Nanda Devi MelaNanda approach properly-being and prosperity. The truth is held in Goddess Nanda and Sunanda’s reminiscence throughout September and is taken as an image of nonsecular and fabric prosperity. The competition begins offevolved from the early morning and maintains till nine pm. Singers and dancers sing people’s songs and dance.

6. Purnagiri Mela

Purnagiri MelaPurnagiri Mela is prepared with the aid of using Shri Purnagiri Temple. The Mela takes area each yr in Chaitra Navratri over the duration of months. The Purnagiri Temple is one of the 108 Siddha Peethas and a sacred area to go to for pilgrims in the course of the year.

7. Syalde Bikhoti Mela

Syalde Bikhoti MelaThe Syalde Bikhoti Mela is held in a small metropolis of Dwarahat in Kumaon. The truth is held each year withinside the month of Vaisakhi. People have fun with people’s tracks, songs, and dances. People go to the Vimandeshwar Temple, eight km far from Dwarahat. Jalebi is each eaten and exchanged throughout this truth.

8. Kangdali Festival

Kangdali FestivalThe fairs are celebrated withinside the Kumaon location of Uttarakhand. The humans have fun Kandali competitions between August between October. The Chaundas Valley is far away withinside the Dharchula tehsil of Pithoragarh.

9. Hill Jatra

Hill JatraHill Jatra is among the conventional fairs celebrated within the kingdom of Uttarakhand in the Kumaon region’s Pithoragarh district. This competition worried 3 stages of a birthday party with goat sacrifice, drama, and folks songs performance. The Hill Jatra competition’s middle enchantment is the White Clothed deer, which is worshiped as a nearby God.

10. Bissu Mela

Bissu MelaThis truth is held withinside the Chakrata Block of Dehradun District. This truth is well known at the Shukla Paksha withinside the months of Chaitra. Locals and the humans from the vicinage come collectively and pray to the Santora Devi. Men and ladies of the Jaunsari tribe sing and dance at the people’s track and get dressed up in colorful conventional garments in their location.

11. Nanda Devi Raj Jaat

Nanda Devi Raj JaatNanda Devi Raj Jaat or Himalayan Mahakumbh is a competition in Uttarakhand. The yatra begins offevolved from Nauti village of Chamoli district to the excessive altitude lake of Roopkund. This competition is held for the entire 3 weeks, and there are 19 halting locations throughout the yatra. Newlywed Bride Nanda is welcomed with the aid of using a mangal which the girls sing.


Here, giving some information about the top 10 festivals in Uttarakhand, India. Uttarakhand is domestic to humans of assorted cultures. However, many of their fairs revolve around harvest and agriculture. If you realize approximately those fairs, percentage them withinside the remark section.

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