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Top 10 Hotels in Hanumangarh

Hanumangarh has a large no. of hotels for tourists and locals here are some amazing hotels of Hanumangarh

Top 10 Hotels in Hanumangarh

1. Rajvi palace Hotel

Rajvi palace HotelFew people are aware of this peaceful place, which is home to numerous breathtaking views. Definitely, worth a visit, this city’s offerings can be enjoyed by paying a visit and staying at Rajvi Palace Hotel. This property, which is one of the best hotels in Hanumangarh, guarantees a relaxing stay. There are 40 rooms in total, each with basic facilities such as a television and an attached toilet. Rajvi Palace Hotel has a lot to come in terms of hotel facilities. Room service is available to all guests.

  • Star Type: 3 star
  • Price: 2100 Rs/-
  • Contact No.: 09549405555

2. Aditya Hotel

Aditya HotelAditya Hotel And Restaurant in Hanumangarh is providing a hearty meal. This location is known for its delicious food that can satisfy any appetite. It is home to some of the world’s most famous cuisines. It is located in a convenient location in Hanumangarh Town to accommodate a large number of diners. The venue is located near Bus Stand, Main Road, Town-335513. Foodies in and around the area will take advantage of this convenient location by walking into this restaurant without having to deal with the hassles of commuting to this part of town.

  • Star Type: 3 star
  • Price: 2000 Rs/-
  • Contact No.: 9667271717

3. GM Resort

GM ResortIt is also said that a wedding is a lovely sign of a lifetime of marriage. And it’s certainly a good time to reflect on the experience! Indian weddings are renowned for their opulence, but the truth goes far beyond the glitz and glam. Indian weddings are traditionally a week-long affair that celebrates the country’s customs, history, and heritage.

  • Star Type: 3 star
  • Contact No.: 09783800005

4. Hotel Gill Tower

Hotel Gill TowerHotel gill tower provides all the necessary accessories of a hotel. Very great service is provided here all the staff here are very friendly also many facilities are available.

  • Price: 800 Rs/-
  • Contact No.: 09414877717

5. Hotel Grand Inn

Hotel Grand InnThe Grand Inn Hanumangarh First Fully Furnished Hotel is located in Hanumangarh (Rajasthan), India, between Hanumangarh Town and Junction Highway. The Hotel Grand Inn is located in a fascinating area close to entertainment, shopping, and trade.

A bus stop and a railway station are also nearby, allowing for convenient access to the rest of Rajasthan’s cities and districts.

  • Star Type: 3 star
  • Price: 2500 Rs/-
  • Contact No.: 09529277777

6. Narang Inn

Narang InnHotel & Restaurant Narang Narang Hotel, strategically located in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan (India), epitomizes the dual identities of different events as well as business and corporate meetings in Hanumangarh and the surrounding area. With luxurious amenities, these 45 well-appointed rooms and suites are fitted with state-of-the-art amenities, offering the latest facilities to its discerning guests, including a 24-hour multi-cuisine restaurant, Gift-Guide, Conference Hall, Cafe, and free Wi-Fi.

  • Star Type: 3 star
  • Price:1500 Rs/-
  • Contact No.: 09269500000

7. Nanda Hotel

Nanda HotelThe Nanda family is active in a variety of business ventures. In this regard, the hotel’s owner began a new hotel company in December 2014. The hotel is brand new. We have built the facilities in such a way that our rooms offer the elegance, class, and comfort that you have been searching for your entire life (while keeping in mind the low customer budget). If you’re here on business or for pleasure, you’ll enjoy your stay with us thanks to our modern and fun theme.

  • Star Type: 3 star
  • Price:800 Rs/-
  • Contact No.: 09549495194

8. Hotel Suraj & Restaurant

Hotel Suraj & RestaurantHanumangarh’s Suraj Hotel The hotel is situated in Hanumangarh Junction HO, which is a strategic location. Since its inception in 1997, this hospitality destination has evolved to become the perfect place for travelers and businesspeople to feel at ease when visiting the region. Many people have rated the hotel as one of the most famous hotels in Hanumangarh.

  • Star Type: 3 star
  • Price:850 Rs/-
  • Contact No.: 09461368743

9. Hotel Kamal

Hotel KamalIn Hanumangarh, the Kamal Hotel offers good value for money. The guesthouse has 5 well-appointed rooms with hot and cold running water and bathrooms. Kamal Hotel has a front desk as well as room service.

  • Contact No.: 01552269188

10. Saran Fort Resort

Saran Fort Resort“A lovely wedding hall and a quiet setting with a well-designed garden.” And an amazing hotel for tourists and guests. All availabilities are there in this resort.


Enjoy a fun-filled vacation at your preferred lodging from the list, and take advantage of the best amenities while taking in the breathtaking scenery. These pristine Hanumangarh hotels. Hope you enjoy it!

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Anamika Kalwan
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