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Top 10 Java Programmers in the World

James Gosling and Sun Microsystems invented Java (computer-based programming language) in 1991. Java is an object-oriented programming language that is used in a distributed environment of the Internet. Java is used not only in computers and mobiles but even in electronic devices like televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, and so on. Hence if you want to know about the “top 10 Java programmers in the World,” then read our complete article because we will cover every detail in our article on the best java programmers in the world.

Top 10 Java Programmers in the World

1. Nick Craver

Nick CraverHe is a site reliability engineer, architecture, and lead developer for stack exchange. Nick has excellent skills and knowledge to serve as a sysadmin, DBA, architect, hardware installer, network fixer, and so on. He gave his multiple years of learning Java and programming to become one of the best Java programmers in the world.

2. John Resig

John ResigHe is an entrepreneur and American software engineer and is most notable for being the developer and creator of John jQuery. Resig started his career after completing graduation in 2005 from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Computer Science. However, in college time, he used to work with Ankur Teredesai on the data mining instant messaging network.

3. Rich Hickey

Rich HickeyRich Hickey is known as the Clojure programming language creator and is a speaker or computer programmer. Clojure Java is a Lisp dialect that is built on top of a virtual machine. Hickey also designed or created an extensible data notation data format, diatomic distributed database, and ClojureScript.

4. Josh Bloch

Josh BlochHe is a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems and a former chief Java architect at Google. Josh has written several books, including Java Concurrency in Practice, and Java Puzzlers Practical Java. Joshua J. Baloch previously worked at Google and Sun Microsystems and is currently a technology writer and an American software engineer. Josh has led, and designed implementations of several Java platform features, including Azores Mechanism, java.math Package, and Java Collections Framework.

5. Doug Cutting

Doug CuttingHe is a chief architect at Cloudera, and the co-creator of Nutch, Hadoop, and Lucene. He is on the Apache Software Foundation board also. He is an advocate and creator of open-source search and software designer technology. Douglass Read Cutting, along with Nutch, and Mike Caffarella, managed both open-source search technology projects which are now managed through his Apache Software Foundation. He also founded Lucene.

6. Peter Lawrey

Peter LawreyPeter is called the champion of Java. Peter is the author of the blog Vanilla Java which has been viewed more than four million times. He is also the CEO of Chronicle Software, a company specializing in low latency, training and development, and consulting high throughput applications in Java. Peter has recently presented talks in many countries, numbering more than a dozen, and along with this, Peter is the most answering stack flow for JVM and Java.

7. Ana Noemi

Ana NoemiAt Stack Overflow, she is a project manager, and at the same time, she works to make the software awesome. She is a native New Yorker specializing in community building as a developer-focused. Ana also explored how we can learn about community from areas beyond the borders with the tech startup world’s help.

8. Arun Gupta

Arun GuptaArun Gupta has built and led developer communities in Oracle, Red Hat, and Sun for over ten years. He is working in Amazon Web Services as a Principal Open Source Technologist. Arun Gupta focuses on containers, all open source and serverless in AWS. He actively participates in CNCF board and technical meetings and is responsible for the CNCF strategy within AWS.

9. Ashley Nelson-Hornstein

Ashley Nelson-HornsteinPreviously a developer for Apple and Dropbox, Ashley Nelson-Hornstein now is the co-founder of Sound Off, an organization working on expanding access to professional apps for marginalized people in tech. She is an avid blogger, iOS engineer, and speaker. These days she discovered what it means to build influential products, and at the same time, she fell in love with the iOS platform while still at Apple. Recently, Ashley worked with Dropbox on a wide range of problems and advocated accessibility.

10. Justin Searls

Justin SearlsJustin Searls writes excellent software, as well as believes in learning and sharing to help others write even more software. It would be not wrong to say that he has two professional passions. The crack team of double agents helped him start a software agency called Test Double to solve complex problems with clean and simple solutions. Justin Searls is on a mission to uncover the myriad ways he failed in his software businesses. Developers in his company Test Double improve how the world writes software.


As we have mentioned earlier, Java is one of the most used programming languages globally, so it is good to know about the experts in the Java language. This list is of the best Java programmers based on multiple resources or their achievements. If you think we missed any Java developer that should be a part of this list then let us know in the comment section.

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Lokesh Joshi
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