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Top 10 Machine Learning Experts in the World

We all know that machine learning is essential for world development as it holds a wide range of applications with unique abilities for adopting and providing solutions for all types of complex problems efficiently and effectively. So there are various machine learning experts in the world, but some of them have excellent skills and knowledge that make them different from others. That’s why we have written this blog by covering “Top 10 Machine Learning Experts in the world.”

Top 10 Machine Learning Experts in the World

1. Geoffrey Hinton

Geoffrey Hinton

He is called the God Father of AI, and for nearly 40 years, Hinton has been trying to get computers to learn as people do. In the initial stage, Hinton became obsessed with the idea of the brain and its working, so he started to learn about psychology, and he settled with a computer science approach.

After having computer science knowledge, Hinton worked on modeling a human brain and got into the world of artificial intelligence. Geoffrey started to work on artificial intelligence by getting inspired by some AI researchers in the world.

2. Michael I Jordan

Michael I Jordan

Born in 1956, Michael I Jordan is a researcher of machine learning, statistics, and artificial intelligence. He is an American scientist as well as a professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

He has a different identity in the world of machine learning, and his name is known separately in this field, and in the year 2016, he was awarded the title of the world’s most influential computer scientist by science.

3. Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng

Andrew NG introduced online courses on Machine learning and deep learning to learners. Born in 1976, Andrew became a Chinese-American computer scientist after completing his education. He is an adjunct professor at Stanford University and provides lectures about machine learning. He’s also the co-founder of Coursera, which is an online learning platform. Andrew guided the development of massive open online courses (MOOC) platform at Stanford University. Andrew’s machine learning courses got more than 100,000 students around the world. In 2017, Andrew founded, a company of artificial intelligence education. In the same year, he also founded the “landing AI”.

4. Jeff Hawkins

Jeff Hawkins

American founder Jeff Hawkins was born on June 1, 1957, and invented PalmPilot and Trio from the Palm Computing and handspring organizations, whose founder is himself. He now works full-time on neuroscience, and Hawkins is the author of a book named “on intelligence”, in which he explains his memory prediction framework.

In the year 2020, Jeff announced the news that another new book of his will come on March 2, 2021, named Thousand Brains: A New Theory of Intelligence.

5. Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun

Born on July 8, 1960, LeCun became an excellent French computer scientist and works primarily in computational neuroscience, computer version, mobile robotics, and machine learning.

LeCun has received many achievements like chief AI, vice president, or a scientist at Facebook, and along with this in the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, he is a professor.

6. Terry Sejnowski

Terry Sejnowski

Terrence Joseph Sejnowski is a Francis Crick professor in the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, where he directs the laboratory of computational neurobiology and has research in neural networks.

This is the person who first discovered computational neuroscience.

7. David M. Blei

David M. Blei   David M. Blei is a professor of statistics and computer science at the University of Colombia, as well as working in the field of Bayesian statistics and machine learning. He is one of the members of the Columbia Data Science Institute.

8. Daphne Koller

Daphne Koller

She is an Israeli-American computer scientist born on August 27, 1968, and she is also a professor in the computer science department of Stanford University as well as one of the founders of Coursera and has a general research area artificial intelligence in which biomedical science is its applications.

9. Zoubin Ghahramani

Zoubin Ghahramani

He is a professor at Cambridge University and also one of the founders of boobers AI lab. He is exceptionally passionate about machine learning, and this is his research area. He is a British-Iranian researcher as well as Professor in the Information Engineering field. Zoubin has a joint appointment at University College London as well as the Alan Turing Institute.

10. Sebastian Thrun

Sebastian Thrun

He is a professor at Stanford University, and he also founded Google’s moonshot factory “Google X” and led projects like Google glass, project node, and some even refer to him as a father of self-driving cars. Thrun is an educator, scientist and inventor, and now an entrepreneur. He decided to combine his love in 2012 for education and tech with Udacity and an online learning platform, and his main focus on one mission, to shuttle the ivory towers and democratize education. He has partnered with Larry Page, the co-founder of Google’s, to set up the kitty hawk flyer that’s the business of building flying cars.


We have discussed the complete details of “Top 10 Machine Learning Experts in the world” because they have created history by changing the landscape of the technology world. We tried to collect and present all of the details about these experts, but if you have any doubts, then the comment section is open, and we will try our best to give complete information for your doubt.

Lokesh Joshi
Lokesh Joshi
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