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Top 10 movies Starring Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the world’s highest-paid actors, not in just Hollywood. Still, the entire world with amounting to over 75 million dollars just for the mission impossible series he has Rose to fame with his action and fantasy movies featuring mission Impossible series eyes wide shut age of tomorrow, and many other beautiful and immaculate movies shot by him in this list will be looking at some Tom Cruise movies directly based on their entertainment level and many other things.

Top 10 movies starring Tom Cruise

1. The Mummy

it is one of the movies that backs action-adventure and fantasy along with the age of old gold mummy concept Alto not much famous within the cinephiles for its depiction of mummy e it is a reflection play on its features and Egyptian princesses who are awakened by some turbulence on the ground, and now is on the hunt for the eternal power

2. Knight & Day

it is directed by Alex Kurtzman and features Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella Knight and day is one of the movies that feature Cameron Diaz as well, and it is a Spy movie e in which they both are on the run, and it has not been that successful in US cinemas although it was a very successful overseas, and it does not get too boring and has a very e-notice simple plot, and that leads to a very pretty straight forward climax and ending although these performances can overshadow these faults especially the performance of Tom Cruise in the movie is very captivating at is directed by James mangold

3. Oblivion

Oblivion is one of the movies that feature Sci-Fi and Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman together all the movies directed by Joseph and features the screenplay by Michael ardent and it is is is on the story of a veteran going back to the Earth for refining and taking away It’s remaining limited resource and faces an existential crisis while doing it and starts to question anything and everything about himself and the mission

4. Edge of Tomorrow

edge of tomorrow is one of the adventures films released in 2014, which is directed by the fantastic director of The science fiction movies dog lemon and has its screenplay done by Christopher Mercury and features Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, and Bill Paxton in the lead. It is about a store soldier fighting the aliens about the same thing over, over, and over again, and as he dies, the day of fighting started also, so in a way, the title of the movie e is very ingenious, and it is a very intriguing conceptual based think it’s a must-watch for all the science fiction enthusiasts as all of them

5. Top Gun

the top gun is a 1986 Tom Cruise movie e which is a story of a student program for a race to be in the top class but is blown away by the lesson given to him by a civilian, which I find very invigorating it is directed by Tony Scott and written by Jim Cash and jack express junior.

6. Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes wide shut is a 1999 movie which is full of drama, mystery and a thriller it is about a New York City doctor who starts onto a roller coaster ride after learning the secret of also it is directed by Stanley kayak and written by him to and stars Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise and Todd Feld. it is an entertaining watch but can be a handful for many as its somewhat graphic

7. The Last Samurai

The last samurai is a 2003 movie e which is of action and drama genre and is based on the story e of a military advisor when he is trained by summarizing and adopt their culture and heritage as; it is directed by Edward Zwick and written by John Logan and stars Tom Cruise and Ken wanted it is one of the movies that have been a movie with an exceptional plot and cast

8. Collateral

collateral 2004 movie wherein a cab driver is being held hostage of a contract killer, and it is based on the general of crime drama and thriller, and although it has been rated mighty 7.51 IMDb for its work, it happily starts, and acid said with Michael Mance movie e it is very e invigorating watch with a lot of psychological stuff going on it is

9. Jack Reacher: Never Go BackJack Reacher: Never Go Back

The 2006 movie based on The runaway man who must get to know the truth behind the conspiracy of government while he is declared outlaw fugitive of the law directed by Edward Zurich and returned by Richard wink it is one of the movies that are interesting to watch and features Tom Cruise and Cobie Smithers along with Alice Hodge

10. Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Mission Impossible Fallout is the recent mission Impossible movie wherein the infamous Ethan hunt goes on another impossible mission, which is impossible at this time to go wrong and is directed by Christopher Mercury and has Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill along with Ving Rhames in the lead along with the allies he does a pretty good job keeping as captivating all the time.


All in all, Tom Cruise has been entertaining pretty much all the time write from 89 to the recent times be at the action or the science fiction or the adventure or The Spy movie ever disappoint us although sometimes due to lack of great director support the movie doesn’t turn out to be as good as it can be on its full potential, still the stardom of Tom Cruise is pretty much all its need apart from direction to make the movie success old but at times even he struggles to turn it into a masterpiece of the highest degree.

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