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Top 10 Mythological Books to Read

A herd of Rama? Krishna?Odysseus?Iliad?Mahabharata?Surpanakha is curious to know more about them and have fun leisure time; these mentioned below would solve all the riddled veins. Starting from an early period to now the mythology has always been the greatly chosen day- by -day making it tedious to land on one book though here are some books you should go for

Top 10 Mythological Books to Read

1. Mahabharata [ Vyas]

Mahabharata [ Vyas]धृतराष्ट्र उवाच

धरमक्षेत्रे कुरुक्षेत्रे समवेता युयुत्सवः ।

मामकाः पाण्डवाश्चैव किमकुर्वत संजय।।

Mahabharata’s first shloka gives a plot of the longest poem of over 100000 Sanskrit shlokas by sage Vyas. The book beautifully depicts Kauravas and Pandavas mishap in the Kurushetra War for dynasty throne, along lines depicting exemplary teacher-student relationship, architectural plot, historical incidents, and behavioral science epic way which can be traced to present giving the reader a lively feel during the course. Do keep the book on your bucket list if you don’t want to miss the depiction.

2. Ramayana [ Valmiki]

Ramayana [ Valmiki]The epic ascribed to Maharshi Valmiki depicts the happenings in Rama’s life after his father’s death, followed by his fourteen-year exile travel through India accompanied by Sita and Laxman, ending in a fight with Ravana and returning to his birth-land crowned as king amid jubilation. Unlike any other tale we have heard since our childhood, the depicting way, reasoning, events, write-up, and a lot more make it stand out and catchy that one would like to read as many times possible. So don’t forget to make time for this epic work.

3. The Palace of Illusions [Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni]

The Palace of Illusions [Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni]”Memory never recaptures reality. Memory reconstructs. All reconstructions change the original, becoming external frames of reference that inevitably fall short.” – Frank Herbert

Draupadi or Panchaali, a woman, said- to -be born of fire who married all five exemplary Pandavas, a friend of Krishna, harbors secret love and an important character. The bookmarks the reference point of Draupadi, as also suggested by Frank Herbert, makes the great Kurushetra War of Throne look different, emphasizing the gender role of women living in a patriarchal world. The book has reached the point of making itself notice worldwide, summarizing the plot uniquely.

4. The Lanka’s Princess[Kavita Kane]

The Lanka's Princess[Kavita Kane]The Surpanakha, Ravana’s famous sister, mostly addressed as ugly, untamed, brutal by books and community, is also perpetuated due to Ravana Dahan amid due to war of Rama and Ravana resulted after Laxman sliced Surpanakha’s nose. But is the reason for the war? is she a victim? is she real horror? Was she Lanka’s princess? or the reason behind the dynasty decline? Was she really born as Meenakshi, one with beautiful eyes? was history her destiny? Curious, right? so rush and because all your answers are hidden in The Lanka’s Princess by Kavita Kane, the historical fiction.

5. The Oath Of The VAYUPUTRAS [Amish Tripathi]

The Oath Of The VAYUPUTRAS [Amish Tripathi]If you are searching for a window seat book and waiting to get lost in a totally different world? Then here is one you were looking for. Yes, The Oath Of The VAYUPUTRAS, the third book of The Shiva’s Trilogy, makes you fall for its sequencing, drafts, storyline, perspective, views, and whatnot. The book of the series lies around the evil ‘Somras’ of Mehula involving many incidences branching from the birth-place safety, the flowering of a similar visionary group, and shedding of snakes and enemies. In the epilogue, you can find the reason for Sati’s death and Shiva’s retirement to Mount Kailash and connect with the Egyptian assassin.

6. The Rozabal Line [Ashwin Sanghi]

The Rozabal Line [Ashwin Sanghi]The search for a thriller is over now. Thanks to The Rozabal Line, the thriller fictional novel about Jesus surviving crucifixion and settling back in India is the world-known novel by Ashwin Sanghi. A cardboard box is found on a shelf in a London library. When the mystified librarian opens it, she screams before she falls unconscious to the floor. Within the labyrinthine recesses of the Vatican, a beautiful assassin of Asian origin swears she will eliminate all who do not believe in her twisted credo. Wait! Wait! Wait! as you are reading till here caps your out-flowing interest, so go and get your hands on it.

7. SITAYANA [Amit Majmudar]

SITAYANA [Amit Majmudar]Countless re-tellings, translations, and reworkings of the Ramayana’s captivating story exist-but none are as vivid, ingenious, and powerful as Amit Majmudar’s Santayana. Majmudar tells the story of one of the world’s most popular epics through multiple perspectives, presented in rapid sequence-from Hanuman and Ravana, down to even the squirrel helping Rama’s army build the bridge. However, above all, Majmudar focuses on the fierce resistance of Sita, letting us hear her voice as we have never heard it before.

8. ASURA: The Tale Of The Vanquished [Anand Neelkantan]

ASURA: The Tale Of The Vanquished [Anand Neelkantan]Ravana, a brutal king? Lord or Betrayer? Culprit? King? Let it come, whatever it is, all your questions after reading Ramayana from Rama’s or Sita’s point of view here it’s time to give a chance to Ravana. The book attempts to highlight the vanquished voice as opposed to the victor’s version of Ramayana that is commonly known. It explores the struggles of Ravana and his life that made him what he was and attempts to create a link between the social construct as it may have existed and varied at the time and the well-known instances described in the legend of Ramayana as it is known today.

9. The ILIAD [Homer]

The ILIAD [Homer]The world-known novel is an exquisitely designed leather-bound edition with a gold-foiled cover; this omnibus featuring the two Homeric epics comes with a ribbon bookmark, gilded edges, and beautiful endpapers. Ideal to be read and treasured, it makes for a perfect addition to any library. The oldest extant works of Western literature, Homer’s the Iliad, and the Odyssey, are an important part of the Greek culture. The Iliad gives a detailed poetic description of Troy’s war and expounds on the battle and the events during the weeks of quarrels between King Agamemnon and warrior Achilles. The Odyssey expounds Homer’s energetic vision of everyman’s journey through life. It recounts the tales of the Trojan War.

10. ARJUNA Saga Of A Pandava Warrior – Prince [Anuja Chandramauli]

ARJUNA Saga Of A Pandava Warrior - Prince [Anuja Chandramauli]Yes, I correctly guessed the epic arrests the adventures, conquests, and follies from tales of Arjuna.

Key Features

  • A wonderful story of one of the epic childhood heroes, Arjuna, and his numerous tales of glory and war that still is well known and loved.
  • A very different take on the Mahabharata as it is told from Arjuna’s point of view

Let’s count on them and add full-stop to an unending list. We assure you these epics are incredible stories among themselves and plug you into your situation, giving a whole new outlook of nature. Don’t forget to check-in for a more upcoming book-et list coming soon.

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