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Top 10 Networking Applications

Numerous networking apps enable you to connect with others in your industry, often without leaving to comfort your own home. In this article, we are going to discuss 10 networking applications. Some of these apps facilitate face-to-face meetings. Let’s get started.

Top 10 networking applications

1. Meetup

MeetupPopular in over 400 countries. Meetup categories cover a wide range of interests and niches, including tech, sport, music, and much more. Download meetup from the Apple store or Google Play. Meetup caters to both professional and personal needs. You can create your own meetup, reaching out to others who would like to connect, and establishing a community around the business.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedInThe best-known networking website. The model behind LinkedIn is straightforward enough, allowing users to create a profile that then enables others to find and connect with them for business purposes. But what most people like is that they can share their trusted business associates with others, creating a community of connected and approved people. However, while business networking remains LinkedIn’s core business, it has since branched out into providing job search listings.

3. Shapr

ShaprTinder for business relationships. The application bears an uncanny likeness to those dating apps where you swipe people, and in many respects, it works the same way. It is a business networking tool that sets out to connect people who work in the same industry and therefore share interests and objectives. Once you’ve found a suitable person, Shapr can send them a personal message and establish contact with them. The system doesn’t allow any unsolicited requests.

4. GroupMe

GroupMeA group messaging service. Regular messaging applications like Hangouts weren’t specifically built for business users, but you can also use them for personal connections. This makes the service accessible even for users with older phones or who don’t want to download it. The GroupMe app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10, but users with other devices can also be connected via SMS using your address book. It was bought by Skype in 2011.GroupMe operates much like a private chat room, where any message can be seen by all those in the group, allowing them to react to information sent to each other.

5. Invitly

InvitlyGrow your professional network. It is another professional business networking app, which is members-only, making it a little smaller but more exclusive than other business networking apps. The aim is to ensure that only like-minded professionals can connect, allowing for exchanging ideas and feedback within the community itself. It also means it’s harder for spammers to use the app. There are also mentoring and training service options available. It’s a global platform. The smaller number of users than other apps means that these contacts could be limited to online-only.

6. Bizzabo

BizzaboA tool for conference networking. There are two components to Bizzabo, one for those that attend conferences and another for the businesses that organize them. How much depends on the integration needed with other software and how much information you want to extract about the attendees. Existing LinkedIn users won’t even need to register their information, as the app can access your profile and the LinkedIn profiles of other attendees.

7. Eventbrite

EventbriteIt offers two popular apps that allow you to discover great events or create your own. The Eventbrite Organizer app is a one-stop-shop for creating and managing your own event. You can design your own event listing page and process payments. This makes it a perfect choice for an entrepreneur looking to form a community of potential clients and customers. Real-time reporting on ticket sales and no fees on free tickets. Available from both the Apple Store and Google Play.

8. Summitsync

SummitsyncIt is an iOS and Android app that focuses on smoothing the networking process at events and meetings. This enables users to organize and schedule meetings at events in advance, ensuring they network with the right people. SummitSync integrates with email and calendar tools, as well as providing private messaging for its users. Track your results and measure the impact of your trade show marketing. Automatic scheduling and sync with Google/Outlook 365 calendars. Integrates with Salesforce.

9. Nudge

NudgeIt is an impressive solution for businesses and startups that will integrate with chrome to work seamlessly inside your inbox. AI-powered insights. Integrates with Gmail, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and many more. Extensive support, documentation, and resource.

10. Common connect

Common connectIt focuses on connecting people based on interests, careers, and proximity. Common Connect can also be used by businesses or entrepreneurs hosting an event or conference. You can use this app to reach out to individuals in any industry or profession. It Adds followers from social media and connects on a professional level.

Available from both the Apple Store and Google Play.


Evidently, there are numerous networking apps available that will enable you to connect with others in your profession or niche. Try every app and tell us that which app is working better. And if you have any problems, please let us know in the comments section below.

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