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Top 10 Operating Systems for Mobile Phones

The operating system plays a very important role in improving the features of any smartphone or mobile device. The promotion of any application is due to its operating system, whether it is a game application or a web application. It flourishes only with the help of an operating system. Due to the operating system, the price of the phone increases, and the phone gets more expensive.

Top 10 Operating Systems for Mobile Phones

So in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 operating systems which are the best for mobile phones.

1. iOS

iOSApple makes this mobile operating system. It is found in all the mobile devices associated with Apple, whether it is iPhone or iPad. Apple’s operating system is very different, i.e., not everyone understands it. It has its support. It shows little difficulty in partnering with other operating systems.

2. BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OSBlackBerry has designed its operating system primarily to protect apps and facilitate the movement of emails. In this system, our data is safe. This is a very popular mobile OS. Its phones are a bit expensive, but its features are worth its value.

3. Bada OS

Bada OSThis operating system is made by Samsung and is used by more than 800 million users. Presently the position of this operating system is at number three. This OS is found in Samsung Galaxy devices, and it is very easy to operate, and therefore it is so much in trend. It allows data sharing with other operating systems without any hassle.

4. Tizen OS

Tizen OSThis operating system is found not only in mobiles and computers but also in smart TVs and tablets. This system has been made with the help of Samsung. A project was created to build this OS called Linux Foundation. Because of this, this system has been made and is doing so much. It is very similar to Samsung’s operating system; except a few differences.

5. Kai OS

Kai OSKai is an open-source mobile operating system developed in China. It allows data sharing with any other operating system. The performance of this mobile operating system is advanced and smooth in operation.

6. Android

AndroidThis operating system is the most popular  mobile OS as well as the most trending one currently. More than 1 billion people use this system because of its user-friendly interface. It was launched in 2007. Its new form is claimed to be launched in 2020.

7. Symbian OS

Symbian OSNokia created this operating system to run only on smartphones. Before this operating system could progress, it was discontinued in 2011. The main reason behind the failure of the Symbian OS was the introduction of modern touchscreens that focused on fingers and true touch computing.

8. Windows OS

Windows OSThis operating system is very famous and is found on mobile phones as well as computers. It is very easy to run, and many versions of it have come; running them is easy, and the company is still working on improving it. This OS has made a home in people’s minds because of its Graphical User Interface. However, the Windows mobile OS failed because of lack of customization and lack of support devices.

9. Sailfish OS

Sailfish OSThis operating system is a Linux-based open-source mobile operating system found on tablets on mobiles. The OS is an improvised version of the Linux MeeGo OS that was previously developed by alliance of Nokia and Intel which itself relies on combined Maemo and Moblin. The Sailfish operating system is making progress so far. The special thing is that it has been made in many languages ​​to run it easily.

10. MeeGo

MeeGoThis operating system was created by Linux, which was discontinued in 2011. By making this, a new version was created, which was named Tizen. This operating system has been made for mobile, and there is a lot of development in it. Samsung has now taken it under its control. Many devices running on this mobile operating system are available in the market, and people like them.


In this article, we discussed about the top 10 mobile operating systems. We tried our best to explain all the details about these mobile operating systems. We hope you like our article and gain informative information about the various mobile operating systems.

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Anamika Kalwan
Anamika Kalwan
I am a logophile who loves to write. With an experience of 3+ years, I have passionately contributed my expertise and knowledge to create content in the field of Technical and E-learning based Content Writing.I am a logophile who loves to write. With an experience of 3+ years, I have passionately contributed my expertise and knowledge to create content in the field of Technical and E-learning based Content Writing.

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