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Top 10 places to eat in Delhi

Often referred to as ‘Dilwale ki Delhi’, Delhi has a vibrant presence as the capital of the world’s largest democracy. Delhi is widely known as a gastronome’s pleasure garden. The Dance of the Seven Veils is a metaphor for exploring Delhi. The best restaurants in Delhi offer a wide variety of Asian, Mediterranean, European, and, of course, Indian dishes, reflecting the town’s multiculturalism, which is also mirrored in the town’s museums, pubs, and events scenes. So, let us take care of your hunger as you explore Delhi!

Top 10 Restaurants in Delhi

1. Karim’s

Karim’sKarim’s Hotel, or Karim’s, Established in 1913, is a historic restaurant near Jama Masjid in Old Delhi. The restaurant has been described as “synonymous with this place” (Old Delhi) and “arguably the city’s most popular culinary destination”. To get to Karims, take the metro to Chawri Bazar Station and then a Rickshaw. Some must-try dishes are Chicken Jahangir, Mutton Qurma, Mutton Jahangiri, Karim Roll, Reshmi Seekh Kebab, and Badam Pasanda.

Address: 16, Gali Kababian, Jama Masjid, New Delhi

Price Range:₹800 for two people (approx.)

2. Bukhara

BukharaITC Maurya has been recognized as the chosen ‘Residence for World Leaders and Global Icons’ for over 35 years, nestled in greenery in the heart of Delhi. This authentic restaurant brings the rugged northwest Frontier’s romance to life, making it a must-visit dining destination in New Delhi. Bukhara’s delicious menu of succulent tandoor-cooked kebabs, vegetables, and bread recreates the charm of the traditional clay oven or tandoor. Bukhara has mastered the craft of cooking, as shown by its signature dishes, such as the Bukhara Sikandri Raan, Bukhara Murgh Malai kababs, and the Dal Bukhara.

Address: ITC Maurya, Sardar Patel Marg, Akhaura Block, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Price Range: ₹6500 (approx.) for two people without alcohol

3. Indian Accent

Indian AccentIndian Accent combines global ingredients and techniques with Indian flavors and traditions to create innovative Indian cuisine. Chef Manish Mehrotra created Indian Accent’s ground-breaking contemporary Indian menu, which combines fresh seasonal produce with unusual ingredients worldwide to excite the adventurous while satisfying traditional tastes and conjuring nostalgia. Some of those include Sweet Corn Shorba, Mushroom Kulcha, Doda Barfi, Butter Chicken Kulcha, and Wine Cellar.

Address: The Lodhi, Lodhi Road, CGO Complex, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi

Price Range: ₹5,000 for two people (approx.), without alcohol

4. Sagar Ratna

Sagar RatnaSagar Ratna is a restaurant chain known for serving authentic South Indian cuisine. This is the restaurant that brought Udupi idli-dosa dishes from Mumbai to Delhi. The food is clean, and the ambiance is relaxing and comfortable. With mouthwatering Rasam, Sambar, and Dosa, the South Indian Thali is worth trying. In short, this place never ceases to amaze with good food at a reasonable price and excellent service!

Address: K – 15, Connaught Cir, Block K, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Price Range: ₹400 – ₹600 for two people (approx.)

5. Town Hall

Town HallWith high ceilings, stacked library books, and old-school room dividers, Town Hall’s interiors have a colonial theme. There’s plenty for everybody on the vast world cuisine menu, but chef Augusto Cabrera is best known for his sushi. A fine collection of wines, drinks, and heady cocktails make for an enjoyable dining experience at any time of day at this high-energy social melting pot, where chat, humor, entertainment, and an amazing dining experience blend every day of the week.

Address: 60-61, Middle Circle Lane, Near Dayal Opticals, Khan Market, New Delhi

Price Range: ₹2,500 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol

6. Olive Bar & kitchen

Olive Bar & kitchenOlive Qutub is a secluded hideaway where delectable cuisine, laughter, culture, and talk come together in a delicious melting pot. In this mesmerizing Mediterranean mosaic, fashion, sculpture, music, and style converge. Chef Dhruv Oberoi’s love for cooking began at a young age, inspired by his mother’s interest in the kitchen. Cooking is a way of speaking for him. Cheese Souffle, Fettuccine, Gnocchi, Sunday Brunches, Date Night, and Mezze Platter are only a couple of the delicacies on his expertly made menu.

Address: Mile 6 One Style, 8, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Price Range: ₹4,000 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol

7. Andhra Bhavan

Andhra BhavanYou can opt to skip Andhra food because it is one of India’s spicier ethnic cuisines, but you won’t be able to avoid it completely. Contrary to popular belief, chilies are not used in any of the dishes. Many Andhra delicacies have a mild but distinct taste that will completely captivate you and make you want to try more. Andhra Bhavan in Delhi is one such restaurant that serves delicacies. Andra Bhavan is worth visiting for anything from Breakfast Thali to Unlimited Veg Thali, Sweet Pan to Chicken Fry, and other South Indian dishes.

Address: Feroz Shah Road, Delhi

Price Range: ₹450 for two people (approx.)

8. Artusi Ristorante

Artusi RistoranteThe restaurant’s name alone suggests that it serves Italian cuisine. The owner and chefs of Artusi Ristorante are from the Emilia Romagna region of northeastern Italy, and the restaurant has a welcoming environment that makes you want to return. Pasta is a regional specialty in Emilia Romagna. Artusi Ristorante is as authentically Italian as it comes, hand-crafting an amazing range of pasta from scratch every day, using only the best, usually imported ingredients. Their menu, however, features a wide range of risottos, meats, fish, seafood, salads, vegetables, and some truly amazing desserts.

Address: M 24, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi

Price Range: ₹3,500 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol

9. Bo Tai

Bo TaiIf the stunning décor tempts you out, the food will leave you wanting more. Bo Tai, situated in the Qutub complex, is a gorgeous restaurant that serves Thai cuisine with a twist and some seriously potent cocktails. Bo Tai’s cuisine is nothing if not adventurous, and their current menu is nothing short of delectable. Avocado Carpaccio, Roti Canai, Charcoal Dimsum, grilled tofu, and vegetables baked and wrapped in banana leaf, veg satay, and vegetarian sliders are all worth trying.

Address: 6, 4, Kalka Das Marg, Behind Qutub Minar, Seth Sarai, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Price Range: ₹2,500 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol

10. Café Lota

Café Lota

Café Lota is a cute and artsy café that serves a modern take on regional Indian dishes like Uttarakhand’s Bhatt ki Churkani and South Indian artisanal teas and coffees. Café Lota, which is in keeping with the museum’s charming village-style, has a lovely ambiance to enjoy a hearty and balanced meal. Coconut Rabdi, Pondicherry Fish Curry, Sabudana Popcorn, Chicken Pasanda, Bhapa Doi, and Majestic Chicken are only a few of the must-try dishes.

Address: Gate No. 2, National Crafts Museum, Bhairon Marg, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Price range: ₹1,200 for two people (approx.)


This goes to show that Delhi is unquestionably India’s culinary capital, and the city’s soul is inextricably bound to the overwhelming array of food options available. This hand-picked list of restaurants includes everything from award-winning fine dining to trendy modern restaurants and hidden gems to discover historic market walks. Put your bibs on because it’s time to enjoy these Delhi delicacies!

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