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Top 10 Political Science Projects for Class 10

Political Science or commonly called by students as ‘Civics’, is one of the most important subject matters to be taught in schools. It teaches a kid everything about how a political body works. The function of the judiciary, legislature, democracy, leaders, and much more is political science. Projects on such topics enhance one’s knowledge and help one engage more in learning the content. The article hereby provides a list of project ideas for high schoolers that are fun and scholarly as well.

Top 10 Political Science Projects for class 10

1. (Based on Federalism) Comparative Study of Two Countries

Based on Federalism) Comparative study of 2 countries

As defined by textbooks of high schoolers, the federal government is a form of government in which the central government shares its powers with various constituent units of the country. Several countries follow federalism, such as Brazil, India, Russia, etc., while others don’t, such as China, Sri Lanka, etc. This project aims to help students distinguish well between a federal and a non-federal government by creating a study report. The report may include the types of governing bodies each ‘chosen’ country (one being a federal country) has and then a brief comparison between the governments in each country.

2. (Based on Judicial Activism) News Report Case Study

(Based on Judicial Activism) News Report Case StudyJudicial activism is the judiciary’s active role in upholding the rights of citizens and preserving the constitutional and legal system of the country. The subject matter is highlighted well in school textbooks and needs an example for better understanding. This example can be set by none other than the news articles challenging and following the judiciary system published regularly in the newspapers. The student may choose one such set of news articles from the print, perform a case study and write a report in their own words. This will help students understand the challenges faced by the judicial system and how a government works for it.

3. (Based on Political Parties) Political Parties – A Review

(Based on Political Parties) Political parties- a review Everyone is well aware of the political parties in a country, but only a grown-up kid may understand their reason for existence because that is when a school teaches them so. Since the students are well aware of a political party’s functioning, a review of political parties will help them with their general knowledge. This project requires a student to make a report on the political parties functioning in their country. The report may include the party’s aim, its formation history, its leaders, and its current situation in the country.

4. (Based on Role of Media) Fair Media

(Based on Role of Media) Fair MediaIn the case of political issues, the media is supposed to provide information to the public by its reporting of and commentary on the proceedings within the Parliament, the operations of the Government, and the views and alternate policies of the Opposition. But the media these days is so-called ‘sold’. News channels, rather than providing the facts, work on spreading false information. This project is supposed to elaborate on the function of media in today’s world, and students are meant to write their views on ‘What is Fair Media?’.

5. (Based on Challenges Facing the Democratic System) Reality Check

(Based on Challenges facing the democratic system) Reality CheckThe chapter in the study describes the challenges faced by a democratic system and how to reform them. A student may learn everything about the democratic system and its challenges but hardly gets to know them from the real world. This project aims to make the student have a reality check on the current system. The student may pick any challenge (Poverty, Literacy, Religionism, etc.) and write a report on:

  • Steps by the government to tackle the challenge
  • The success achieved through the steps
  • Is the success satisfactory?
  • Suggestions for enhancement

6. Leaping onto the Past

Leaping onto the pastEach country today has a type of government that didn’t exist hundreds of years ago in that place. For example, India was under British rule before its independence in 1947. This project report aims to make students aware of the past government system/rule in the country and compare both systems. A report is to be made describing the political system that existed before the current government.

7. Election Replica

Election ReplicaThe students may be distributed in a group, and each group will stand for a political party of its own. The group will create a name for their party and choose a leader and do the procedures exactly that of a real election. Some students will be left out (not in any group) and act as common citizens. The parties will promote and campaign for votes in any manner they need, and then an election will be held where students will be required to cast their votes on the ballots. This project will help students understand how an election process works.

8. Reaching Out to Government Officials

Reach-out government officialsThe project can either be performed in a group or individually. Students may search for the problems in their areas regarding anything and then email or mail out the issue to government officials. This will help students both in recognizing the problems and in reaching out to help society.

9. Interview

InterviewThis project is quite productive and makes a student familiar with a commoner’s views on political systems. The student can interview someone lesser known to him on a personal level. The choice of person to be interviewed should be such that he/she has personally encountered any political area. For example, a person who has visited court for some case can be interviewed for his/her reviews on the judicial system, an elderly neighbor can be interviewed for his views on how the politics changed over the years, or a family member or neighbor who serves any electrical board can be interviewed on his experience at the place.

10. Chart Making on Foreign Political System

Chart making on Foreign political systemWhile in school, a student gets to learn a lot about the political system functioning in their own country but learns less about some other country’s political system. The project aims at providing students with knowledge of foreign political systems. The student may create a chart describing a foreign country’s political system that is unlike his own country. The chart may include the type of government, its role, its functioning, and its leaders.


So these were some easy-to-try Political Science project ideas for students of class 10th. If you have any such interesting Political Science (Civics) project ideas that you think should be a part of this list, do share them with us in the comments section. Till then, happy learning!

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