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Top 10 Restaurant in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one beautiful city, filled with great monuments and tourist attractions, but more than that, it is the ultimate food destination that satiates the foodie inside you! From conventional cafes to contemporary bakeries, from barbecues to biryanis, from luxurious dinners to cheap eats, Hyderabad has it all. So, if you intend to visit, keep in mind that you bookmark this list of spots in the city that you need to explore, with honorable mentions of the best paan and Iranian chai you can discover.

Best Places to eat in Hyderabad

1. Rayalseema Ruchulu

Rayalseema RuchuluThis multi-outlet eatery aims to exhibit the very finest cuisine from Telangana, Andhra, and Rayalseema. It is primarily remembered for its varieties for veg and non-veg thali; we recommend getting the Raj Bhojanam thali when you’re only going to have only one (only available on the weekend). When you’re in Hyderabad during the week, it’s worth trying out the genuine Telugu Buffet, which is only available at the Jubilee Hills establishment.

2. Ulavacharu

UlavacharuAuthentic Andhra coastal meal at Ulavacharu is the susceptibility element; do not even fall for the biryani. Request the Bamboo Chicken and the Raju Gari Kodi Palav instead, which is really the rice preparations about which Ulavacaharu is popular. The menu will certainly perplex you, so it’s better to ask for assistance, mainly if it’s your first experience at this possibly the best restaurant.

3. Cafe Bahar

Cafe BaharSo far as the Hyderabad food is served, Cafe Bahar is the best for you. Osmania biscuits, Qubani ka Meetha, Irani Chai, and, of course, the classic Dum Biryani-this Iranian cafe is now an overflowing restaurant and has outgrown the area. It operates at 4 am even before breaking dawn, and feeds hungry clients well late in the night.

4. Shah Ghouse

Shah GhouseShah Ghouse’s mutton biryani, undoubtedly one of the top 10 biryanis in the area, has a huge fan base. Early in the morning, the local favorite unlocks and offers up biryani for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! The Meetha and Haleem Double Ka at Shah Ghouse are also too recommended. It’s definitely the go-to place for some authentic Hyderabadi Biryani.

5. Hameedi

HameediThe confectionery has a long heritage; Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan Asaf Jah VII explored it, and he was so satisfied with the halwa he was fed that he renamed the shop after King Hameed of Turkey, who also was his close family member. Hameedi prepares Jouzi, made from oat milk, and takes close to 16 hours to cook. Additional classic Hyderabadi desserts such as Ashrafi and Badam Halwa are also available from Hameedi.

6. Zero40 Brewing

Zero40 BrewingZero40 Brewing, perfect with outdoor dining areas, pool tables, big TVs, and a multicolored bar, is split into two floors, granting a sports bar look. The real game-changer, even so, is their beer collection; there may practically have been something for just about every beer-drinker, from coffee-flavored beers to the much more offbeat banana and bubblegum-flavored Blue Camel.

7. Dimmy Paan Palace

Dimmy Paan PalaceThe earliest known paan shop in Hyderabad, with its own right, is an icon. From the Calcutta Paan to the Meenakshi Meetha Pan, the palace provides 46 variants of paan. The most widely known paan, that being said, is the Fire Paan, which is created by incorporating a truly unique blend to the betel leaves consisting of mint chutney and flavors of fruit. The paan, which includes a few dry cloves, is also set on fire and comes in several flavors.

8. Garden Restaurant

Garden RestaurantGarden first started as a small tea shop in the early 1940s that provided snacks but has become a cultural icon in Hyderabad. A dense, pleasant sugary concoction served in porcelain cups and followed by a crunchy onion samosa or a buttery, crispy Osmania biscuit, the Iranian Chai at the cafe will not displease.

9. Smoky Pitara

Smoky PitaraSmoky Pitara gets its name from the signature mystery boxes of food. It is a quirky food spot with a great ambiance. You can pick any box you like, Indian, Chinese, Continental, etc., and the chef gets to decide what delicacies go inside that box. Smoky Pitara is amongst the new crop of stylish pure -vegetarian restaurants that have caught the fancy of a renowned city for its royal, non-vegetarian fare. During the week, the restaurant remains busy, and reservations are suggested.

10. Conçu

ConçuReckon of immaculate multi-layer cakes, macarons, and eclairs, Conçu filling the French pastry-shaped emptiness in the food scene of Hyderabad in the upscale Jubilee Hills. Their hot chocolate is wicked good, which makes for the ideal pit-stop on your way back home after dinner. It is the best food destination to indulge in the sinful sugary sweetness.


The diversity of delicacies offered by Hyderabad will make your whims and fancies come true! The authentic taste, friendly employees, and excellent atmosphere will give you an experience like nothing else. Take the trip to Hyderabad and visit Hyderabad’s top restaurants for an appetizing, pleasant, and magnificent journey that is going to make your taste buds hungry even more.

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