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Top 10 Restaurants in Goa

Over the last few years, Goa’s culinary landscape has changed dramatically. And the city has realized that if a restaurant is to thrive, it can’t just depend on the breathtaking views of the sea and beaches; the food must be equally as delicious. Because the souvlaki skewers are so important in this town. Here, are the top 10 restaurants in goa.

Top 10 Restaurants in Goa

1. Greenyard Restaurant & Bar

Greenyard Restaurant & BarSoondal and Meen Curry have stood the test of time. Its epic Andhra Prawn Curry and Pandhi Curry, which go well with parottas or their fluffy, cloud-like appams, are adored by musicians, poets, and every kind of hipster. We also recommend that you order their artisanal cocktails for the meal. However, before you dive into the food, take a stroll through the People’s Park.

  • Price: 1500 RS/-
  • Contact No: 0832-2268083

2. Shambhavi Restaurant

Shambhavi RestaurantPeople return every morning for coffee and fresh-from-the-oven croissants at this fine-dining establishment. A Lot of Varieties of food is available in this restaurant. Traditional Dishes of Goa all are available Here. The in-house bread are equally common, but the Garlic Cheese Baguette is truly unique.

  • Price: 500RS/-
  • Contact No: 9890202444

3. St francisco Restaurant

St francisco RestaurantSt Francisco’s is a casual dining establishment that specializes in Goan, Continental, Seafood, and North Indian cuisine. It is a nice joint to visit when one is looking to satiate hunger pangs with delicious, hygienic food at reasonable prices. A fantastic spot in Anjuna, it is lauded for its stylish presentation and is a nice joint to visit when one is looking to satiate hunger pangs with Delicious and hygienic food at affordable prices.

  • Price: 1000RS/-
  • Contact No: 09834283326

4. Kuttikar Bar & Restaurant

Kuttikar Bar & RestaurantA fantastic spot for fishing a clean, quiet place tucked away in the interiors just off the old Ribandar road leading from Panaji to Old Goa, serving excellent fish cooked in the traditional Goan style. Always has a diverse selection of fish, from small to large. At a very affordable price.

  • Price: 800RS/-
  • Contact No: 09850183310

5. Venite Bar and restaurant

Venite Bar and restaurantSince 1954, we’ve been serving delicious food. The restaurant is charming and stands out between new and old businesses. The owner and staff take great pleasure in preparing and serving their delectable cuisine. The stuffed lobster, avocado salad with prawns, prawn curry, and Goan cuisine are all excellent. You will be introduced to several new additions during the Christmas season.

  • Price: 590RS/-

6. Vinayak Family Restaurant

Vinayak Family RestaurantTourists and locals alike rave about the famous fish thali served at Vinayak Family Restaurant. Expecting servers to remember you (and your never-ending orders of beer and Batter Fried Calamari or Bombil Rava Fry) during lunchtime is a game of patience, but anything that makes it to your table is worth the wait. With a well-stocked bar and a view of the surrounding fields in tow, it’s a perfect way to see an unexpectedly hectic side of Goa.

  • Price: 800RS/-
  • Contact No: 9049380518.

7. Suzie’s

Suzie’sSuzie is a newcomer to Assagao’s already-burgeoning food scene that dares to be different. Every six weeks, the chef creates a new menu using seasonal ingredients in a whimsical take on fine dining. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two, this spot will do the trick–Imagine a dreamy garden cafe vibe that screams “rustic chic.”

  • Price: 3000RS/- For Two Persons
  • Contact No: 07498856389

8. Pousada By The Beach

Pousada By The BeachChai and Biscuit – the restaurant’s cuddly resident Labradors – are among the best restaurants in Goa. To make up for the long drive and time it takes to get here, Pousada promises breathtaking beach views, a laid-back feel, and delicious seafood. The star is their Fish in Banana Leaf, but you might also enjoy their Crusty Prawns, Konkan-flavored rice, and Prawn Balchao.

  • Price: 3000RS/- For Two persons
  • Contact No: 9823685020

9. Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s WharfThis lively spot is perched along the riverbank, with a sea breeze and live music filling the air. If this is your first taste of Goan cuisine, you’ll love their masala fried calamari, fish curry with rice, and potato recheado, which are all modified for the tourist palate.

  • Price: 1500RS/- For Two persons
  • Contact No: 9011018866

10. The Black Sheep Bistro

The Black Sheep BistroThis new, boutique restaurant in Panaji takes pride in using locally sourced seasonal produce, and that is exactly what sets it apart. With an eclectic menu that defies categorization, one thing remains constant: the outstanding wine and craft beer range. It’s difficult to choose our favorites from their farm-to-fork menu, but if we had a gun pointed at our heads, we’d order the Ghee Roast Pork Ribs and Goan Pesto Crusted Fish (vegetarians can get this with paneer) and Chakri Churros.

  • Price: 2000RS/- For Two persons
  • Contact No: 0823-2465901


You’ll find a thoughtful blend of the quaint and quiet, as well as the iconic and always-bustling, on the above list–so whatever your vibe, you’ll find a spot after your heart. Hope You enjoy it!

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