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Top 10 Restaurants in North Goa

Goa, the land of sun, sand, and shindigs, is known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. And the Indian Party Capital has plenty to give in terms of dining and drinking. Goa is a gastronomic paradise thanks to its coastal culinary magic and local flavors.

Top 10 Restaurants in North Goa

1. Thalassa

This restaurant is a miniature version of Greece in Goa. The place outshines most fusion restaurants in Goa by many notches and is run by a Greek expert from Corfu. Fantastic food, friendly hospitality, and a laid-back but romantic atmosphere that makes you feel as though you’ve been transported to Greece! The tranquility of the Arabian Sea from the high deck, the breathtaking sunsets, and the mind-blowing atmosphere with straw chairs and blue and white décor perfectly recreate the Mediterranean charm. Spend a memorable evening here with some chilled beer and the popular platters from all over Greece.

  • Price: 1500Rs/- For Two People
  • Phone no.: 09850033537.

2. Tuscany gardens

Tuscany Gardens is a Goa restaurant owned by a family. This company was created in 2007 by Avi from Goa and Line from Denmark. Tuscany Gardens first opened its doors in Candolim, Goa. We had a vision of bringing delectable Italian cuisine to Goa, combining imported Italian ingredients with the freshest local ingredients. We had both worked as managers and chefs in various restaurants in England before deciding to return to Avi’s home state and work together to bring the Tuscany Gardens concept to life.

  • Price: 1200 Rs/- For Two People.
  • Phone no.: 09922914663

3. Mum’s Kitchen

This swankier establishment is ideal for a family meal or a date. Both their furniture and their food have a rustic feel to them. Their wine range and service are second to none. Mum’s Kitchen is located on a busy arterial road in Panjim, but it is surrounded by a lush garden with a fish pond. Within, you’ll find earthen walls lined with pots, old stone grinders, and copper utensils among the modern lights and seating. Mum’s Kitchen is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving traditional Goan cuisine.

  • Price: 2000Rs/- For Two People
  • Phone no.: 9822175559.

4. A Reverie

The vibrant couple who run A Reverie, which is set within an enchanting walled garden on Calangute’s iconic Holiday Street, strives to be more homely. A warm and professional welcome awaits outside the facade. The décor, like the food, is unexpected, sophisticated, and completely soothing, with a mix of modern slick and dramatic embellishments. Large wooden doors lead to a long white-washed corridor that leads to an outdoor patio with a tree in the middle.

  • Price: 1000Rs/- For Two People
  • Phone no.: 09823174927.

5. Alex’s Shack

Alex’s Shack in Candolim, Goa, is one of the best-performing Continental Restaurants in Goa. As a one-stop-shop, this well-known establishment serves customers both locally and from other parts of Goa. Over the course of its life, this organisation has established a strong presence in its industry. This organization employs people who are enthusiastic about their work and go above and beyond to achieve the company’s overall mission and goals.

Price: 1200Rs/- For Two People

Phone no.: 09822169411.

6. Cafe Chocolatti

Café Chocolatti, situated 400 meters from Hotel Fortune Acron and away from the beach but in the middle of the tourist bustle, offers a charming refuge from the busy street just outside its garden walls.

This quaint little spot in the garden is ideal for a leisurely breakfast. It’s known for having some of the best desserts, so anyone with a sweet tooth should definitely pay it a visit.

  • Price: 1000Rs/- For Two People
  • Phone no.: 09326112006

7. Bomra’s

This quaint restaurant in Candolim, run by a Burmese proprietor, serves delicious food inspired by his homeland. You’ll understand what we mean when you try the flavorful lah pet toke or the pickled green tea salad. Bomra’s also serves boiled snapper with lemongrass, cashew nut encrusted pork belly, and khow suey. The lemongrass and ginger creamy Brulee is a delicious way to end the meal

  • Price: 1500Rs/- For Two People
  • Phone no.: 09011947436

8. Venite

The ambiance and old Goa charm of Venite Bar and Restaurant are more talked about than anything else. The small restaurant is tucked away down a narrow lane in Panaji, with artistic, quaint, traditional, and uniquely Goan interiors. Small balconies dotted with a collection of chairs and tables overlook the street below in Venite Bar and Restaurant, creating a truly romantic atmosphere!

  • Price: 1000Rs/- For Two People
  • Phone no.: 91-8232425537

9. Fiesta

The restaurant is perfect for people who want to be surrounded by Goa’s noisy and vibrant nightlife while staying in a beautiful colonial home.

Stay a stone’s throw away from Goa’s most sought-after nightclubs while concealed behind heritage wooden doors, surrounded by breathtaking architecture, and with access to Yellow’s exceptional take on European cuisine while overlooking Baga beach at Fiesta.

  • Price:1000Rs/- For Two People
  • Phone no.: 08669964512

10. Villa Blanche Bistro

Villa Blanche, which translates to “white villa,” is a well-known landmark in Assagao. I like the setup; they’re known for their desserts. I chose Jivi’s popular meatballs and a proost German lager to accompany them. It was just what I needed! They also served key lime pie at the end of the meal. The staff is extremely pleasant.

  • Price:1000Rs/- For Two People
  • Phone no.: 9822155099.


Here are some top restaurants in north goa you can pay a visit to these restaurants at your budget. hope you enjoy it!

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