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Top 10 Shower Gel for Women

What do you look for when we talk about a good shower gel? So, first we need to know its pH balance and should be free of chemicals like sulphates especially when we have a sensitive skin. It should not contain things to which one is allergic. The other thing that should be considered is its fragrance. The fragrance shouldn’t be too intense or non-fragrant. Its smell should be pleasant. We should look for creamy, gentle and softening ones. If your skin is delicate then go for natural ingredients.

Top 10 Shower Gel for women

Here we have some top shower gel with their qualities and their pros and cons.

1. Fiama Shower Gels

Fiama Shower GelsIf you are looking for a floral bath, then it will be a good option. It keeps your body refreshing. It smells like a bed of fragrant flowers. You will feel revived and your mood will be happy making you ready for the day.

Some top gels of fiama are : Peach and Avocado, Patchouli and Macadamia, Blackcurrant and bearberry, Juniper and Geranium etc.


1. Affordable price

2. Pleasant fragrance

3. Lather quite well

4. Rinse out easily


 Fragrance doesn’t last long

2. Nivea

NiveaThe nivea shower gel has a sophisticated smell. After washing it makes your skin feel so soft, moisturized and nourished. It’s a creme showel gel. It gives you freshness and does intensive cleansing.

Nivea shower gel comes in various types : frangipani and oil, waterlily and oil, lemon and oil, fresh aloe vera and many more.


1. It is affordable

2. Pampers your skin

3. pH balanced

4. Hydrates your body


It contains SLS

3. Pears Pure and gentle shower gel

Pears Pure and gentle shower gelThis will be the best shower gel if you have dry and sensitive skin. It contains 98% glycerine. Also includes natural oils, which keep your skin smooth, soft and hydrated. It has a mild and refreshing fragrance. It is dermatologically tested and totally soap free.


1. Hypoallergenic

2. Suitable for all skin types


Contain SLS

4. Fuji green tea shower gel

Fuji green tea shower gelThis gel cleanses your skin and removes dead skin. It also moisturises your skin. It forms rich lather. It smells like refreshing fuji green tea. It makes your bath time a spa-like experience.


1. Contains honey

2. Vegan

3. Affordable



5. Bryan and Candy New York shower gel

Bryan and Candy New York shower gelIt makes your bathing time a delightful experience. It cleanses your skin without extracting natural oils from your body. It has a very mild smell.


1. Preserve natural moisture

2. Help treating acne

3. Cures many skin infections.


1. Costly

2. Fragrance is not long lasting

6. Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin renewal shower gel

Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin renewal shower gelIt gives a rich and creamy feel. It contains coconut oil and jojoba butter which helps in moisturizing your skin. It renews your skin by rubbing off dead skin and makes your skin soft and healthy.


1. Derematologically tested


Contains SLS and DMDM

7. Nykaa Wanderlust Shower Gel

Nykaa Wanderlust Shower GelIt has a very nice fragrance. It makes your skin glow. It makes you fresh and revived. It gives you many fragrances, country rose, japanese cherry blossoms, French lavender etc.


1. Gentle

2. Lather well

3. Free of paraben


1. Smells soapy

2. didn’t last long

8. Dettol Shower gel

Dettol Shower gel

It completely hygienizes your body and locks odour for 12 hours. It has natural ingredients. Cleansers are derived from plants. It contains mint and bergamot that hydrates your skin. It makes your skin soft and nourished. It doesn’t contain TCC and triclosan.


1. pH balanced

2. Dermatologically tested



9. L’occitane Lavender Shower Gel

L’occitane Lavender Shower GelIt is enriched with PDO lavender essential oil which has relaxing properties. It cleanses your skin so beautifully leaving behind a pleasant scented body. The fragrance lasts on your body even long after you have taken shower.


1. Natural and organic product

2. Doesn’t make your skin dry



10. The face shop Perfume Seed rich creamy shower gel

The face shop Perfume Seed rich creamy shower gelIt is an aromatic shower gel. It will make your bathing experience refreshing and luxurious. It has a refreshing smell of jasmine. It contains jojoba oil and shea butter that keeps your skin hydrated and soft and soothing.


1. Free of Paraben

2. Doesn’t contain harmful additives

3. Contains glycerine


Contains SLS

So here are the specifications of some best shower gels which can help you and your skin to feel happy, hydrated and refreshing. So, just choose the product according to your skin type that suits you best and make your bathing experience better.

Anamika Kalwan
Anamika Kalwan
I am a logophile who loves to write. With an experience of 3+ years, I have passionately contributed my expertise and knowledge to create content in the field of Technical and E-learning based Content Writing.I am a logophile who loves to write. With an experience of 3+ years, I have passionately contributed my expertise and knowledge to create content in the field of Technical and E-learning based Content Writing.

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