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Top 10 Things You should Talk on a First Date with Your Special Someone

Woah, so you made it and are finally going out with your “special one”! Booked a restaurant already? Or is it a café? Or a movie night followed by a walk? Well, whatever is the case, you are sure to have a gabfest! And how about making it more impressive than embarrassing? A lot may get nervous on their first date and wonder what to say and what not to. So, here’s a set of tips for your D-day. Make sure to dress well. Let’s make it your last first date, wink!

1. Commence with compliments

Commence with compliments

“Everybody likes a compliment,” said Abraham Lincoln once, and true! Complimenting their dress especially makes a person feel good, and admiring their hairstyle is a cherry on the top. This makes the other person comfortable around you, and he/she may have a clear mind in the minutes later, because “How do I look? “is something a person wonders the most for their date.

2. Talk about the knowns

Talk about the knowns

Whatever be the way you connected, you are bound to have something that you already know about each other. If it was an online match, you might talk about the descriptions in their profiles, like, “I read that you are an extrovert, so how is it really around new people? “Or if it was through a mutual contact, then you may talk about the person that made you meet, like, how do you guys know them and so on.

3. Draw parallels

Draw parallelsMake sure to talk about the things you like in common as well as the things that you guys have a different perception entirely on. Try to draw parallels on the things of interest and set up a connection among yourselves. Understand their perception of the various things and make them understand yours too. Do not argue over things and try proving yourselves better, rather go with familiar subjects.

4. Talk about Family and Friends

Talk about Family and Friends“So, do you have siblings?” is a good kickstart on family discussions. Sharing family stories makes you more emotionally connected with the person. The stories might be happy ones or sad ones. Even if it was a hard one, make sure to console them by responding how they dealt? Do not leave that conversation in between; make sure to let them complete.

5. Chat obvious thing

Talk about a famous restaurant or a bestseller book, or a favorite travel destination. This could initiate further conversations about food, travel, and other areas of interest. It may disclose stories from the past, such as a travel diary from long ago, or a family dinner night at that famous restaurant around the corner and a lot many.

6. Turn creative

Turn creativeIf you are really getting indulged in the date and the person is already amusing you, then you must for sure get on your creative side for the further convo. Like you may ask, “what is it that everyone has done and you not?” and then tell them about yours. This conversation will take you guys to the hidden world of each other. It is bound to happen that some little secrets might come out, and you can rely more on each other.

7. Know their perceptions on “life.”

Know their perceptions on “lifeThere are less two people who see life in a similar way. Everyone has a different perception of life, and if you guys plan to continue the date further, it is one of the most important things that you must know. People, at times, usually separate due to personality differences, and one of the main reasons behind this is how you look up to life and things and how you decide to deal with things.

8. Talk about childhood

Talk about childhoodIt may sound childish, but it surely does spark a conversation about the favorite cartoon during your childhood days. The silly conversations are something that brings out a person’s true self. These talks bring out the child in the person, and you may then decide if you can handle a child or not, wink! Talking about the school days and other childhood days makes a person nostalgic and more engaging in a conversation.

9. Talk contradictions

Talk contradictionsThough many people avoid such kinds of talks, it is quite suggestive of me to talk out contradictory things, things that you think might spark up an argument between you two in the future (if you decide to have one). Do not argue, but discuss. There can be several sensitive topics that might have conflicting reviews, such as political or religious things. Talk these things out; if it rages fire, you may know his/her point of view and will let you decide to stay or not.

10. A Perfect day

A Perfect dayAs you move towards the end of the date, it is an ideal thing to talk about how your partner describes a perfect day. It may include all but work or nothing but work too. If you guys plan to stay together, you must know that ideal days have similar kinds of ideas. It will let you know if your partner is an extrovert or an introverted type of person on the basis of the things he/she wants to do in a day.


First dates are hard enough but if you have got one, make sure you nail it. Just remember one thing. However you like the person, do not let him/her underestimate you. That was a tip! Else, be confident, be relaxed and as I said, be impressive enough to make it your last first date. You can do it!

Mamoor Ahmad
Mamoor Ahmad
My name is Mamoor Ahmad, and I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. My passion for researching and writing about technological breakthroughs, tourist destinations, traveling, and new innovations allows me to provide enterprises, websites, and startups with the boost they need to grow their business.

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