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Top 10 Tips on How to Make a Boyfriend

Some of you see your friends getting into a relationship, and you are the only single person left in the group. You sometimes can be lonely when your friends go on a date with their partner, and you are either left behind or the third wheel in their relationship. We understand that it can be a little frustrating when you don’t find someone you want to be with right away, and you might get desperate.

Top 10 Tips on How to Make a Boyfriend

So to help you in this situation, we are here to tell you that, with a little patience and the tips below, you might find the one for you.

1. Be confident

Be confidentyou might be scared of rejections and downfalls, but you can not always be fearful, so come out of your shell, pull your shoulders back, and feel confident. A confident woman looks independent, and she doesn’t need a man in her life. She simply wants him in her life. It makes you hard to chase but more on the desirable side. Dress up confidently, wear something you like, and walk in the room like you own that place. Be confident while talking, and just carry yourself gracefully.

2. Love your own company

Love your own companyYou might be wondering that all you feel is lonely and being alone is no fun, but that’s not the truth. Spending time with yourself will make you realize your self-worth, and you will discover more about yourself. If you don’t love your own company, then it is not worth it. If you are always complaining about feeling lonely, then you will get negative outputs; what you send in the universe comes back in return

3. Be open to opportunities

Be open to opportunitiesif someone asks you out to hang out, say yes to them. If someone invites you to a party or a simple brunch, go out and have fun. Know the people around you. Put efforts to look nice whenever you go out, brush your hair, wear clothes that flatter you and try to go out more often, you won’t find anyone sitting in your room and searching for tips to get a boyfriend.

4. Be ready for the commitment

Be ready for the commitmentFinding a guy and being in a relationship takes a lot of commitment. You can’t just back out once you are into it. You should ask yourself whether you are ready to have commitments. It’s not fun and games; it requires a lot of effort and emotions. So make your decision wisely.

5. Smile and compliment

Smile and complimentBeing confident requires a positive attitude. Smiling and complimenting others will create a positive attitude and send good energy to others. It will enhance your personality and make you feel more outgoing, frank, and jolly. You will look more approachable. People will instantly like you if you compliment them as everybody around us needs validation, but remember that the compliments should be genuine and not made up, especially when you compliment the guy you like.

6. Put yourself out there

Put yourself out thereputting yourself out there means willing to be brave along with confidence. All in the name of love, try to ask out the guy you are interested in, and if someone asks you for a coffee, go out with him and get to know him. Don’t hesitate. Just be yourself and let the conversation happen. Be the ice breaker and start a conversation, and overall have a good time.

7. Socialize

Socializesocializing does not only mean being on social media and follow people. It also means to talk to more people, make friends, and know people around you. Be outgoing and approachable when someone talks to you. Greet people more often and go out with friends to watch a movie even if you are not feeling like it.

8. Plan to hang out

Plan to hang outgo and ask the guy out for a coffee or a group hang out. Just make it less formal and more casual so that you know the guy properly before asking for a date. Be the first one to make a move because most of the guys appreciate that gesture. Hang out more often in a group of common friends to know his personality and attitude.

9. Know him

Know himIf you have almost read all the points thoroughly, then you are definitely into someone. Before asking him out, try to talk to him and be a good friend to them. Know your common grounds, and it is not just about the looks but also about the opinion you share and have in common. Play video or online games, go to a park, play badminton or tennis with him, overall know what he is like and what kind of person he is. This will also clarify all the red flags, if there are any.

10. Take it slow

Take it slowPatience is the key to success, we know sometimes it can get annoying, or you may feel desperate, but wait for it; good things take time. Try to connect emotionally first. If you rush to find love, you may waste your time and energy. Don’t think that there aren’t any men left, and there are men around you whom you don’t even know exists. All you need is time.


Be open, be brave, and be confident that’s the motto. The one you are looking for is out there somewhere. Work on yourself, know yourself. Don’t feel there is no fun being single; we all have friends who are in a relationship, and you wish to have one just like them, and it will happen one day. And your single life may look pretty fabulous to other people, so embrace it and love your own company. Live in the moment and don’t be worried about the future because you won’t be single forever.

Lokesh Joshi
Lokesh Joshi
My Name is Lokesh Joshi and I am Computer Science Engineer by the profession and I am passionate about technology and integrating it with innovative ideas to give startups the initial boost that they require.

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