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Top 10 Tips to How to Avoid Fragile Nails

Are you experiencing fragile, uneven, cracked, and brittle nails? Here are some ways to fix this problem and get healthy nails. Nobody likes fragile and cracked nails! Here are some ways to fix brittle nails and keep them healthy.

Top 10 tips to how to avoid fragile nails

1. Keep your nails dry and clean

Keep your nails dry and cleanClean your nails regularly to make them dry and to stop germs and bacteria from breeding. It will also prevent the accumulation of dirt under the nails. You should also avoid submerging your hands as it can make your nails weak and brittle. If it’s too necessary, you can wear gloves to minimize exposure.

2. Don’t bite your nails

Don’t bite your nailsSome people have the dirty habit of biting their nails every day. However, this habit damages the cuticles and can lead to a fungal infection.

3. Moisturize them regularly

Moisturize them regularlyIt would be best if you moisturized your nails every day, without fail. Also, use a gentle moisturizer with too many harmful chemicals as they may cause an allergic reaction.

4. Give your nails some rest

Give your nails some restAn occasional rest from nail polish will allow your nails to breathe. Too much use of nail polish can lead to nail discoloration. Also, using nail polish remover regularly can make your nails brittle. It would be best to not use nail polish remover more than twice a month. Once you remove the nail polish, remember to moisturize it with a gentle cream.

5. Trim your nails regularly

Trim your nails regularlyJust like your hair, you need to trim your nails regularly in a straight line now and then to keep them healthy. Also, keep your nails shorter, as long nails are more likely to be chipped or cracked.

6. Take a supplement

Take a supplementSome studies suggest that biotin and amino acid supplements can improve brittle nails. Both nutrients can help strengthen nails. Consult a doctor to know which supplements you can include.

7.  Base and Topcoat is important

Base and Topcoat is importantFrom giving texture to your nails to preventing the polish from staining them, the base coat should never be missed. It is equally as important to seal the deal with a top coat. It acts like a barrier that protects your nail paint from peeling and chipping.

8. Do not scrape off your Nail Polish

Do not scrape off your Nail PolishNever scrape off your nail polish if you are running late or can’t find a nail paint remover. It makes the surface of the nail rough and prone to chipping. Keep some nail paint remover tissues to avoid the chipped nail polish look.

9. Include Garlic in your diet

Include Garlic in your dietGarlic has unique properties to improve the blood flow to the nail bed. Thus, it will enhance the growth of nails. Adding garlic to your diet, will also help in curing fungal infections on nails.

10. Wear Gloves

Wear GlovesWhile doing the household chores like washing and cleaning, always wear gloves. Detergents can be harsh on your hands and nails, so using gloves protects your nails from getting weak and breaking.

Anushree Trivedi
Anushree Trivedi
Anushree Trivedi is a 2nd-year chemical engineering undergraduate at HBTU, Kanpur. She is well- versed with content creation and have won various national level accommodates like On-Campus International Hult Prize Competition and emerged as the finalist in the Thermax 2020 challenge. She has also been awarded academic merit (top 0.1%) for the English language. She also serves as an Associate Head of E-Cell HBTU, Content Writer of Alumni Association, and Events Head of Robo Club HBTU.

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