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Top 10 visiting places in Kannur

Planning to visit God’s Own Country?

Want to know more about Kannur?

Then you are at the right place; whatever you are planning for, ruling the places to visit is the foremost thing to do. And here we bring you the most visited and excellent examples of natural aura in Kannur.

Top 10 visiting places in Kannur

1. St Angelo Fort

St Angelo FortSt Angelo Fort may be a huge triangular fort made with red laterite stones and enjoys a tranquil environment today, unlike its plight during the bygone centuries. The fort rests on a cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea and is surrounded by an attractive, well-maintained garden. The fort features huge chapels, stables, a prison, and an ammunition storehouse. It also has cannons that are still fixed on its bastions facing the ocean. Prisoners were kept in the dark prison rooms, and food was given to them through a small opening once a day. So tourists would still feel the doomy air in those rooms.

2.  Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhappilangad BeachFamous as Kerala’s only drive-in beach, the Muzhappilangad offers some of the most stunning views of the yellow and orange sun setting along the golden sandy beaches of the Malabar coast. The 4 km stretch of land running along the ocean is ideal for taking a romantic stroll together with your partner or drive on the beach and soak in the naked natural splendor around. Photography enthusiasts can take breathtaking shots of the ocean, and food lovers can munch on authentic Malabar snacks sold on the beach.

3. Palakkayam Thattu 

Palakkayam Thattu Here’s another attraction that has found a place in the destination catalog of the modern wanderer. Palakkayam Thattu in Kannur is a verdurous hill station that fits the travel bucket list of every individual keen to explore the lush green and offbeat beauty of the Western Ghats. Touching the clouds at an altitude of 3500 feet, Palakkayam Thattu is one of the smallest explored locations within the northern Malabar district of Kannur within Kerala. This is surely one of the highest tourist places in Kannur to go to.

4. Tellicherry Fort 

Tellicherry Fort Tellicherry Fort (also known as Thalassery Fort) is a 17th-century fort in the Thalassery town of Kannur District. The fort was a stronghold of the British during India’s occupation, and it lies on a coffee wooden hill running right down to the sea, protected by waters. The Tellicherry Fort rises to a height of 10 meters, and it’s oblong in plan overlooking the ocean. Built out of laterite blocks, it has high walls and strong flanking bastions, and secret tunnels to the sea. The tunnel, now closed, results in the ocean from where those seeking a sudden getaway could do so.

5. Kannur Lighthouse Museum

Kannur Lighthouse MuseumThe Kannur Lighthouse Museum is found at a distance of three km from Kannur. The nearest national highway is at Taliparamba is National Highway 66, which connects Goa and Mumbai within the north and Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram within the South. When Driving from Kannur, The shortest route (3 km) is Kannur- Fort Road – Prabhath Junction – Burnacherry – Lighthouse Museum. The nearest railroad station is the Kannur railroad station (CAN). The nearest Airports are Calicut International Airport (CCJ) (118 km) and Mangalore International Airport (IXE) (152 km). It is recommended to form use of your own vehicles or a taxi to succeed in the destination. Parking space is provided near the Lighthouse Museum.

6. Vismaya Water Park

Vismaya Water ParkThe meaning of the Sanskrit word, ‘Vismaya’, is wonder or astonishment. You’ll definitely be amazed at the kind of rides Vismaya Water Theme Park has to offer. This park is completely operated by the rainwater collected through the reservoir spread over two acres of land with 50 million water liters. Stand under the numerous waterfalls and then take a dip in the wave pools. Make sure you do not miss out on the brilliant laser show that happens here every evening. The giant wheel and the twister are sure to get your head spinning! A truly wild experience for any age group, this amusement park is definitely worth a visit!

7. Thottada Beach

Thottada BeachThe untouched beauty of Thottada beach makes it one of the most popular places to visit in Kannur. The beach is completely segregated from concrete jungles and offers a place full of serenity and tranquility. The cleanliness and solitude offered by this beach are truly unsurpassed. Take a stroll along with the pristine sandy beaches hand in hand with your partner and make some of the most romantic memories of your life. Nature lovers will find themselves completely at home, and photography aficionados can take stunning photos of the natural vistas around.

8. Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam BeachUnwind with a boating experience at the winsome Payyambalam Beach located in the city of Kannur, Kerala. A resting ground among Kerala’s bigwigs, the sandy delight is also popular among tourists and is widely known for its pristine shores and turquoise waters. As you head into the waters of the Arabian Sea, witness the scenery unfold O before your eyes. Watch the great sea merge into the horizon. You also get a great view of the nearby park with a beautiful sculpture of a Mother and Child installed in the center. Head back refreshed with this short and sweet boat tour.

9. Ezhimala

EzhimalaWaking up to the hills here, tourists can find the ruins of a mosque, best known as the home of central attractions in Kerala. Once you reach the peak of the hill lock, you can also see Mount Dilli Lighthouse, the temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, as well as the ruins of an old fort near it. The Indian Naval Academy, one of the most prestigious Indian Institutions, is covered under the EZHIMALA zone. It’s a treasure for nature and green lovers.

10. Dharmadam Island

Dharmadam IslandDHARMADAM Island, also known as Green Island, is a beautiful private island densely covered with coconut, palm trees, and colorful orchids. The island overlooks the serene rivers, and therefore, the majestic ocean is crammed with natural beauty itself. The place is bestowed with brown rocks around this completely uninhabited island, and when tides hit these rocks, it creates a picturesque scene. The aforementioned places are undoubtedly the most visited places by tourists. No matter if you are planning tours, family trips, business travels, destination weddings, ceremonies, you can always count on Kannur. Cuisines here are another most supporting factor with multi varieties. If you want to make your trip complete, this is worth visiting.

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