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Yoga Trapeze: Definition, How to Choose and Use & Top Options

So, you are into yoga. Good for you! After all, it is the cornerstone for a healthy and productive life. But how about giving your practice an aerial twist? Meet yoga trapeze, your entryway to improved balance, flexibility, detoxification, sleep, and other tangible benefits.

With studies uncovering the benefits of aerial yoga, yoga trapeze is gaining traction. It’s time you too embrace it! Well, for all the info you need, we can help. Here’s your guide on all things yoga trapeze.

Yoga Trapeze Spelled Out

What is a yoga trapeze? Well, it is suspension training with a profound element of yoga. The asanas you perform on the floor are replicated mid-air while being supported by a system of harnesses and hammocks from the ceiling and trees. Simply put, it’s an aerial twist to yoga with “benefits” galore.

The practice is all about inversions. With you hanging upside down mid-air, gravity kicks in, helping you achieve body alignment and spinal decompression. Unlike conventional yoga, aerial maneuvers are difficult to perform but low on impact and easy on stress-sensitive joints. That’s in contrast to high-impact workouts that expose these joints to wear, causing injuries and chronic pain.

As the name says it all, yoga trapeze incorporates meditation, restorative, Hatha, and other yogic practices. The elements of trapeze acrobatics, gymnastics, and Pilates are also present, subject to the variant. Incorporate the trapeze in some asanas or perform the entire practice on it – its up to you. Call it trapeze yoga, yoga swing or aerial yoga – the essence remains more or less the same.

Benefits of Yoga Trapeze

Yoga trapeze is an advantage that no newbie or pro yogi can afford to skip. At least, Dr Manoj Pandey, a Delhi-based Orthopedic Spine Specialist and yoga enthusiast believes that. Per him, “Trapeze can be a welcome addition to any yoga practice, provided you don’t mind being suspended mid-air. The benefits of gravity optimally manifest in aerial yoga. We need more empirical evidence to establish the benefits though, anecdotal evidence paints a rosy picture. Better immunity, brain function, lymphatic circulation, proprioception, and waste excretion, the ‘benefits’ are impressive.”

Here’s how exactly yoga trapeze can swing you towards your fitness goals.

1. Spinal Decompression:

It’s perhaps the best reason why yogis embrace aerial trapeze. It involves gravity-defying inversions that lengthen the spinal cord. Resultantly, you end up with improved spinal alignment and steering clear of pain caused by spinal compression. As a side note, the spine gets compressed due to scoliosis, injury, bone conditions, infections and more.

2. Psychological Advantages:

When you are suspended mid-air in a joyous state, the brain unleashes serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, and other mood-improving hormones. So, if you feel happy and energetic post the aerial yoga session, you know why. Also, you can count on the hammock to meditate mid-air. That’ll help restrict your stress levels and stay emotionally sorted and creative.

3. Strengthened Muscles:

Whether suspended upside down or stretching sideways, you require strength to retain poses during suspension training. If you already have it, aerial yoga will help enhance it. And, if you don’t, it will help develop it. Think of it as your entryway to core strength development while having a great time. You won’t even feel like you are working out.

4. Enhanced Flexibility:

Any workout results in enhanced flexibility. And, aerial yoga isn’t an exception. The system of harnesses and hammock provide you with the liberty to deepen your stretches. Unlike traditional yoga, aerial yoga ensures unbound space to stretch, which relieves muscle and bone tension. It’s a counterweight against the stiffening your body experiences with age.

5. Better Digestion:

So, you have trouble digesting meals. Breathe easy, as aerial yoga comes to your rescue. The aerial maneuvers help rev up the digestive tract, relieving indigestion, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and other frustrating digestion-related issues.

6. Balancing Act:

Aerial yoga is all about achieving and maintaining balance. After all, you have to keep yourself balanced to defy gravity when in the air. The balance you gain during aerial yoga reflects in your daily activities. Call it a fall prevention measure, especially for the elderly.

7. A Complete Workout:

Aerial yoga is a complete workout, no two ways about it. Each limb, each muscle, and each system is directly or indirectly involved when you glide in the air. Your muscles get toned while the joints achieve strength. Also, neural activity is triggered to boost your memory.

8. Enjoy a Detox at Home:

Aerial yoga represents a fun way to detox. When you indulge in aerial acrobatics, the circulatory and lymphatic systems improve, making sure the toxins are flushed out of the body. Remember, toxin buildup can cause eczema, fatigue, anxiety, and other conditions.

How to Choose the Right Yoga Trapeze

By now, you must be eager to lay your hands on a yoga trapeze and start practicing right away. But hold your horses for a while. First, learn a few strategies to choose wisely.

1. Quality:

Entrusting your safety to a poorly-made trapeze isn’t a good idea. The risk of injuries runs high in case the trapeze stand crumbles unexpectedly. So, it makes sense to determine the quality of the trapeze stand beforehand. Here’s what to look for.

     1.1. Weight capacity:

The equipment has to hold your weight and bear all the force you exert. All equipment comes with a defined weight capacity, which you need to know.

     1.2. Material:

The sturdiness of the equipment depends largely on the material. Go for aluminium or steel alloys, as both have high tensile strength and are hard-wearing.

     1.3. Wobble:

All yoga trapeze stands wobble. However, the good ones restrict it to a bare minimum. Mind you, the more the bar wobbles, the harder you’ll find to grip it.

      1.4. Straps:

The adjustment straps need to be easy to grip, safe on the skin and sturdy enough to withstand your weight. The nylon parachute fabric is the best bet.

      1.5. Hammock:

The parachute-grade nylon hammocks are weight-bearing, safe and sturdy. Likewise, silk hammocks work well if you prioritize comfort and grace.

2. Portability:

Portability matters, especially if you practice outdoors or away from home. Apparently, you won’t like to put up with something bulky and difficult to transport. Here’s what to look for.

3. Foldable:

Foldable stands make sense. Just fold and toss them into your bag for easy transportation. Assemble and dismantle them before and after each session.

4. Weight:

The weight varies according to the brand and model. Some weigh more than others. It’s in your best interest to opt for the one aligning with your needs.

5. Detachable Accessories:

Accessories can add volume to the equipment, making it hard to carry around. However, if they are detachable, portability comes by default.

6. Accessories:

The accessories are integral to safe and rewarding suspension training. They come in all shapes and sizes, from bolts and rigs to footholds, rigs and more. Mind you, brands often offer unnecessary accessories that add to the equipment’s cost and volume. So, determine exactly what you require.

7. Upkeep:

Different equipment has different care requirements. Some have more onerous than others, costing you time, money, and labor. So, it’s wise to go for maintenance-friendly equipment. The frame needs to be easy to clean and sanitize, typically with a soft and clean cloth. Well, for the hammock, it has to be machine washable. Given your busy schedules, handwashing might not be possible.

13. Brand:

Good brands offer good products and good service, make no mistake. As such, researching the credentials of the brand is crucial for a seamless experience. The brand must be in the business for at least a decade and has a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Also, ascertain whether it offers returns, replacements, and warranties on materials and craftsmanship.

8. Price:

It all boils down to how much you are willing to pay for a yoga trapeze. Thankfully, these pieces of equipment come in all shapes and sizes, from basic models to high-end ones. So, all your budget concerns are well catered to. However, it’s in your best interest not to ignore quality for prices. An inferior product will neither perform well nor last the distance. You’ll not only bleed money on frequent repairs and replacements but also expose yourself to injuries.

The Bottom Line:

Informed buying decisions don’t come by accident. Rather, you have to invest your time researching the market, products, brands, prices, and everything that matters. It’s wise to read the product description to evaluate the construction quality, materials, care instructions, portability, and other key aspects. Customer feedback shouldn’t skip the radar, as it gives you a first-hand account of the brand and product. Comparing prices is also a good idea to get the best end of the deal.

Is Yoga Trapeze Safe?

The very idea of performing maneuvers airborne is terrifying. But then safety is a concern in all forms of exercises, on the mat or off it. However, the practice is safer than you think. Just follow some safety protocols and trapeze your way to health and well-being.

1. Medical conditions:

Individuals with certain conditions should avoid the practice to ward off complications. These include:

Sciatica Pregnancy Vision issues Heart problems Spine Injury
Vertigo Hypermobility Spondylolisthesis Breathing issues Blood Pressure

2. Get a Grip:

When airborne, a good grip is vital. Come what may stay clung to the bars. Or else, gravity would kick in. Thankfully, a weak grip can be rectified through exercises like grappling, farmer’s walk and more.

3. Dress Appropriately:

Avoid wearing loose clothes, as they can stick to the hammock and cause distraction and accidents. Likewise, exposed zips can harm the hammock and expose you to falls. Avoid dressing too scantily or your body parts exposed to the ropes will experience a burning sensation, dryness, and rashes.

4. Assemble it right:

Ensure the frames and hammocks are assembled and attached to the ceiling appropriately. Any carelessness could lead to serious injuries. Seeking professional help is advised for yoga trapeze installations.

5. Stay empty stomach:

When the tummy is full, your digestive system triggers into action. With it taking a lion’s share of the blood supply, your other body systems run short of oxygen supply. Also, avoid taking fluids just before performing inversions.

6. Warm-up:

A 15-minute warm-up session can avoid muscle spasming and tissue wear. The warm-up session can include jumps, pushups, and other light exercises.

7. Expert supervision:

The suspension training can be counterproductive when done wrong. So, do it under expert supervision until you master the craft.

8 Best Yoga Trapeze Options

We know how difficult it is to scout the market for a yoga trapeze corresponding to your exact specifications and expectations. Breathe easy, Dunia Ka Gyan is here to help.

For over a month, our team of editors went through the ordeal. We tested several best-selling products for their overall quality, prices, performance, versatility, safety, portability and other parameters that you factor in before purchasing. We even consulted an aerial yoga expert to add nuance to our testing and deliver in-depth recommendations.

Here’re our top expert-approved recommendations.

1. The Best for Beginners: UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set Ceiling Mount Accessories

UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set Ceiling Mount Accessories

  • Brand: UpCircleSeven
  • Dimensions: 9.5 (L) x 7.4 (W) x 4.3 (H) inches
  • Weight: 1.4 Kilograms‎
  • Colour: ‎Turquoise
  • Load Capacity: 250 kgs
  • Material: Parachute Fabric
  • Suitability: Back pain, inversions
  • Price: USD 70.97

New to trapeze yoga? Meet UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set Ceiling Mount Accessories, the number one Consumer Favourite Yoga Swing On Amazon. With an innovative design, superior material, sturdy construction, high load capacity, and larger size, the equipment can help kickstart your practice in the best ways possible. Plus, it’s easy to set up.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Yoga Swing Seat/Hammock
  • 2 Yoga Swing Arms with 3 comfort size handles per yoga swing arm
  • 2 Multi-loop Daisy Chains for height adjustment
  • 4 High Strength Carabiners
  • 1 Black Travel Stow Away Pouch

What we liked

1. Comfort:

The handles feature soft foam padding for a comfortable yet stable grip. Add to it the high quality, spacious hammock, your comfort levels are bound to exceed your expectations.

2. Safety:

Your safety concerts are well catered to with high-strength stainless steel hooks, parachute fabric hammocks, and triple-stitched seams. Regardless of your weight, you’ll feel safe.

3. Dimensions:

Measuring 8 ft x 5 ft, the hammock is 25% larger than all options we tested. That makes it more comfortable, versatile, and weight-bearing. It can withstand up to 250 kilograms.

4. Easy setup:

Assembling the equipment is a breeze, making it ideal for novices. With a couple of Multi-loop Daisy Chains, adjusting the height as per the requirement is easy and quick.

5. Bonus Accessories:

From mounts and daisy chains to screws, you receive every accessory required to set up and start your practice right away. A stylish travel bag is also shipped for easy transportation.

6. Beginner’s Friendly:

Besides being easy to assemble, the trapeze comes with an in-depth aerial yoga guide in PDF format to walk you through your routine.

7. Easy on the Pocket:

Priced at USD 70.97, it’s easy on the pocket. The price is inclusive of the accessories.

8. Brand Assurance:

UpCircleSeven is a highly reputable brand committed to delivering quality and prices.

What we didn’t like

  • The hooks could have been better
  • Colour choices are limited to one

You can buy this Yoga trapeze from here.

2. The Highest Rated- YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro

  • Brand: Yogabody
  • Dimensions: 12 (L) x 08 (W) x 06 (H) inches
  • Weight: 1.73 Kilograms‎
  • Colour: ‎Purple
  • Load Capacity: 272 kgs
  • Material: 100% nylon hammock and steel fasteners
  • Made in: Vietnam
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: USD 119

Trapeze your way to fun and fitness with Yogabody Yoga Trapeze Pro. Our experts unanimously voted it as the best among all options we tested. We found it to be reliable, comfortable, easy to upkeep, and handy in relieving back pain and building core strength.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 hammock
  • Daisy chain straps
  • Video & PDF Installation Guides
  • Video Tutorials and Practice Chart

What We Liked

1. Safety:

The hammock features parachute material and quad stitching, making it comfortable, sturdy and safe. Add to it the steel fasteners, it can endure up to 272 kgs of weight.

2. Learning Aids:

Lack the know-how? No issue, as the makers ship video tutorials and pose charts to beef up your knowledge. From assembling and safety to poses and more, everything is covered.

3. Comfort:

The hammock is not just soft and safe on the skin but also cups your hips for a comfortable experience. The rubber handle grips and adjustable straps also add to your comfort.

4. Easy Set-Up:

Setting up this equipment is a breeze, thanks to an innovative design. Be it a chin-up bar, ceiling, or a tree, it hangs easily provided you purchase hooks and stand separately.

5. Dimensions:

Measuring 12 (L) x 08 (W) x 06 (H) inches, it is sizable enough to make for comfortable and efficient suspension training. With small handles provided additionally, it’s kid-friendly.

6. Brand Assurance:

Since 2007, YOGABODY has been at the cutting edge of yoga training, certifications and accessories. We found the customer service to be prompt and forthcoming.

What we didn’t like

  • You need to buy stands and hooks separately
  • At USD 119, it’s on the pricier side

You can buy this Yoga trapeze from here.

3. The Most Economical: Maxwelly Aerial Yoga Flying Yoga Swing Yoga Hammock Trapeze Sling Inversion Tool

Maxwelly Aerial Yoga Flying Yoga Swing Yoga Hammock Trapeze Sling Inversion Tool

  • Brand: Maxwelly
  • Dimensions: 12 (L) x 08 (W) x 06 (H) inches
  • Weight: 1.73 Kilograms‎
  • Colour: ‎Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Teal, Violet, and more
  • Load Capacity: 200 kgs
  • Material: Parachute material fabric and polyester taffeta and steel fasteners
  • Price: USD 45.99

Quality can be affordable! Meet Maxwelly Aerial Yoga Flying Yoga Hammock Trapeze, the most economical option we tested. If our testing is something to go by, it fares decently on almost all key parameters that determine buying decisions, from safety to performance.

1. Safety:

It’s safe, thanks to a stable design, sturdy hammock, and heavy-duty bolts and anchors. Count on it for bearing a load of up to 200 kilograms, which is pretty decent.

2. Comfort:

With a spacious hammock made of soft parachute material fabric and polyester taffeta, comfort comes by default. Plus, the padded foam handles make for a tight grip for hours.

3. Versatility:

The two strong extension straps make it easy to suspend from a beam, tree or anything else that can take the weight. Feel free to use the hammock separately for relaxation.

4. Easy Set-Up:

The two sets of alloy hooks make a strong connection with the hammock and both arms. That’s why it is convenient to assemble. However, the instruction manual is missing.

5. Durability:

It’s built to last, thanks to top-grade hardware and construction quality. The parachute fabric swing seat features triple stitching to withstand a lifetime of use and abuse.

6. Aesthetics:

Get dazzled by a shimmering, sleek, and professionally designed yoga swing coming in 11 vibrant colors (Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Teal, and more) to suit every taste.

7. Easy on the Pocket:

Available for $45.99, it is designed to last and perform without straining your budget. The price is inclusive of the mounting kit and a stylish carry bag for easy transportation.

What we didn’t like

  • Lacks a “proper” instruction manual
  • The load capacity could be better
  • Self-taping screws aren’t shipped

You can buy this Yoga trapeze from here.

4. The Best Hammock: SKYPHAROS 11 Yards Aerial Silks Yoga Swing Set

SKYPHAROS 11 Yards Aerial Silks Yoga Swing Set

  • Brand: SKYPHAROS
  • Dimensions: 12 (L) x 08 (W) x 06 (H) inches
  • Weight: 1.80 Kilograms‎
  • Colour: ‎Purple, Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Pink, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, and more
  • Load Capacity: 250 kgs
  • Material: ‎High-Density Nylon Tricot
  • Price: USD 118.99

When the best quality hammock is a priority, SKYPHAROS 11 Yards Aerial Silks Yoga Swing Set makes sense. Vouch for the hammock for its versatility, comfort, performance, safety, durability and more. Our editors also found it ideal for toning the abdominal muscles.

What’s in the box?

  • 2 x Nylon Daisy Chains
  • 2 x Steel Carabiners
  • 1 x Climbing Swivel
  • 1 x Horn Carabiner
  • 1 x Pose Guide
  • 1 x Cotton Bag

What did we like

1. Comfort:

The 40 Denier nylon tricot aerial fabric is super soft with low stretch. It cups your bottom perfectly, providing the comfort and stability required for those gravity-defying inversions and other manoeuvres. Also, the ergonomic design makes it easy to get into and out.

2. Versatility:

The design, dimensions and construction make it one of the most versatile yoga trapezes on the market. Be it aerial yoga, circus, pilates, inversions, stretches, or unwinding, it keeps you covered. The equipment goes wherever you go, from studio and gym to park.

3. Safety:

Together, the tricot hammock fabric and industrial-strength polyester wraps can bear up to 250 kgs. Guess what? The equipment material is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

4. Dimensions:

The hammock measures 11 yards in length and 108 inches in width, making it convenient for you to stretch, invert or glide. Also, feel free to hang it from a height of 13 feet.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of USD 118.99 can be a deal-breaker
  • The low stretchability can be an issue for some

You can buy this Yoga trapeze from here.

5. The Best O-Sling: Aum Active Aerial Silks Starter kit 

Aum Active Aerial Silks Starter kit 

  • Brand: Aum Active
  • Package Dimensions: 15.55 x 13.27 x 6.02 inches
  • Package Weight: ‎2.92 Kilograms
  • Colour: ‎Aqua, Black, Gold, Pink, Lavender, Orange, Red, Purple, Silver and more
  • Silk Size: 9 Yards
  • Load Capacity: 240 kgs
  • Material: ‎40 Denier Tricot 100% nylon
  • Price: USD 101

Feast your eyes on the best O-Sling yoga trapeze out there. O-Sling replaces the swivel, allowing for better movement. It’s safer as well, as you can determine when it needs repair and replacement just by inspecting it. However, feel free to integrate a swivel into the setup whenever need be. The integration won’t compromise the equipment’s functionality.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Aerial silk (9 yds)
  • 1 figure 8
  • 2 carabiners
  • 2 extension straps (3 ft)
  • 2 O-slings
  • 1 Instruction guide
1. Versatility:

The swivel-less design renders versatility to the equipment. Use it for gymnastics, yoga dance, meditation, inversions, glides, or virtually anything that can be done airborne. A newbie or pro, it’s good for all. Also, use it outdoors or indoors, it’s up to you.

2. Safety:

The Tricot 40 Denier fabric can bear a weight of over 800 kg, making it sturdy and safe. Likewise, count on the mountaineering grade O-Slings, daisy chains, and carabiners to take 3300 LBF, 3300 LBF, and 5060 LBF respectively without budging. How’s that for safety?

3. Comfort:

The hammock features 40 denier tricot 100% nylon, making it soft, grippy, and safe on the skin. The mild stretch makes it comfortable to get in and out and perform drops. Add to it the Rescue Figure 8, the equipment takes your comfort levels to the next level.

4. Easy Setup:

Thanks to the carabiners and daisy chains shipped in the box, it is easy to set up indoors or outdoors. The instructional manual is also there to make installation easy and quick.

What we didn’t like

  • Mounting hardware needs to be bought separately
  • The fabric might cause burns on sensitive skins
  • At USD 101, it’s a bit pricey

You can buy this Yoga trapeze from here.

Check also:

6. The Most Comfortable Yoga Trapeze: Omni Swing Pro

Omni Swing Pro

  • Brand: Omni Gym
  • Dimensions: 15 (L) x 14.25 (W) x 4.02 (H)
  • Materials: Rayon
  • Package Weight: ‎2.18 Kilograms
  • Load Capacity: 225 kg
  • Colours: Green, Cobalt Blue, Crimson, Light Plum, Coral, Onyx Black, and Turquoise
  • Warranties: 1-year parts warranty and 1-month money-back guarantee
  • Price: USD 275

So, you prioritize comfort. Well, look no further than the Omni Swing Pro. It’s designed to pamper you to spinal decompression, better core strength, higher flexibility and balance, and other benefits associated with suspension training. Guess what? The equipment is the brainchild of Anthony “Tone” Cardenas, an authority on “intuitive yoga on the swing”.

What’s in the box?

  • Short handles
  • Middle Handles
  • Height Adjusting Loops
  • Footies/Long Handles
  • Cushioned Sling
  • Safety Clip Hooks
  • Fabric Cinchers
  • Daisy Chains
  • Tote Bags

What did we like

1. Comfort:

The slings feature ample cushioning for enhanced comfort. Even the footies and handles are padded to comfort your feet, hands, thighs, and shoulders. The padding is, however, missing in the sling seat for increased portability. The hammock fabric, Rayon, is ultra-soft, plush, and easy on the skin. Also, the sliders feature fabric while competitors prefer plastic.

2. Safety & Convenience:

It is as safe as it gets, capable of bearing up to 225 kg of weight. The construction quality is good while the hardware is super-strong and durable. The safety hooks on the trapeze and handles further the safety and ensure easy hooking and unhooking. The short, middle, and long handles and height adjusting loops are there for convenient height adjustments.

3. Easy Setup:

Assembling the equipment is super quick, thanks to the stand shipped with it. Hang it to an exposed beam, tree or anything that can hold your weight, indoors or outdoors. If you have issues setting it up, breathe easy. You can count on the electronic instructions provided.

4. Warranties:

Want quality assurance? Well, it comes by default with a one-year manufacturer warranty. In an event of a mechanical fault, the brand will replace the faulty part or the equipment, subject to factors. The 30-day money-back guarantee is also there to keep you assured.

5. Portability:

The padding might make it bulkier but overall, it’s travel-friendly. It goes with you wherever you go, to the studio, gym, or on a vacation. A trendy carry bag comes your way for free.

What We Didn’t Like?
  • At USD 275, it’s the priciest piece of equipment we tested.
  • Thanks to the padding, it is bulkier than most swings on the list

You can buy this Yoga trapeze from here.

7. The Best for Women: Healthy Model LIFE PINC ACTIVE Silk Aerial Yoga Swing & Hammock Kit

Healthy Model LIFE PINC ACTIVE Silk Aerial Yoga Swing & Hammock Kit

  • Dimensions: 14.6 (L) x 12.5 (W) x 4.6 (H)
  • Package Weight: ‎1.49 Kilograms
  • Load Capacity: 200 kg
  • Colours: Gold and Lilac
  • Warranties: 1-Year Guarantee
  • Price: USD 44.99

Made by female fitness freaks for female fitness freaks, it’s a stunner in terms of both looks and performance. The simple and sleek design is complemented by heavy-duty attributes, making it ideal for females keen on making the most of their aerial yoga sessions. Another redeeming feature is the lack of handles, making it convenient and easy to assemble.

1. Comfort:

Though the brand is yet to disclose the type of fabric used, it is smooth and soft, allowing for easy transition from one pose to the other. Unlike parachute fabrics, it stretches more and is safe even on sensitive skin. With no handles to deal with, it furthers your comfort. The oversized hammock cocoons you fully, making for pleasant aerial stunts.

2. Versatility:

Meditation, inversions or stretches – the equipment keeps you covered. Lightweight and compact, you can carry it around. It’s beginners friendly but also apt for seasoned yogis. Plus, you are at liberty to use it as a regular hammock to unwind at home or away.

3. Aesthetics:

Our editors fell for the aesthetics this yoga trapeze exudes. The equipment is sleek and minimalistic and lacks those unsightly handles. Add to it the two mesmerizing colors, the equipment can make heads turn at a studio, gym, park, beach or wherever you go.

4. Easy Setup:

No handles mean easy installation. Just attach the hammock to the daisy chain with two steel carabiners and you are sorted. Hang it indoors from a ceiling beam or a door, or from a tree branch or a pipe, it’s up to you. With the complete kit shipped, the need for buying additional hardware is negated. Guess what? It’s shipped in a ready-to-hang condition.

5. Price:

Surprisingly, it’s easy on the pocket. In lieu of just USD 44.99, you can take home this fantastic product and enjoy lasting grace and performance. Additional 5 percent savings are also there for the taking, provided you apply a coupon code at checkout.

What we didn’t like

  • Available in just two color options
  • In lack of handles, functionality is compromised
  • The equipment isn’t meant for concrete ceilings

You can buy this Yoga trapeze from here.

8. The Widest Installation Options: Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Set

Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Set

  • Brand: Yoga4You
  • Dimensions: 14.6 (L) x 12.5 (W) x 4.6 (H)
  • Package Weight: ‎1.7 Kilograms
  • Load Capacity: 272 kg
  • Material: Nylon
  • Colours: Blue, Coral, Green, Purple, Sea wave, Yellow, & Fuchsia
  • Price: USD 59.99

So, you prefer multiple locations to pursue aerial trapeze. Apparently, you require a piece of equipment with multiple installation options. In that case, the Yoga4You Aerial Swing Set would exceed your expectations. It’s compact, lightweight and easy to carry and set up.

What’s in the box?

  • Expansive trapeze seat
  • 2 heavy-duty carabiners
  • 2 ropes and 6 fixators
  • 2 inversion tool arms
  • 3 foam handles
  • 1 black flat steel carabiner
  • 9 fixators
  • 2×50″ durable daisy chains
  • 2 portable travel bags
  • Instruction manual and E-Book

What did we like?

1. Installation Options:

Shipped with hanging swing straps, it offers plenty of installation options, indoors as well as outdoors. You can suspend the hammock from a height of eleven feet on a beam, doorway, tree branch or anything suitable. The process is also straightforward, making it a delight to set up. Once you are done, unassemble it in a few easy steps! How’s that for convenience?

2. Comfort:

The equipment doesn’t disappoint you on this front as well, thanks to the double-layered fabric that cushions your back and posteriors. The foam handles make it comfortable to grip during those strenuous stretches. Also, the hammock fabric is soft and smooth.

3. Safety:

The professional-grade nylon fabric has high tensile strength and can take the rigors of daily use. The hammock can stand up to over 272 kilograms of weight. Made from superior materials, the carabiners, ropes, fixators, and daisy chains are also built to last.

4. Price:

Looking for a piece of budget-friendly equipment to rev up your fitness? Here it is. The MRP is USD 89.99 though, you can get it for just USD 59.99 at a flat 33% discount if you buy now.

5. Knowledge Base:

An instruction manual in a PDF format is provided to make easy work of installations. Plus, expect a detailed, well-illustrated guide on poses for newbies and pros.

What we didn’t like?

  • The mounting hardware isn’t shipped with the product
  • The fabric might not be as skin-friendly

You can buy this Yoga trapeze from here.

The Bottom Line

Aerial trapeze is a fun way to stay fit. Regular practice can help decompress the spine, which is exposed to compression due to our desk-bound lifestyle, injury and other factors. Other benefits include better sleep, higher flexibility, core strength and balance, and detox.

By now, you know what all you need to know about yoga trapeze. In the comment section below, feel free to tell us what else you want us to review and analyse. Team Dunia Ka Gyan is eager to help you make informed decisions with minimal due diligence.

For more first-hand product reviews and other informative content, stay tuned.

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Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar
Passionate about content quality and attention to detail, Rohit has penned over 15,000 copies for some of the leading online and offline publications in his eight-year career. Currently heading the content team at Dunia Ka Gyan, he believes in team spirit, ingenuity, and reader satisfaction.

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