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Best Juicer Brands: Juicing Basics, Top Options & More

So, you are looking for the best juicer brands in the world. Well, Duniakagyan can guide you to informed decisions with a well-curated list of the top 10 expert-tested recommendations.

Whether you are trying to incorporate supplements into your diet or simply starting your day with a glass of fruit juice, a juicer comes in handy in either case. Just slide in your favorite fruit or veggies and expect healthy and flavorful juice in a jiffy. With hassles eliminated, life doesn’t get any easier.

Freshly squeezed juice is a healthier option than packaged ones. Despite being promoted as “100% Fruit Juice” and “No Added Sugar,” packaged juices are nothing but “sweetened caloric” drinks that lack the goodness of real fruits. They are subjected to heat treatment, which depletes their nutritive value. The excess of calories and low-quality sugars in them lead to diabetes, obesity, and dental erosions. Worst still, certain sweetening agents and preservatives might even cause cancers.

All Things Juicing: 

While your decision to go juicing is a wise one, it’s wiser to know a thing or two about the process, and its do’s and don’ts. So, before diving into the best juicer brands, let’s outline all things juicing.

Juicing is exactly what it means, a process of squeezing juices out of fruits and veggies using specialized equipment. The juices, thus gained, retain the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients of the fruits and veggies. When you consume them, the nutrients are readily absorbed by your body.

Juicing is associated with plenty of health benefits

10 Best Juicer Brands For Your Healthy Morning Drinks

1. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton BeachIf you are looking for a high-speed and affordable option, Hamilton Beach could exceed your expectations. They look good, perform well, and are easy to assemble and even easier to clean. Although you can use a dishwasher, it would take just a few minutes to clean them by hand.

Centrifugal Juicers  Juice & Blend Masticating Slow Juicer
Big Mouth Feed Chute Froth Separator Multiple Speeds & Compact
Easy Sweep Cleaning Tool  Juice Pitcher Super Chute Feed Chute
Black  White Stainless Steel 

Hamilton also offers replacement parts and accessories to keep you covered. Other than juicers, the brand manufactures and markets Air Fryers, Toasters, Coffee Machines, Electric Kettles, Irons, Food Processors, Ice Makers, Hand Blenders, Pizza Makers, Pasta Makers, Roaster Ovens, and more.

Quality Assurance: 

The brand uses powerful motors to ensure quick and easy juicing and reliable performance for years. a whole fruit. Since the need to precut the fruit or vegetable is eliminated, your prep time is reduced significantly. What more? You can even expect easy returns and a three-year warranty on a majority of models.


As the price points vary from $29.99 to $189.99, there’s a juicer for virtually all budgets. Plus, free shipping is available on select models.

2. Koios

KoiosAt first, the reviews might not attract you much, but trust us, Koios is one of the best juicer brands out there. The brand stands out for its superior yet economical products that are effective at juicing virtually all fruits and vegetables in a matter of seconds. They are also easy to operate and care for.


Koios lacks variety with just three models available in

It delivers 80 rotations per minute to ensure higher juice yield, and discourage oxidation, foaming, and clogging. Featuring an auger, juice strainer, spinning brush, and an AC motor assembly, there’s a chamber assembly to crush fruits and veggies. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and noise-free. You can also expect soft and hard juicing options and reverse motion to discourage clogging.

With German technology, HP 8201 uses a centrifugal technique to deliver fresh, healthy juices. The stainless steel blades and powerful motor ensure maximum juice yield, keep nutrients intact and speed up the juicing process. Likewise, the superfine filter wards off impurities while the Locking Arm ensures higher safety. The brand ships the model with a cleaning brush for 360° clean-up.

3. JE-70 Centrifugal Juicer with Big Mouth 3 Inch Feed Chute

Think of JE 70 as an improved version of HP 8201 with a bigger 3-inch feed chute. Whether you wish to juice large fruits, veggies, leafy greens or wheatgrass, the juicer has you fully covered.

The juicer brand stands by its products, offering 1-year technical support and 3-month return service. So, if you raise a return request, the company will be happy to make a full refund.


While B5100 costs $129.99, you need to shell out $119.99 for JE-70 and $79.99 for HP-8201.


Besides lack of options and higher price, Koios juicers aren’t dishwasher-friendly. So, you have to clean it all by yourself.

3. Breville


Since 1932, Breville has been improving people’s lives with a commitment to their unique needs. The brand is associated with top notch kitchen appliances that stick out for their thoughtful design and innovation. From blenders and ovens to toasters and kettles, the brand makes it all available in 70+ countries. Over the years, Breville has emerged as one of the world’s best juicer brands.


The sheer diversity of Breville juicers on offer will spoil you for choice. They come in all shapes and sizes, from

1. Juice Fountain® Compact:

Small yet powerful, it’s an entry-level juicer from the house of Breville. The product delivers quick and easy juicing while retaining nutrients. You can attribute that to the combination of a titanium-reinforced disc and Italian-made micro mesh filter basket. Put your pre-cutting worries to rest, as the juicer comes with 3” extra wide chute feed, which can accommodate big fruits and veggies. While the in-built juice jug help you manage the froth, the locking arm addresses safety.

2. Juice Fountain® Cold XL:

The Breville flagship is designed to reduce the juicing hassles and deliver fresh juices at a moment’s notice. The Cold Spin technology checks the temperature while the 3.5 inch feed chute ensures 70 fl.oz. of juice extraction about 5 times quicker. Plus, your pre-time comes down drastically, as pre-cutting is pushed out of the equation. You are free to use quiet setting to restrict noise pollution.

Quality Assurance: 

As the build-quality is excellent, you can rest assured of high performance for years to come. If any Breville juicer fails to live up to your expectations, 1 Year Limited Warranty has you covered.


Breville juicers cost more than most brands out there. Even the entry level model, Juice Fountain Compact, costs $99.95 while the high-end models like Cold XL come at a staggering $399.


The price is on the higher side, which makes it unaffordable for many. Also, some models aren’t as user-friendly.

4. Omega


Erstwhile Olympic Products, Omega manufactures and markets top-notch beverage equipment for quality-savvy buyers. The brand burst on to the scene in 1985 and went on to become one of the best juicer brands with a strong presence in 120 countries. The blend of superior materials, cutting edge technology and quality control helps the brand deliver durable, high-performance, visually pleasing, and reliable juicers. If that fails to impress you, the industry leading warranties will.


Omega juicers come Citrus and Centrifuge to Pulp Ejection and Masticating Low Speed options. The prominent categories include low speed vertical juicers, low speed horizontal juicers, citrus juicers, high speed centrifuge juicers, low speed celery juicers, low speed cube juicers, and many more.

1. MMC500C Omega Wide Mouth Heavy-Duty Commercial Centrifugal Juicer

If you are looking for a commercial-grade juicer, MMC500C will exceed your expectations. The wide mouth can take in uncut large fruits and leafy greens and the heavy-duty 540 Watt motor juices them rapidly while running non-stop for 60 minutes. The one-gallon pulp collection bucket is also there to prevent pulp overload. You can count on it for low footprint, ease of use, maximum juice output, great aesthetics, and 1 year warranty. All in all, the juicer justifies the $789.95 price tag.

Quality Assurance:

Omega is known to maintain high-quality standards across the board, from production to service delivery. Better still, the juicers have certifications from CE, ETL Commercial, ETL Sanitation, or UL Listed, and come with 1-year standard warranties, and 30-day returns. So, you cannot go wrong with Omega juicers. The brand even provides replacement parts to prolong your juicer’s life.


Owning an Omega juicer requires you to go overboard with your spending. Even the entry level juicers are priced $149.95 while the high-end options cost anywhere around $789.95.


Although the brand claims to offer industry-leading warranties, feedback suggests otherwise. Also, some juicers come with plastic parts that might shoot out of the juicer after a few months of use.

5. Hurom


Trusted by over 10 million buyers globally, Hurom just walks into our list of the world’s best juicer brands. Incorporated in 1974 in Korea, Hurom has evolved into a global brand with a presence in 85 countries and patent applications registered in over 40 countries. It is credited with introducing the concept of vertical slow juicing and squeezing technology. The brand uses the best materials and latest technologies to keep up with the standards in performance, longevity, and overall quality.


Hurom is associated with cold press juicers that rotate 43 times a minute to deliver maximum yield while preventing nutrition loss. You have 6 product lines to choose from, namely Hurom HP Series, H-310A Easy Series, Hurom H-AA Series, Hurom H-100 Series, H-200 Easy Series, and Hurom HW Series. They come in a variety of finishes, such as 

H-200 Easy Series: 

Say hello to a complete juicing system that simplifies juicing and

With Hurom by your side, you do not need to stress over holding on and directing your products into the processor individually. Furthermore, since it has a sifter and prolonged grooves rather than openings, you do not need to invest energy in cleaning.

Incorporating numerous sifters and connections permits you to make smoothies, frozen yogurt, and even nut milk. It has a slimmer impression than numerous juicers because the mash compartment is concealed under the juicer.

6. Dash

DashThis top-of-the-line machine gives a two-stage-squeezing process for the most squeeze you can get out of a fix, making it ideal for use with hard vegetables. In the two-venture process, fixings are first ground by a treated steel drill and afterward go through a tempered steel plate that goes about as a sifter. Finally, the mash is squeezed through a stress towel to remove significantly more squeeze. Our main thing: tidying up is a breeze since there are fewer parts, and mash is contained in the squeezing material. You can also utilize this juicer to make nut spreads and sorbet.

7. Nutribullet

NutribulletWith the Nutribullet Slow Juicer, you can just drop in your apples. The three-inch-wide chute is excellent for fitting whole foods produced from the ground, significantly reducing planning time. This leisurely juicer is soothing, and the no-trickle design allows you to quickly pour your tasty juice once it’s ready. It has two cups (one for freshly crushed juice and the other for mash) and a scouring brush for easy cleanup. You’ll find a recipe book with squeezing instructions and other entertainment options like using extra mash in cooking and baking.

8. Kuvings

KuvingsWith over 40 years in the home appliance industry, Kuvings has hundreds of products. The brand is named “Kuvings” from the German word “küche,” which means “kitchen.”The company aims to make more functional kitchen appliances by developing innovative products. One of the best features of juicers from Kuvings is that they’re easy to assemble and the comfort you can use. The juicers have a single switch for turning them on and off. The user manual leads you through the usage and cleaning procedures in quite a simple way. A 10-year guarantee backs the Kuvings. The warranty begins with the purchase of the juicer and is only valid for ordinary domestic usage and when purchased from an authorized vendor. Kuvings will repair or replace the damaged part if a problem occurs during the warranty term.

9. Mueller Austria

Mueller AustriaThe first and most significant reason for this juicer’s popularity among customers is its low price. This centrifugal juicer has some of the greatest features and is reasonably priced. You can get this juicer by having a $100 budget. This juicer is also known as the quickest juicer on the market due to its high-speed, efficient motor.

Because this juicer can produce one glass of juice in only four seconds, this juicer is the safest to use since it prevents it from working unless the locking bar is in the proper position. This Mueller Austria centrifugal juicer reduces prep time by half. The extra-large 3″ feeding funnel allows you to effortlessly feed the juicer with fruits or vegetables. Most importantly, the model from this brand comes with a two-year guarantee.

10. Vinci

VinciVinci’s Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer is the most sophisticated home citrus juicer on the market. Using the innovative “Automatic Juicing” system, all you have to do is cut the fruits and place them inside the juicer. Simple as that! The juicing reamer rises mechanically and extracts juice in 10 seconds, eliminating the need to squeeze or hold the fruit. The proprietary pressure-sensing algorithm that Vinci uses allows the juice to be extracted without removing the bitter oils and zest. After the juicing is complete, the motor reverses, rotating in the opposite direction and lowering the juicing assembly back into the reservoir. When you’re done juicing with your Vinci Hands-Free Juicer, it’s effortless to clean. All pieces are removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


Slow juicers, also referred to as chewing juicers, squeeze fixings through a narrow vertical chute into a chamber using a pivoting drill. A sifter is used to press the new squeeze, while a spout distributes the mash. The process is slow. There’s a reason it’s known as a sluggish juicer! Even so, there is one thing to be thankful for: slow, delicate interactions protect supplements better than fast juicers that generate heat.

Slow juicers require more preparation because of their small feed tubes (meaning you have to cut soil products into smaller pieces), and cleaning them is difficult due to their many small parts. Recently, Breville and NutriBullet have developed wide-mouth slow juicers that allow organic products like huge apples to be quartered rather than chunked into one-inch pieces, a workaround.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best juicer Brand?

The answer to this question depends on your requirements. The closer the brand is to your requirement, the better juicer it is for you. All juicers in the list mentioned above have different advantages and disadvantages. You need to find the perfect fit for you. To make this easier, you can first answer a few questions, including the capacity of the juicer that you need considering the members that you will be serving, the ingredient that will go into the juicer, time spent to clean, budget, etc.

2. Which juicer gives the most nutritious juice?

Twin gear masticating juicers are frequently regarded to be superior in this regard. The juiced product must move between two stainless steel cylindrical gears. These gears completely degrade plant material, releasing more of the sticky nutrients associated with fibers. The juice seems more vibrantly colored, and some people notice a richness of flavor that is not often associated with the more common types of juicers sold on the high street.

3. Which is the easiest juicer to clean?

Although people who are enthusiasts won’t mind spending a minute or two near the juicer, however, that’s not always the case. The clean-up time is essential if you’re a busy parent looking to whip up a few quarts of juice before the school run. In such cases, you will need all the time you can buy, and you cannot afford to spend it cleaning the juicer. Some juicers feature dishwasher-safe components. However, this benefit is restricted. The filter or screen that separates the juice from pulp takes the longest to clean and won’t get cleaned with a dishwasher as the ingredients are trapped in the tiny filter pores.

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