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Morjim Beach – Attractions, Hotels in Mojrim

Goa is a beloved destination for tourists from all over the world. While there is crowded and filled to the neck Goa, there also is a calm and serene Goa. The calm Goa doesn’t get filled with travel enthusiasts and is distant from the city’s noise and flooding markets. Travelers who love solace and nature generally visit this calm Goa or Morjim.

Morjim is a quiet beach with an endless stretch of sand that feels like the perfect spot to escape. The long mile walk touching the ocean fills one with relaxation and serenity. The beach has nestled diverse species of wildlife, making it a paradise for animal lovers.

Morjim Beach – Attractions, Hotels in Mojrim

Morjim- Little Russia

Morjim Beach Goa is a settlement located on the Chapora River estuary in Pernem. The Olive Ridley sea turtles frequent the beach to breed. The area is also known as “Little Russia” due to the large number of Russian immigrants residing in the area.

Morjim Beach is unquestionably one of Goa’s most gorgeous beaches. With the vibrant colors of the sky and the setting sun, it’s a poet’s paradise. It is one of the leading beaches, located south of Ashwem Beach mustering calm and serenity. Restaurants and villas flank the street, offering some of the best relaxing options for visitors.

Getting to Morjim

Panaji Airport is the first stop for those traveling by plane. Morjim Beach is located approximately 28 kilometers from Panaji. Feel free to travel to the beach from the airport in taxis and auto-rickshaws. Rentable two-wheelers can also be availed.

To reach Morjim by train, first, reach the Vasco Da Gama railway station. The beach is just 2 kilometers from the railway station. Your preferred mode of transport could be a taxi or a bus. Early trains depart from Madagaon at 6 a.m.

Generally, when the weather is beautiful, and there are no rains, October and March is the perfect time to visit Morjim Goa. Morjim serves lovely meals and several incredible spots to stay and enjoy the beach’s magnificence and soak in peace and tranquility.

Hotels in Morjim

Morjim has a fair share of accommodation options to support all budgets and needs.

1. Jardin D’Ulysses

This is a lovely spot to stay at Morjim. It is a little distance away from Morjim Beach. So, technically, it is not beachfront, but the accommodations are beautiful. The ambiance is quiet and gives nice homie vibes.

2. Montego Bay

Montego Bay is a fantastic beach resort having a variety of room types to choose from. This property is directly on the beach, so you can practically walk out into the sand within a minute. The hotel is immaculately kept, with magnificent gardens, a restaurant, and a bar. Best of all, it is a pet-friendly accommodation.

3. The Artists Cottages

These are charming bungalows located about a minute’s walk from Morjim Beach. The ambiance has the perfect vibe for Morjim’s simplicity, peace, and quietness. Having around ten rooms, The Artist Cottages make sure your family enjoys a staycation like never before.

The property is also a short distance from Silver Sands, which can be your daily shack for relaxing and enjoying breathtaking sunrise and sunset.

4. Living Room Beach Resort

Chalets with a living room and one-bedroom options are available in the Living Room Beach Resort. This hotel is proximal to the beach and serves a fantastic bar and restaurant with a spectacular sunset view. During the peak season, it also hosts parties.

5. Buena Vida Beach Resort

Think of it as a fun accommodation in a magnificent bungalow with an endearing hut-styled wooden construction. It harbors a wonderful restaurant and lovely deckchairs to relax in. The fact that the Burger Factory is right next door is a huge attraction for foodies.

6. Woke Hostel

Woke Hostel, having amenities, such as a pool and the regular hostel options of dormitories and individual rooms, is a considerable alternative if you’re on the lookout for something less expensive. It does not open up on the beach but on the main road parallel to it, lined with fantastic stores and restaurants.

Eateries serving delicious meals in Morjim

Goa Morjim beach can cater to your appetite with some delectable foods.

1. Jardin d’Ulysses

Jardin d'UlyssesEvery meal on the menu is impressive and gets you drooling. Rum Steak, Cheese Momos, Coconut Prawns, and Tandoori Rockfish are just a few of the must-try delicacies! Also, expect entertaining live music events and a pleasant atmosphere with outdoor seating.

2. Burger Factory

Burger FactoryBurger Factory serves one of the best burgers in Goa. Popular favorites include the spinach and blue cheeseburger and the black bean burger. But, the menu doesn’t finish on burgers, It also serves a variety of side munchies one would love to hop on.

3. Tomato’s, Urban, or Cape Town Cafe

Tomato's, Urban, or Cape Town CafeFor sun loungers, all these are attractive beachfront places across Morjim Goa beaches. They all have a diverse menu with some fantastic tandoori dishes, Tomato’s fish tikka, chicken tikka, and paneer tikka being must-tries. You can even try a long list of interesting cocktails. The venues serve their guests with live music as well.

4. Silver Sands

Silver SandsSilver Sands beach cottage is located closer to Ashwem and is somewhat elevated above the beach. They have their sun loungers situated on a more peaceful stretch of the beach.

5. Love Cafe & Khana

Love Cafe & KhanaSituated on the way to Morjim Beach, this eatery serves amazing smoothies and coffee. The cafe also has a boutique with trendy clothing. At the top, they offer a lovely terrace where you can satiate your appetite.

Morjim’s attractions

Morjim feels like a lap of calmness with the best of food, tranquility and sunsets. There are multiple ways to enjoy the most of your staycation here. Check out the below options to create a worthwhile Morjim itinerary.

1. Relax at the beach

Relax at the beachAfter crossing the Siolim Bridge, Morjim is the first of the North Goa beaches. Morjim is the starting point for North Goa’s coastline, which continues to Ashwem, Mandrem, and Arambol. There is no cliff between the beaches to break them up. They blend seamlessly minus any discernible distinction.

Even though they are all objectively the same elongated beach, they are all somewhat different. Each one has a distinct ambiance, different waters, varieties of sand, and a different crowd. From here, you can view Chapora, where the Chapora River merges into the sea.

Morjim Beach then continues as the broad, vast beach that it is, and you can go around a small corner to reach a section of Morjim Beach that has no shacks at all, just a magnificent empty beach. This fades into Ashwem Beach sometime along the way.

Believe us! You will never regret a day spent at these Morjim Goa beaches!

2. Beach Party

Beach PartyA beach staycation is always incomplete without a crazy beach party!

When in the mood to dance and party in Morjim, Marbella Beach Resort is a great option directly on the beach and gets large DJ bookings every month. Rock Water is another beautiful location with enormous parties that usually go until morning, while Living Room offers some fun DJ nights in their seaside restaurant.

Solaris is located a little further north in Ashwem, although it hosts large events and festivals occasionally. If you prefer something a little more laid-back, head to The Rice Mill for their weekly jazz nights in a beautiful location, which was once an old rice mill!

3. Octopus Surf School

Octopus Surf SchoolMorjim is a great location to start if you’re new to surfing. Even if you aren’t a skilled surfer, you should give it a shot. If you’re an experienced surfer, you can hire a board from them and go out independently.

Surfing could be a terrific way to start the day in Goa! The waves are calm and friendly, and there is an excellent surf school on the beach that offers training for all levels throughout the day.

4. Kayaking

KayakingKonkan Explorers is a fantastic tour organization that offers a kayak trip through the Chapora River’s gorgeous mangroves. The meeting site is the Morjim Jetty, where you can choose from a variety of trip alternatives. Friends and families can indulge in the 3-hour evening tour, which includes an hour of kayaking followed by time on a beautiful boat traveling down the river.

5. Shopping

ShoppingTo all the shoppers, how can you go back home without a day dedicated to shopping?

In Morjim, rather than along the beach, the main road has many booths and shops to subside your shopping cravings. The typical tourist souvenirs are found here and so are the beautiful printed shirts for men and beautiful beach costumes for women. On the main road, one can also discover Fabindia, which sells traditional Indian apparel.

6. Bird Watching

Bird WatchingBird enthusiasts can visit the shoreline and the nearby Chapora River for a rendezvous with birds and nature. The kingfisher, cuckoo, sandpipers, bay-backed shrike, and sand plover are just a few bird species found here.

7. Witness Olive Ridley Turtles

Witness Olive Ridley TurtlesThe primary turtle breeding place in India is Morjim Beach. The commercialization of the coastal habitat as a result of migration and unregulated tourism has resulted in substantial degradation of the coastal ecosystem. Though that has posed an existential threat to these turtles, some turtles can still be seen wandering around.

Turtle nests, which are cared about by the forest department, can be found in the southern end depending on the time of year. The endangered Olive Ridley species has several nesting locations along the coast of Goa. The preservation of these nests is treated exceptionally carefully to preserve endangered turtle populations.

8. Dolphin watching in Marjim

Dolphin watching in MarjimThe endangered Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin can be found in Goa, protected under India’s Wildlife Protection Act. Because of the presence of this species in Goa’s coastal waters, the dolphin-watching industry has grown organically.

Many companies provide dolphin spotting cruises from Morjim, where you can catch the amazing sight of dolphins jumping and hopping out of the water. With luck by your side, you can also get to spot the whales.

It is worth an experience.

9. Nearby Morjim Beach Attractions

Nearby Morjim Beach AttractionsMorjim beach is well-known for its lively end-of-the-day festivities. Some celebrations are held in the lesser-known Chapora Fort, which is frequently used by significant commercial houses. The Chopdem river can easily be seen from the fort, providing picturesque charm.

The palm and pines add to the beauty of the scenery. The easiest way to view the sights is to rent a bike and ride around. Other great activities include peaceful river excursions and watersports activities away from the shore.


If you are a nature enthusiast and having time close to nature gives you an adrenaline rush, Morjim is for you! It’s a place where calm and serenity welcomes you. Melt away your stress while enjoying a gasping sunset at Morjim beach and escape from daily emails, chaos, and recurrent disturbances. This is an ideal place for breaking away from chaos into calmness, satisfying the connection with nature. As a bonus, Morjim offers an exotic platter of wildlife species and has rightfully earned the moniker, ‘home of species.’

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